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Monitoring & Assessment. What is stream flow and why is it important?

Monitoring & Assessment

Stream flow, or discharge, is the volume of water that moves over a designated point over a fixed period of time. It is often expressed as cubic feet per second (ft3/sec). The flow of a stream is directly related to the amount of water moving off the watershed into the stream channel. It is affected by weather, increasing during rainstorms and decreasing during dry periods. Streamflow conditions. River Presentation.pdf. Water Economics.

Water Data - The World's Water. Datasets. Data setsA major goal of our research group is to develop an improved understanding of human land use activities at continental to global scales.


Consequently, we have been developing maps and datasets describing contemporary and historical global land use practices. You may freely download our data sets here, for non-commerical use. Some data sets were developed earlier, during Navin Ramankutty's tenure at SAGE, at the University of Wisconsin. Food Emissions - Big Facts. Big Facts is a resource of the most up-to-date and robust facts relevant to the nexus of climate change, agriculture and food security.

Food Emissions - Big Facts

It is intended to provide a credible and reliable platform for fact checking amid the range of claims that appear in reports, advocacy materials and other sources. CIMMYT International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center. CCAFS: CGIAR research program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security. Climate-Smart Agriculture. The event highlighted the use of Water Funds as an effective option for green development and an example of how governments, financial institutions, businesses, communities and conservationists can work together to protect nature and help build strong and sustainable local economies.

The Coca-Cola Company Latin Center and local Coca-Cola bottlers like Coca-Cola FEMSA, alongside with the environmental organization The Nature Conservancy, have teamed up with the Latin American Water Funds Partnership to protect and restore watersheds in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. The model consists of a fund whose returns are invested in conservation actions to improve the health of watersheds and their ability to capture and improve water quality in the long term.

The impact of these actions can be measured in terms of cubic meters of water replenished to the environment, according to an international methodology whose results are auditable. Private Sector Companies involved in Contract Farming in India. International Decade for Action 'Water for Life' 2005-2015. Top 50 Water Blogs 2013 Gallery - Donna Vincent Roa. Appendix V: Water Footprint Versus Water Scarcity, Self-Sufficiency, and Water Import Dependency Per Country. Period: 1997–2001 - Globalization of Water - Hoekstra - Wiley Online Library. Advanced Contract Theory. 3. Why agricultural water productivity is important for the global water challenge. Productivity is a ratio between a unit of output and a unit of input.

3. Why agricultural water productivity is important for the global water challenge

Here, the term water productivity is used exclusively to denote the amount or value of product over volume or value of water depleted or diverted. The value of the product might be expressed in different terms (biomass, grain, money). Egypt’s Generals Face a Watery Battle - Inter Press Service. Active Citizens, Aid, Civil Society, Crime & Justice, Development & Aid, Economy & Trade, Editors' Choice, Energy, Environment, Featured, Food & Agriculture, Headlines, Health, Middle East & North Africa, Natural Resources, Poverty & MDGs, Press Freedom, Regional Categories, Religion, TerraViva Europe, TerraViva United Nations, Water & Sanitation Three boys in the Moqattam area look out over Cairo, the growing population of which is rapidly depleting already scarce water resources.

Egypt’s Generals Face a Watery Battle - Inter Press Service

Credit: Shelly Kittleson/IPS. - Heavy reliance on water intensive crops, a major upstream dam project for the Nile basin, and rising groundwater levels pushing at pharaoh-era monuments will be pressing issues for the next Egyptian president – whether military or civilian. The minister said he expected this amount to decrease to 370 cubic metres by 2050 due to a rapidly growing population. GIS Climate Change Scenarios. CHAPTER 2: CROP WATER NEEDS. Crops need water for transpiration and evaporation (see Volume 1, Section 4.2).


The plant roots suck or extract water from the soil to live and grow. The main part of this water does not remain in the plant, but escapes to the atmosphere as vapour through the plant's leaves and stem. This process is called transpiration. Transpiration happens mainly during the day time. UN Comtrade. Buying farmland abroad: Outsourcing's third wave. EARLY this year, the king of Saudi Arabia held a ceremony to receive a batch of rice, part of the first crop to be produced under something called the King Abdullah initiative for Saudi agricultural investment abroad.

Buying farmland abroad: Outsourcing's third wave

It had been grown in Ethiopia, where a group of Saudi investors is spending $100m to raise wheat, barley and rice on land leased to them by the government. The investors are exempt from tax in the first few years and may export the entire crop back home. Meanwhile, the World Food Programme (WFP) is spending almost the same amount as the investors ($116m) providing 230,000 tonnes of food aid between 2007 and 2011 to the 4.6m Ethiopians it thinks are threatened by hunger and malnutrition.

The Price of Water 2013: Up Nearly 7 Percent in Last Year in 30 Major U.S. Cities; 25 Percent Rise Since 2010. Utilities tinker with rate structures designed to stabilize revenue.

