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Way2Smile Solutions - UAE

Way2Smile is a trusted Digital Transformation Company in Dubai, UAE that specializes in adopting to latest of cutting edge technologies. We have the expertise in Mobile, Web, IoT, AI, BlockChain, AR and VR transformations that caters to all Start-ups and Enterprise Clients.

Best mobile app development company in Austin, Texas. Who We Are!!!

Best mobile app development company in Austin, Texas

W2S Solutions is one of the best-in-class mobile app development companies in Austin, delivering feature-packed mobile apps that stand out from the crowd. We work seamlessly for our global clients by adapting the latest as well as traditional technologies to make your business requirements into a reality. The primary goal of our organization is to enhance the product we deliver and work towards customer satisfaction. As we have a separate set of teams to handle the end-to-end process which includes Business requirement gathering, designing, development, testing/quality assurance, marketing, and customer support.

Sustainability Consulting & Management Services. Digital work smart. The role of SwiftUI in achieving the Business through an iOS journey. Swift is the recent trend working front of Java.

The role of SwiftUI in achieving the Business through an iOS journey

Similar to Java, Swift is undergoing multiple updates every day. It is on the way to become the robust language that can be used as a platform where complex applications can be built. Currently, a couple of versions of Swift have been released which includes 5.0 and 5.1. Best Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE. Mobile Applications have become a routine for everyone’s life.

Best Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE

Be it a small, medium, or enterprise business, mobile applications are responsible for transforming and accelerating their businesses. As most of the customers prefer mobile apps over traditional strategies, businesses find this to be a good way of enhancing their revenues. Dubai is one such popular middle-east location which is coming up with significant demands for mobile application development from users. There is also a huge increase in app development companies in Dubai to handle the need of clients. Moreover, mobile applications are predicted to generate more than $935 billion by the year 2023 . Top Mobile App Plug-ins that will make your app successful in 2021. The Internet is already flooded with loads of mobile application design tools.

Top Mobile App Plug-ins that will make your app successful in 2021

Moreover, the usage of mobile apps has increased globally. This has made most of the businesses to develop a mobile application which will be beneficial for them. A mobile application is more important than having a website since users feel it easy to use. Here are a couple of reasons why it is essential: A mobile application is native to the device and can better utilize the device features and functionalities for enhanced user experience.Yet another thing is to consider that most of the applications work even without an internet connection. Big Data Analytics scope in the Middle East. Digital technologies are adopted by all industries to uprise businesses.

Big Data Analytics scope in the Middle East

In particular, Big Data plays a premier role in achieving business goals. As there are multiple loads of data involved in various sectors, it is extremely important to handle them effectively. One can easily implement Predictive Analytics to make the required decisions that can enhance the business with external & internal data. In recent days, Middle East countries have gained popularity with these new technologies. Best Full Stack Development Company in Dubai, UAE. Best Full Stack Development Company in Dubai, UAE. Emerging Technology Trends to be noted for the Logistics Industry in 2021! The logistics industry has been the most profitable business in recent years.

Emerging Technology Trends to be noted for the Logistics Industry in 2021!

Due to the increased demand and raise in population, the E-Commerce & Supply Chain industry is reaping profits. However, this is considered as the most competitive and challenging business across the globe. Since manual processes are not going to help manage the huge volumes of data, one should have streamlined business flow and come up with unique business strategies to cope up with the current trends. Additionally, one should also understand and leverage new technologies to make this effective. Data Mining in Healthcare: Benefits, Techniques, and Prospects. Data Mining is one of the most versatile techniques that have received a warm response in Government, Healthcare, Enterprises and private Organizations.

Data Mining in Healthcare: Benefits, Techniques, and Prospects

It is mainly used for interpreting big data and analytics for smoothening the workflow at hospital management by helping doctors and nurses serve better to their patients. Data Mining can benefit surgeons to analyse large volumes of datasets and gain the relevant insights to perform the operation task more accurately and at great precision. Moreover, in U.S the healthcare sector is estimated to have owned nearly 1.2 billion clinical documents every year for doctors and researchers at the hospital to analyse and suggest remedies, cures for patients to get well soon.

Read Also – Big Data Predictions for 2020-2025. The Future of Big Data: Predictions from Way2Smile's experts for 2020-2025. The exponential growth of global data that started a decade ago is not going to show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The Future of Big Data: Predictions from Way2Smile's experts for 2020-2025

Instead of slowing down, it gets increased further through the internet, media files, text messages, social networks, and online searches. Working with Odoo Partners Vs freelancers for your Odoo Implementation. Way back in the year 2010, Odoo was providing services to more than a hundred employees as an OpenERP.

