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Uppal Chadha Group Ghaziabad. Buy Residential Apartments in NH24 Ghaziabad. 50 clean & green neighborhood parks and a 37-acre central park Over 750 acres of vast green spaces World’s Largest Green Pre-Certified Platinum Rated Township 50 clean & green neighborhood parks and a 37-acre central park Over 750 acres of vast green spaces Wave City is “World’s Largest Green Pre-Certified Platinum Rated Township”.

Buy Residential Apartments in NH24 Ghaziabad

The project makes use of a rain water harvesting system as well as water recycling plants that recycle greywater for daily use and ensure a minimum strain on the ecosystem. Over 750 acres of vast green spaces with 50 clean & green neighborhood parks and a 37-acre central park create a serene and nurturing environment to promote public health and quality of life. The concept aims at conserving and preserving the resources that the city uses. Consumption and reducing operating costs for businesses, schools, hospitals and residents are just a few of the systems in place at Wave City.

Benefits of parking facility in housing society apartments in Ghaziabad. We all know that investing money in bricks and mortar is money well spent.

Benefits of parking facility in housing society apartments in Ghaziabad

And after paying a tidy sum to buy your dream home, you should not pay a hefty amount to the private parking spaces to park your vehicle. Instead, look for the apartment housing societies with garage parking facility. Parking lot is mandatory in housing units In order to reduce the number of vehicles parked on internal roads, GDA has come up with a move, as many residents have become used to park their vehicles on the roadside which creates issues for free movement. Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has announced that the parking provision is mandatory for all housing projects in Ghaziabad. Here are the benefits of housing unit parking facility,

Deep insights into the Pradhanmantri Awaas Yojana k Antergat Scheme. Many people of our country are homeless.

Deep insights into the Pradhanmantri Awaas Yojana k Antergat Scheme

Many families of the nation are living in mud houses of a single room or two rooms which cannot bear heavy rain, storm etc. Prime benefits of “PMAY- Housing for all” scheme. The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) k Antergat has recently expanded its scope to cater to the housing needs of the low and mid income group, especially the economically weaker sections (EWS) including the low-income group (LIG) and mid-income group (MIG).

Prime benefits of “PMAY- Housing for all” scheme

It is a scheme that runs nationwide to ensure that these people get affordable houses within their financial capabilities. Here are the benefits of PMAY housing for all scheme: Subsidy With the PMAY scheme, the citizens belong to the LIG or EWS group will be granted a subsidy. The prime benefit of PMAY is the rate of subsidy. Preferences for Women and other backward class Widows, transgender, differently-able persons and seniors who fall under lower earning groups, scheduled caste people, tribal groups and such people will get the special benefit while availing houses under this scheme. The Best Housing Society with Parking in Ghaziabad.

Being a landlord can make you crazy.

The Best Housing Society with Parking in Ghaziabad

Not literally, but you can thank your tenants for that! Late rent, property damage, dirty rooms and bathrooms, are a few things that can frustrate you as a landlord. But that’s your side of the story. Uppal Chadha Group - The Best Group to Invest and Buy Properties. Facilities and Features of Hi-tech Cities in Ghaziabad. There are many beautiful Hi-tech City projects located in the heart of Ghaziabad.

Facilities and Features of Hi-tech Cities in Ghaziabad

Flats in the hi-tech city have the presence of everything nearby which ensures ease for all concerned. A modernized township, where residents get the ease of doing their routines with better amenities. Here are some of the features of hi-tech city projects, 1. Wave Hi-Tech City, Ghaziabad, is a township built with the features such as a pollution-free transport system, high security, proposed scientific disposal of solid waste and wi-fi internet connectivity throughout the city. 2. Why is Ghaziabad the Best Location to Invest and Buy Properties From? Ghaziabad is a fast emerging real estate hub in Delhi NCR after addition of city in the list of 100 smart cities by the government.

Why is Ghaziabad the Best Location to Invest and Buy Properties From?

Now the city is seeing improvement in the quality of life with enhanced infrastructure and availability of things needed to live a respectable urban life. Ghaziabad is becoming the dream destination for home buyers and property investors. In real estate investment, locations play a vital role and attract home investors in an effective manner.

