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Numeracy Across Curriculum

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1. A whole school numeracy strategy is initiated, implemented and reviewed, and forms part of the school's strategic directions

2. Whole school agreements in relation to numeracy are clearly documented, known by all staff & rigorously implemented across the school


Curriculum coordinators & teams are supported in their work in implementing numeracy development strategies and pedagogies that have resulted in measurable improvement in numeracy skills and competencies

4. Data & information about student achievement in numeracy across the curriculum & mathematics are collated and analysed and used to contribute to the formulation of strategic directions for improvement

5. Clearly documented, consistently implemented Numeracy intervention & support processes are verified by data to be effective in delivering improved outcomes for identified learnier

6. NAPLAN processes are led and managed efffectively in cooperation with the senior leader of literacies and English.

Numeracy UK. Copy of Incorporating Numeracy Across the Curriculum by Jo Jordan on Prezi. Snapshot1_july04.pdf. School%20Numeracy%20Plan.ps1.pdf. NumeracyDaveToutStratContextsResour.pdf. Literacy and Numeracy. Resources for schools This section supports schools with whole-school approaches to literacy and numeracy improvement that are embedded within the school’s strategic improvement and accountability plan. It supports leadership-driven planning and improvement through explicitly and actively connecting whole-school improvement through evidenced-based approaches including: using data to inform whole school and classroom planning, teaching and assessmentsupporting a collaborative approach to teacher capacity building including structured classroom observations and feedbackengaging parents and the community in understanding the importance of literacy and numeracy to successful student learning outcomes.

Leader - These resources and professional learning programs are aimed at school leaders and provide a whole school approach to improving student literacy and numeracy outcomes. Seminar for School Leaders-Improving Student Learning: May 2014 Presentations teachers. Workinginteams.pdf. The Secret of Numeracy. A mathematician, like a painter or a poet, is a maker of patterns… The mathematician’s patterns, like the painter’s or the poet’s must be beautiful; the ideas like the colours or the words, must fit together in a harmonious way. Beauty is the first test.GH Hardy As some readers will no doubt be aware, I’m no mathematician. It might then seem presumptuous to take a view on the teaching of numeracy, but I think the fact that I’m not naturally numerate gives me a perspective that other, more mathematically minded thinkers might lack.

My first, rather trite observation is that numeracy is not the same as literacy. Being literate – able to read, write and communicate – is, to one degree or another, essential for all school subjects. Despite the clunky misnomer, ‘literacy’ (and by literacy I mean language) is present in every lesson whether we want it there or not. But, like literacy, the concept of ‘numeracy’ desperately needs some unpicking.

For pity’s sake, why? Here are some possibilities: Street Math | Laura Overdeck | TEDxJerseyCity.

Year 1 Numeracy Across Curriculum

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