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Daniel Tarazona


CG. Cycles. CryEngine 3. Books. Revit. FX. Aurora. Robotic. Electronics. UDK. Wikihelp. HAL/KUKA/SGSC.


Rhinoceros. Plugins. RhinoScript. Grasshopper. Add-ons. Grasshopper. Grasshopper. Digital Project.

BIM. Python. Maya. MELScript. Blender.

Models and Textures

Fourth Cycle. Houdini. Courses. C++. Flow Based Programming. JavaScript. Photoshop. Java. Processing. Sites.

Third Cycle

Code Editors. Automation. Web Aplications. Sciences. Technologies.

  1. warindustries Mar 6 2014
    06/03/2014 - Organized the Pearltrees by Categories and Updated the content of NoFlo and FlowHub projects with Vimeo videos and links.
  2. jpaulmorrison Jan 1 2013
    Daniel, my request to join is still pending... I also sent you a note via email - what is happening? Thanks - and Happy New Year!