What are the Amenities that you can expect in a Hi-tech Township? If you want to purchase an apartment, which is located in the proximity of a highway, arterial road, schools, hospitals, convenience stores and pharmacies, then you should buy a flat located within a hi-tech township.

What are the Amenities that you can expect in a Hi-tech Township?

Most of renowned real estate developers are progressively investing, in developing extensive townships, which are self-sustaining when it comes to providing basic facilities to the residents. Additionally, these townships come replete with numerous amenities like smart traffic management and state of the art security system.

Some Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in a Plot. Any kind of investment in real estate requires a lot of planning, research and management of available resources.

Some Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in a Plot

The research becomes all the more crucial when the property that you are buying is a plot of land as the math involved in buying a plot is completely different from that of buying an apartment. When you buy a plot, you have to primarily think about the future so that your investment pays off well. What are the Clauses that you Should Check for While Purchasing an Apartment? Affordable Housing Project under the PMAY k Antergat. Affordable Housing Project under the PMAY k Antergat The government has announced the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana k Antergat, which is expected to give a push to affordable housing.

Affordable Housing Project under the PMAY k Antergat

This scheme aims to provide affordable housing to all citizens of India and encourage cautious first-time homebuyers to invest in reasonably priced property. People belonging to the lower and middle-income group now have a reason to cheer as this government’s flagship programme aims at providing housing for all by 2022. Wave City, one of the prominent real estate projects in Delhi NCR has recently introduced an affordable housing project under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana k Antergat, named Dream Homes.

The project offers 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments with sizes ranging from 53.79 to 97.45 sq.m. Have a look on some of the USPs of the project: The project is advantageously located on NH 24, adjacent to the planned Eastern Peripheral Expressway. The Best Value Properties in Wave City at NH 24. Residential Property for Sale at NH 24 Ghaziabad. Dream Homes PHASE II Pradhanmantri Awaas Yojana k Antergat. Owning a home is a dream of everyone, but only a select few get an opportunity to live this dream.

It is an initiative by Wave to provide affordable homes. The project features sensibly priced & high-rise 1, 2 & 3 BHK apartments with sizes ranging from 53.79 – 97.45 sq.m. Dream Homes is adorned with exceptional features that take community living experience to a whole new level. Things to Consider while Building a Home. Comments (36) Dhirendra bakshi posted 6 months ago Hello i intrest in it & also wanna know in decribe... • Thank you for showing interest in our project. Our sales expert will get in touch with you to share the detailed information.

For any further assistance, please feel free to write us on - 6 months ago. Residential Plots for Sale at Wave City in Ghaziabad. Turn your dreams into reality with our luxurious offerings. Wave City features plots that give you an opportunity to construct a luxurious home of your choice. Come and select from a range of well-crafted plots that range from sizes of 135 Sq. yd., 194 Sq. yd., 287 Sq. yd., 325 Sq. yd., 404 Sq. yd.

Dream House under PMAY Yojana. Let’s Analyse the Growing Demand for Buying an Entire Floor Nowadays. Everyone has some passion that they want to pursue and need space for the same. No one today tries to fit their entire life and family in 2 or 3 BHK apartments anymore but all the more try to create their own space. This is the reason why people are buying entire floor in a building. Few years back, this was a trend which was seen among celebrities only, as they used to purchase an entire floor in a newly constructed building and get it redone according to their needs and lifestyle. Reasons to buy an entire floor There are several reasons why people today are buying an entire floor. Apart from the location, independent floors come with extra rooms. In case, you want ideas for the extra space that you will have, read on: When it comes to dealing with extra spaces, there are a lot of ways.

