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Medical Adhesive Technologies. Selecting the proper medical adhesives for any application must include consideration of the substrate surface characteristics and the application performance requirements.

Medical Adhesive Technologies

Fralock is an industry leader in providing adhesive technologies solutions utilizing over thirty years of experience in providing solutions with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs), hot melts, B-Stage, and some liquid adhesives as well. Medical Adhesives technology has made advancements over the past decades and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) have become accepted in many applications over liquid adhesives or mechanical fasteners. Semiconductor CNC Machining - Fralock. Fralock can provide custom CNC machining services that include CNC Cutting, drilling, punching, knife cutting, and CNC routing.

Semiconductor CNC Machining - Fralock

On Prototype runs we can offer quick turn-around, tight tolerances, with production like quality! Let Fralock accommodate all of your CNC machine service needs. CNC machines offer many benefits over manual machines of the same type. Since the machines are using complicated programs, many parts that were not previously possible are now being created. You can often do this right at a CNC control and run the program immediately. Fralock provides converting services to OEMs using a broad variety of sheet and rolled goods. Applications: Solder Pad StencilsFlex Circuit Stiffeners Electrical Insulators Fiber Optic Laser Guides Gaskets & Seals Wear Pads Stand-Offs & Spacers Fine-Line Circuits High-Temp Flexible & Rigid Heaters Extreme Environment Antennas High Amperage Power Bus Electromagnetic Wafer Chucks.

Custom Aerospace Adhesive Coating. When an off-the-shelf product will not meet your adhesive technology needs, it is time to look into customized solutions.

Custom Aerospace Adhesive Coating

Fralock has over 50 years of proven history in developing specialty and custom adhesives and composite materials for your unique applications. The days of simply applying a “standard” adhesive are over. We, at Fralock, understand that the demands of the marketplace are extending beyond the substrate and into adhesive coating technologies. We can help you match your application to a proper adhesive coating for maximum performance. Non Woven Medical Tape. Medical tape is used for a variety of reasons in a healthcare setting, such as securing dressings, wound care products or medical devices, like catheters, to a patient.

Non Woven Medical Tape

Medical tapes are made from different materials, and have varied levels of adhesive backings, depending on the tape’s purpose. Wound care tape is generally moisture proof, and it may contain a zinc oxide adhesive. General-use tape offers less adhesion for easier tape removal. Nonwoven materials are increasingly popular in medical applications because they are: Aerospace/Defence Market – Custom Aerospace Components. FRALOCK is an AS-9100 registered and ITAR registered manufacturer/converter of flexible materials such as adhesive tapes, films, foils, foam, rubber, specialty laminates, and custom composites in the Aerospace market.

Aerospace/Defence Market – Custom Aerospace Components

These materials are used in various components for aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and space based solar arrays among others. Fralock’s Technical Knowledge™ (FTK) allows us to combine seemingly incompatible materials for mission-critical applications. All Polyimide Adhesiveless Laminates Flexible and Rigid-Flex designs are fully encapsulated. All Polyimide Flex Circuits. Custom Aerospace Adhesive Coating. Aerospace/Defence Market – Custom Aerospace Components. Custom Aerospace Components. Power Distribution Cable: The Lifeline of Power Transmission.

Fralock has served the aerospace industry for over 50 years.

Power Distribution Cable: The Lifeline of Power Transmission

From humble beginnings as a specialty tape distributor to a manufacturer of custom aerospace components and subassemblies, the company now provides a full range of design, development, and manufacturing services to meet the needs of OEM’s serving the satellite industry. As application demands increase for polymer based solutions, Fralock is able to meet those needs by developing and manufacturing special purpose polymers, foils and adhesive based products and components for technically advanced OEM’s.

Fralock’s high performance material combines heat resistance, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance, to be used in hostile and extreme environmental conditions. Unlike most plastics, it does not produce significant outgassing even at high temperatures. It also performs well in vacuum applications, down to extremely low cryogenic temperatures. Custom Prototype. New designs often have unexpected problems.

Custom Prototype

One of our favorite aspects of this business is when we are challenged by our customers to come up with a design to meet their needs. At Fralock, custom prototype manufacturing is often used as part of the product design process to allow engineers and designers the ability to explore design alternatives, test theories and confirm performance prior to starting production of a new product. Fralock’s prototype manufacturing staff of engineers uses their experience to tailor the prototype according to the specific unknowns still present in the intended design. For example, some prototypes are used to confirm and verify consumer interest in a proposed design whereas other prototypes will attempt to verify the performance or suitability of a specific design approach.

Gasket Manufacturer. Gaskets and seals are required in many applications.

Gasket Manufacturer

When working on your engineering project, you often find that your ideal seal or gasket is not in the market. Our custom manufacturing products are the solution for you. We will create the part to fit your design and specifications. Identifying the correct gasketing material for your application is critical for success. We have over 50 years of experience as a custom gasket manufacturer. Several things will be considered. What are you sealing? Asking the right questions at the start of your project, will prevent you from having an inexpensive part fail and cause major expenses.