Web 3.0+: The Hyperconnected Global Internet « Nothing Ventured… The title of this blog comes from a presentation I did at last year’s Web 2.0 conference in NYC, in September 2010. I overviewed the growth of the global internet and penetration, noting that the future of the Web was going to be driven by emerging countries, as mobile connectivity continues to be more ubiquitous and the West is largely penetrated. The slides are here. While I haven’t updated the numbers, if anything, the pace of adoption has accelerated. We also have the experience of the Arab Spring, Japan earthquake and, more recently, Occupy Wall Street in the past year to highlight how global the Web has become. Web 3.0+: The Hyperconnected Global Internet « Nothing Ventured…
‪Thomas Malone speaks on Collective Intelligence‬‏
In other words, if neuron A reliably fires shortly before neuron B, the connection from A to B will get stronger, so that next time when neuron A fires, neuron B will be more likely to fire too. And the opposite holds as well. In this example, since the firing of neuron B Twitter and the Global Brain Twitter and the Global Brain
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