Live Your Life on Your Own Terms With an Independent House. Some Useful Green Tips to Beautify Your Apartments with Plants. Everyone loves a lush green garden in front of their house. But, to get that amazing garden, you will have to buy an apartment that is on the ground floor and this is not possible for everyone, giving the scarcity of space that we are facing in today’s world. So, if you cannot afford to have that lush garden then there is something better that you can do – decorate your apartment with plants. Why you need plants? Plants not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your apartment but they ensure that the air in your apartment is clean and fresh. Moreover, when you purchase 3 BHK G+2 residential apartments in Ghaziabad or other cities adjacent to the highly populated National capital, you will need ways to continue getting fresh Oxygen rich air in your home. Commercial Office Space Property in Ghaziabad.

Getting a loan for residential property nowadays is not a tough task, as long as you have documents to claim your eligibility to take the loan, but raising funds for the purchase of commercial space isn't such easy. Banks and Financial institutions that are lenders may be irresolute about funding the commercial property and they get stricter when there is a loan demand for under-construction properties. Residential Low Rise Apartments in Ghaziabad. High-end Apartments on NH 24 for Lifestyle Living. The latest residential projects, featuring exclusively designed apartments in Ghaziabad, are on the top of the list of real estate developments across India.

The suburbs of Delhi are now catching up fast with the flourishing development of the capital. Uppal Chadha Hi Tech City NH 24. Urbanisation, an irreversible fact, brings with it problems of acute resource crunch, nasty impacts on the environment, climate change and extreme weather. To correct this situation, we need a city that offers sustainable environment through smart, technologically driven solutions and facilitates the interaction of its citizens with its administration; where open information is available in real time.

Assured water and electricity supply, smart waste management, efficient urban mobility, robust IT connectivity, e-governance, safety and security of citizens are few of the pluses of residing in a city that is futuristic. Wave City, world’s largest IGBC pre-certified platinum rated township is designed to provide more efficient management of the city's services and resources by the use and modernisation of new information and communication technologies (ICT). Uppal Chadha Hi Tech City Ghaziabad NH 24. Uppal Chadha Group Ghaziabad. Wave City - Get the Best Property Rates in Ghaziabad NH 24. Wave City - Get the Best Property Rates in Ghaziabad NH 24.

Purchase the Best Property in NH 24 Ghaziabad. Why Investors Prefer Buying Properties Right After the Soft Launch of the Project? Businessmen, as well as professionals working in good positions, always have an inclination to invest in real estate, as it has been observed that real estate investments give the highest returns. In fact, such investments pay off really well when you invest before the property gets launched as then you get higher discounts on the purchasing price as well as make the most of the price hike that happens once the property is launched and construction is underway.

If you are interested to know more about getting a good property deal, then you can go through the list given below: Why Should you Invest in an Independent Villa in Ghaziabad? The educated upper middle class section has become very conscious about investing in various forms of immovable assets, property being the top choice in the list. Ghaziabad, being an upcoming smart city is attracting a lot of such investors. There are many reasons for the growing popularity of this city as an investment destination and if you too have been looking at such investment options, the discussion below will help you take a final decision: · Ghaziabad is surrounded by the national highway and is also very well connected to the national capital, Delhi, so it can be considered a highly developing city.

Eligibility to Get Homes Under PMAY Incentive Scheme. Projects Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Dream House. Get Projects Under Pradhanmantri Housing Yojna at NH 24 in Ghaziabad. Factors to be Considered While Investing in Real Estate. Points to Consider While Purchasing a Commercial Space in Ghaziabad. While purchasing a commercial property be it an office or a retail space, the first thing that one must consider is the location of the property in its entirety.

Why should you consider buying 2 BHK Expandable villas in Ghaziabad? Advantages and Facilities of Living in a Smart City. Build Your Own Home on a Plot in Wave City - NH 24 Ghaziabad Property. What are the Facilities Provided to Customers by Real Estate Developers Building Smart Cities? Ghaziabad is located 20 kilometers from Delhi and has very lucrative and affordable housing projects available here. So, if you are searching for a good investment option, then Ghaziabad is the one city which you can consider. Buy Luxury Floors & Flats in Ghaziabad. Buy expandable villas Near Delhi NCR. Why invest in a Villa in Ghaziabad? Buy Commercial Property in Ghaziabad at NH 24. Are you Planning to Buy a Small Flat in Ghaziabad?