The Price of Water 2013: Up Nearly 7 Percent in Last Year in 30 Major U.S. Cities; 25 Percent Rise Since 2010

Graphic © Jinah Park / Circle of Blue. How Big is One 5 Arc-Minute Grid Cell? HarvestChoice uses a so-called meso-scale spatial grid typically at 10km or 5-arc minute resolution.

How Big is One 5 Arc-Minute Grid Cell?

Arc-minute? Many of spatial datasets that HarvestChoice is generating are based on grids (we sometimes call it "meso-scale") at three different resolutions - 60 arc-minute (1 degree), 30 arc-minute (0.5 degree), and 5 arc-minute (0.08333333333... degree). We will spare the definition of arc-minute here. Welcome To NWDA. Water footprint and virtual water. Actualités du CEPII. Water footprint and virtual water. South Africa - Relations with African States. South Africa Table of Contents Official delegations from almost every other African state visited Pretoria in 1992 or 1993 to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral ties. South Africa's estimated 100 assistance projects in twenty-two African countries in 1991 more than doubled by 1994 and provided technical aid and training in agriculture, wildlife conservation, education, and health care. The effects of the early-1990s drought in southern Africa would have been even more devastating to the region's agriculture and wildlife if South Africa had not provided transportation and food assistance to its neighbors. The change in South Africa's regional standing was dramatically marked by its admission to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in August 1994.

Almost all African countries had depended on South African trade even during the sanctions era, despite their strong rhetorical condemnation of the apartheid regime.


Vingt mille lieux sur les mers : comment les architectes voient la vie sur l'eau. Projet "Citadel" d'appartements, agence Waterstudio (Hollande). Il s'agit de construire dans des polders ouverts des habitations flottantes adaptées à la montée des eaux. C'est une "citadelle" parce qu'il s'agit "du dernier rempart contre la mer", disent les architectes. Un vieux rêve de l’humanité est de se réfugier sur une île pour y refaire sa vie, voire le monde, inventer une société meilleure, expérimenter des voies nouvelles pour l’humanité. C’est sur une île que Thomas More situait Utopia (1516), sa société idéale, au cœur d’une île encore que Tommaso Campanella imaginait la Cité du Soleil (1602) ou Sir Francis Bacon La Nouvelle Atlantide (1624), menée par les philosophes.

Aujourd’hui, ces utopies insulaires sont rattrapées par la réalité terrestre : construire des cités écologiques sur des îles nouvelles est devenu un mouvement architectural. Une vue de "l'Île flottante" dessinée par la cabinet ATDesign. Combien d'eau et d'eau douce sur Terre ? Six Decades of a Warming Earth. Mesurer et piloter l eau avril 2015. A%20Handbook%20for%20Integrated%20Water%20Resources%20Management%20in%20Basins%20%28INBO,%20GWP,%202009%29%20FRENCH.pdf. Infographic: Price of Water in 30 Major U.S. Cities (2010-2015) Cities raise rates to pay for repairs and to respond to conservation. The average price of residential water increased by 6 percent between 2014 and 2015, according to Circle of Blue’s comparison of water rates for 20 of the largest U.S. cities and 10 regional representatives.

Prices have climbed by 41 percent since 2010. Both figures are for a family of four using 380 liters (100 gallons) per person per day. The price of a monthly water bill varies greatly across the United States, depending more on the condition of infrastructure and on the types of rates that are charged than on water availability or climate. « Les Californiens doivent comprendre que la période d’abondance de l’eau a disparu » LE MONDE | • Mis à jour le | Propos recueillis par Corine Lesnes (San Francisco, correspondante) Sur le campus de l’UCLA, l’université de Californie à Los Angeles, les plantes résistantes à la sécheresse entourent désormais la cafétaria. Mais Stephanie Pincetl, la directrice du centre pour le développement durable (California Center for Sustainable Communities) de l’université, n’est pas particulièrement impressionnée. Entre 1976 et 1979, alors qu’elle travaillait au bureau du gouverneur – déjà le démocrate Jerry Brown – elle avait obtenu un financement pour exposer un jardin résistant à la sécheresse, à Sacramento.

C’était une première. Quand la pluie est revenue, la Californie est retournée à ses habitudes d’Etat d’abondance où rien ne saurait résister au développement. Pour la première fois, les habitants sont astreints à un rationnement obligatoire de l’eau. Le rationnement n’est pas une idée neuve. L’arrosage des pelouses compte pour 50 % de l’eau utilisée par les particuliers. The Future of Desalination in California is Still in the Future: California, Israel, and Australia – Significant Figures by Peter Gleick. It’s only natural that during a crisis we look to single, “silver bullet” technical solutions, after all, they are supposed to be effective against werewolves, witches, and other monsters.

For monsters like the ongoing severe California drought, the current favorite silver bullet is seawater desalination.


Explicit cookie consent. Kiss Your Guacamole Good-Bye: Drought-Stricken California Farmers Stop Growing Avocados. Making almonds the drought’s scapegoat? That’s nuts. Big north-to-south California water sale dries up. When the water supply is tight in California, the product often flows to where the money is. Drought in California: The price is wrong.

A guide to California's water crisis — and why it's so hard to fix. California saw this drought coming.