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WCT specializes in 24/7 customizable kitchen exhaust systems & maintenance. No time is inconvenient and nowhere too far. From Design to Build and to Maintain, let WCT be your trusted 1-stop solutions provider in kitchen exhaust and ventilation systems!

6 Tips For Effective Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning. Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning is very important to ensure a safe working atmosphere.

6 Tips For Effective Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Cleaning the hood on a regular basis not only removes grease, tar, and pollution but also means that there are no mishaps or life-threatening activities taking place there. You've come to the right spot if you want to clean your kitchen hood system efficiently for safe activities. Today, in this article, we'll go over six fantastic cleaning tips that will make your life easier. Let's deep dive into the tips!!

Table Of Contents The following is the list of six effective tips. How to Clean & Maintain Your Kitchen. When you cook, a kitchen exhaust fan filters grease, ash, fumes, and odours from the air, ensuring a clean cooking environment.

How to Clean & Maintain Your Kitchen

Top Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair Services in Singapore. You may assume that the most appropriate kitchen gadget is a blender, toaster, or sink.

Top Kitchen Exhaust Fan Repair Services in Singapore

Although it’s not entirely right!! The Importance of Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System. The significance of the Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System can not be ignored for a controlled & clean commercial kitchen environment!

The Importance of Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System

The healthier the workplace is, the more employees can work there productively & safely. You can understand the working scenario of any commercial kitchen with periodic inspection of the Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System and equipment maintenance. It would help reduce the likelihood of mishaps in the area that are generally produced by heat, grease, and smoke.

Besides, you can also get efficient kitchen cleaning services from Singapore’s best service providers who are committed to providing excellent kitchen canopies, hoods, repair for oil filters or fans. Top ‘5’ Benefits of Kitchen Exhaust Ducting System Cleaning. Best Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services Singapore. There is no doubt that the exhaust hood in your kitchen plays a significant role.

Best Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services Singapore

It not only drains fumes, grease, and pollutants when cooking in restaurants or commercial kitchens but also prevents both consumers & staff from the possibility of a severe gas leak and bad odor. If you neglect the cleanliness of exhaust hoods, the issue can become more harmful than lucrative. The accumulated grease gathered from daily production can lead to great danger to the wellbeing and can lead to large fire bursts. And you may very well know that when a kitchen fire breaks out, how many miserable things it can do!

The owners may have to spend thousands of dollars on maintenance and repairs even to get back the stuff in the working phase. By hiring professional services, the cleanliness of the exhaust hood can be acquired in the best possible way. Let’s uncover them! Table Of Contents This is why the first work you need to do is to take care of dishes, trash bins, and the equipment placed there. Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System. Kitchen exhaust ventilation system service in Singapore. Kitchen exhaust ventilation systems are in great demand nowadays since many individuals have begun experiencing medical problems.

Kitchen exhaust ventilation system service in Singapore

Greece, pollution if not exhaust on a regular basis can prompt serious health problems. This is the way that ventilation services are acquiring such a lot of fame and acknowledgment in Singapore and everywhere in the world. The appropriate Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation System won’t simply give you stunning ventilation benefits yet in addition help you cook without any concerns of foul scents and pollution. In this blog, we will deep dig into the kitchen ventilation services the professional companies provide in Singapore. Stay here & enjoy reading! Germicidal Lamp Systems. Best Kitchen Exhaust Design And Building.

A commercial kitchen exhaust and ventilation system should remove the excess heat, grease, laden smoke and pollutants to provide a comfortable working environment for your kitchen staff.

Best Kitchen Exhaust Design And Building

It takes an adequately designed kitchen exhaust and ventilation system to maintain a good air flow and an odourless environment. On top of that, it also serves as an integral component for kitchen fire detection and suppression. WCT aims to create value for our customers, providing tailored & professional solutions to all their needs while at the same time, adhere to rules and regulations. Each system needs to be carefully designed with engineered calculations based on guidelines provided by SS553 formerly known as CP13. Here at WCT, we have a strong team of Professionals Engineers (PE) and Qualified Professionals (QP) to present the calculations for submissions to FSSD (Fire Safety Shelter Department). Fire Rated Duct Work. SCDF has noticed an increasing trend in fires involving kitchen exhaust duct (KED) over the past few years.

Fire Rated Duct Work

This poses fire safety risk to adjacent property(s) and the occupants. Fire rated ductwork can be key to preventing unforeseen fire spread ignited from your kitchen, throughout your building. Fire Suppression Systems For Kitchen Hoods. Best Kitchen Exhaust Duct And Fan Cleaning And Repair. Cooking produces effluents such as grease, grime and smoke.

Best Kitchen Exhaust Duct And Fan Cleaning And Repair

With the exhaust fan on, these effluents are drawn up though the kitchen hood, through the filters and into the air duct over time. It is a common occurrence for the Ducts, Hoods, Fans or Vents of a kitchen ventilating system to overheat and stop working due to the overflow of such effluents that accumulates over time. The build-up of grease and grime could potentially cause a spark due to electrical failure, causing a potential fire hazard! Using a combination of chemical degreaser, the process of cleaning comprises of removing grease and grime build-up inside the Ducts, Hoods, Fans and Vents. Regular cleaning reduces fire risks and eliminates foul odours.