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Tournage mat

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Anneaux de mat fabrication. Tournage de mat en bois. Mat bec oiseaux collage. Master volt pod. Tableur calcul mat bec oiseaux. Introduction A few months ago, an interesting article on bird's mouth spars was published right here, at Duckworks.

tableur calcul mat bec oiseaux

The author, David Farless, presented a series of equations to accurately calculate the size of such a construction. This has inspired me to study this subject in greater depth. In this article, we will explore some of the limits and potentials of bird's mouth spars. You will also be provided with tools to let your computer do the size calculations for you. What is a bird's mouth spar? A bird's mouth spar is a way to make a hollow mast or spar from wood for use on a sailboat. The definitions used here are pretty much the same that were used in the previous article. Okay, you might think that the math for size calculations would be far too complex for such configurations, right?

The trick for building a spar with more or less than 8 sides is in the V-notch angles used on the staves. Angle 1, shown in Figure 4 below, is located on the inside of the spar. Size Calculations. GreenStar Marine. A system with a small motor for boats equipped with a sail drive.

GreenStar Marine

It is comparable to a 10 hP diesel motor. Our system includes: GreenStar 10 motor Sail drive Adapter plate SpeedShift lever and motor controller Two-bladed folding propeller Demounting tool for the propeller Cabling to the drive system Battery monitor with ”% left”, ”time to go” etc Shore power system including 25 m cable and current breaker Two battery chargers, 12 V/25 A GreenStar SD10 is best suited for boats weighing up to 3,500 kg. It is a complete system with saildrive, motor, lever, chargers, battery monitor and shore power system. System specifications: GreenStar SD10. Euphrosyne - day-boat chic et moderne. Tamata II (Tamata 8)- day boat classique. Tamata 8 plans - defline yacht architecture.

Great south bay catboat. Untitled. The 3.2″ color display is easy to use even in demanding conditions.


All the necessary information can be read quickly thanks to simple and illustrative graphics. The display shows the battery charge, engine speed, and power level in percent as well as the remaining operating time with the chosen speed. In addition, the display has a button for the regeneration function, by which the folding propeller of the saildrive produces electricity while sailing. The display utilizes safe CAN bus technology. Thus, it is possible to connect all control functions to the same information network via one cable. Technical Data: 3.2″ color display Button to activate MIPT-regeneration Battery status, drive direction, hours to go and motor rpm Reliable Plug&Play CAN-bus technology. VC10 - Projects - Totalmar. Nombre: VC10 Año: 2009 Cliente: Disponible Descripción: El VC10 es un daysailer de estética clásica y elegante, pero adaptado a las necesidades y tendencias de hoy en día.

VC10 - Projects - Totalmar

Historia El proyecto fue pensado desde una perspectiva global desde su origen. Buscando como resultado final un velero de aspecto clásico y elegante, pero adaptado a las necesidades y tendencias de hoy en día, tanto a nivel de diseño de formas, como de construcción y maniobra. Performance Classic Daysailer by Albert Montserrat at

0068-dh20-brochure-05.pdf. Photo-wauquiez_optio_profile.jpg (JPEG Image, 1600 × 710 pixels) - Scaled (64%) BoatImage-50856_zpsaf136fa3.jpg Photo by Paulo_Carvalho. Bo_plaquettea4.pdf. Carlson200x600.jpg (Image JPEG, 900 × 350 pixels) Wooden_House_Machine_Log_Lathe_Log_Home.jpg (JPEG Image, 660 × 655 pixels) IMG_8282.JPG. Spar Lathe Photo by bloggs1968. Spars Photo by bloggs1968.