Working with Odoo Partners Vs freelancers for your Odoo Implementation

During that time, the Odoo products were great but not among the finest in the market. The fact is that Odoo was so busy in delivering services to its customers that it didn’t take the time out to build extraordinary products. So, what changed for Odoo Software Development Company? Odoo came to the realization that it was time to bring a major change in the business model. It started giving proper weightage to key areas, like Odoo implementation, Odoo Customization, Odoo Consultancy, Odoo Training, and Odoo Support.

Due to this change, Odoo also altered its existing business model and increased the efforts given towards research and development initiatives. World's Leading Cloud Deployment & Development Company. Tackling COVID-19: How Cloud Computing Throws a Lifeline to Businesses? With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in more 185 countries around the world, the usual socio-economic operations have been put on a sudden halt.

Tackling COVID-19: How Cloud Computing Throws a Lifeline to Businesses?

It seems as if markets, offices, and public places have all been stopped mid-motion as the nations are struggling to get out of the crosshairs of the deadly virus. In this situation, for the businesses to keep their wheels in motion, relying on IT, with a strong dependence on cloud technology has become a necessity. We are facing a time when a majority of the workforce has taken to remote working almost overnight. And, for more reasons than one, Business Continuity Using Cloud Computing is the only solution left in our hands. What are the big business ideas that will emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic? With the months passing, the pandemic curve is gradually showing signs of flattening in parts of the world.

The lockdowns are getting eased in most countries across the globe, and the economy is trying to trickle back into a semblance of normalcy. And, in the midst of all of this, the CEO’s are slowly moving their attention from protecting their business to retooling and recovering. The big question now is: what did we learn from this situation to rethink our strategies and emerge as future winners? If there is one thing we know for sure, it’s the fact that we can’t go back to how things were. Leading ERP Software Solutions provider. AI Trends in the Travel Industry for 2020 and Beyond. In this age of modern customers who’s preferential to go on travel begins from reading a variety of plans and similarly, the access to AI in the travel industry is also fast evolving simply to improve the customer experience enjoyable. This results in a lot of other tourists making use of AI-based Travel apps from their smartphones for quickly arranging a holiday trip.

It often includes activities like booking flights, accommodation and acquaintance of holiday trip’s itinerary right in the form of receiving push notification messages. Likewise, the advantages of using the Travel Apps over websites are also considered relevant with more AI trends becoming quite popular in 2020. Hospitality and Tourism companies also understand these behavioral changes exhibited by today’s modern travelers and so are prepared to integrate Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2020 within their travel app. Automation Testing for Business Efficiency and Productivity. React Native End-to-end Testing and Automation with Detox.

Detox is the end-to-end automation and testing framework which runs on a simulator or a device, almost like actual end users. How Mobile Application Development Will Drive the Virtual Reality (VR) Market? The world keeps on evolving with the advancement of technology. The market is full of new technologies currently.

Companies are integrating their goals with the latest technologies with proper planning. The most promising technologies in the present world are Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain. These technologies provide several opportunities to the businesses and allow them to use data in the dynamic market and create innovative, new methods to interact with users. The mobile application developers are also focusing on developing VR devices which can turn a mobile device into the VR gadgets.

Impact of Blockchain Technology On The Healthcare Sector. Blockchain as a technology has grown to become one of the most influential inventions of the modern-day world. The latest from the blockchain space is that the industry players believe the technology boosts the potential to transform the healthcare industry for a greater good. After disrupting every other industry on the planet, blockchain has moved towards the healthcare sector. Experts believe that being a reliable and secure digital ledger, blockchain development technology can transform the healthcare sector in many ways. For starters, Blockchain solutions for healthcare can help improve three critical issues in the industry that are clinical trials, patient data management, and drug traceability. Best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, UAE. Enterprise Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai, UAE.

Why ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is going to be important for the Middle East Companies? While running a business, there are several significant decisions one needs to take and deciding which technologies are worth the investment is one of them. How Apps And Artificial Intelligence Are Being Used To Tackle Coronavirus Scare? iPad App Development Company in Dubai, UAE. World's Leading Cloud Deployment & Development Company. ASP Dot net Web Development Company in Dubai, UAE. WordPress Website Development Company in Dubai. Best Web Development Company in Dubai, UAE. How Android App Development Became Kotlin-first? If you have reached here, it means you already have a fair idea about the changes brought about by Google recently to Android app development. Enterprise Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai, UAE.

Is Your Organization Ready for Digital Transformation? You must have heard the digital transformation multiple times, but do you know its real meaning? Digital transformation refers to using digital technology to form new or modify existing business culture, processes, and customer experiences to meet dynamic business and market needs. This reimaging of businesses in the digital era is digital transformation. Currently, each of us has become so much used to digital technology that we are unable to imagine our lives without it.

iPhone App Development Company in Dubai, UAE. Android App Development Company in Dubai, UAE. What Will Be the Key Takeaways from EXPO 2020 for Businesses? An expo is a destination for people to showcase innovation, share ideas, celebrate human ingenuity, and encourage collaboration. The expo lasts for six months and is organized every five years.