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Wound Care Surgeons is a team of certified, trained, and experienced experts of wound therapists & physicians committed to treating all types of chronic, non-healing wounds in the comfort and high-standardized privacy of your own home.

Wound Care Clinic In Irvine. Wound Care in San Bernardino. Moisture Lesion Dressing. Pressure Ulcer Wound Care. Arterial Ulcers Wound Care Services. Diabetic Ulcer Wound Care. Gangrene Wound Dressing Services. Gastrostomy Tube Replacement Services - WCS. Wound Care Services By WCS. Wound Care Expert. Wound care clinics in san diego.

Wound care Specialist Los Angeles. Orange County Wound And Hyperbaric. Wound VAC Treatment WCS. How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps In Effective Wound Healing? Different Types of Wound Dressings. Signs Of Healing And Non-healing Wounds. Whenever you experience an injury on any part of your body, your body starts healing itself within a few minutes after its occurrence.

Signs Of Healing And Non-healing Wounds

It goes through several stages of wound healing. On one hand, where the smaller wounds heal quickly, the large and deep wounds tend to take a longer time. It completely depends on the type of dressing, overall health status, and many other essential factors that have a vital role in recovery. Different types of wounds are treated with different suitable methods but if you have a wound that seems to take months or more to heal or if your wound healing process starts slowing, it could be a sign of a serious condition. It may indicate inadequate treatment methods or require the use of different wound treatment. What Are Traumatic Wounds? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment.

A Small Guide To Moisture Lesions. What Are Moisture Lesions?

A Small Guide To Moisture Lesions

Also known as Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD), there are many terms used to describe moisture-induced skin damage. Moisture lesions can be defined as inflammation or skin erosion caused by prolonged exposure to any type of source of moisture. For example, urine, stool, sweat, wound drainage, saliva or mucus, etc. These lesions can occur in any age group but people with older age are more prone to Moisture Associated Skin Damage. It generally occurs on the buttocks, groins, inner thighs, natal cleft, and skin folds, etc.

Another complicating factor that can lead to mere moisture exposure to the skin includes mechanical factors (friction), chemical factors (irritants contained in the moisture source), or microbial factors (microorganisms). How To Recognize If A Wound Is Infected or Not. Wound Documentation Guidelines - Quick Tips For An Effective Wound Care Documentation. Diabetic Foot Care Tips - How To Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers? ​If you have diabetes, you are more vulnerable to serious complications due to the too much glucose in your blood.

Diabetic Foot Care Tips - How To Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers?

One of those complications include foot problems. Diabetes can be extremely dangerous to your feet even a small cut can have serious consequences. It can also cause nerve damage, reduce blood flow in your feet, making it complex to heal an injury or fight against infections. Diabetes leaves you at higher risk for developing an infection or other severe complications from smaller wounds to chronic ones. Therefore it is essential to take good care of your feet as being a diabetic patient, you are more prone to foot problems. Here we are sharing a few preventive measures you can practice to prevent diabetic foot ulcers and to keep your feet healthy. Riverside Wound Care Center. We treat chronic non-healing wounds such as Pressure Ulcers, Diabetic Ulcers, Arterial Ulcers, Venous Ulcers, infected, surgical, and burn wounds and provide feeding tube replacement & maintenance services.

Riverside Wound Care Center

Our team of Physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, use advanced technologies available for home settings to assess, diagnose, and treat chronic non-healing wounds. Wound Care Surgeons for a decade, has helped communities across southern California provide improved wound care. We have achieved proven better outcomes – saving immense cost per patient and reducing healing times. Our specially trained staff treat patients consistently – rounding weekly, build a coordinated clinical team, share patient notes immediately, and educate home health and hospice staff. Wound Care Center In San Diego. Pressure Ulcer Wound Care Services. Pressure ulcers present a significant economic, quality of life, and overall health care threat.

Pressure Ulcer Wound Care Services

Pressure ulcers were once a problem considered a side effect of aging has captured the attention of the medical community. Pressure ulcers now are more commonly regarded as preventable and unacceptable as they are an indicator of the quality of life. Pressure ulcers occur on any part of the body but are commonly seen over bony prominences, such as the occiput, sacrum, elbows, heels, hips, and the ischial tuberosities. One common pressure ulcer that occurs is on the feet; due to rubbing of shoes, although most people do not recognize this as a pressure ulcer. Pressure damages predominantly caused by prolonged and unrelieved pressure from any external object against the skin. It is similar to a boulder being placed on a hose pipe that feeds a garden; failure to remove the boulder to allow water through results in the garden drying up and dying.

Essential Nutrition Tips To Promote Wound Healing. Wound Vac Therapy (Vacuum-Assisted Closure Therapy) Venous Leg Ulcer Wound Care. Arterial Ulcers Wound Care Services. Diabetic Ulcer Wound Care Services. Wound Care Surgeons Los Angeles. Wound Care Surgeons. Established in 2012 with the mission of providing expert wound care and feeding tube services at the bedside of the patient, we have used evidence-based clinical pathways and expedited the healing of wounds.

Wound Care Surgeons

We have raised the level of quality of wound care provided to the patients. WCS has wound healing rates that have remained consistently at or above the national benchmark. Highly coordinated care is inbuilt and streamlined in the patient's weekly wound maintenance encounters, especially with multiple chronic comorbid conditions. The efficiency of care provided by our clinicians reduces overall costs, time, and energy of the patient, insurance carriers, caregivers and the entire health care system as a whole.

Our vision is to improve the quality of life of our patients above and beyond the standards of practice. Why WCS? WCS provides clinical expertise through: Weekly PA/NP evaluation based on complexity. What are the benefits? Nursing visits are reduced by an average of 50%. Comprehensive Wound Care Services.