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Download Apps: DropShots iOS App | DropShots for PC | DropShots for Mac By clicking on the "Start Upload! " EnKryptonite on the App Store. Message Encoding App - EnKryptonite – Applications Android sur Google Play. Enkryptonite Blog's: SECURE YOUR PICTURES, VIDEOS, DOCS, TEXTS AND EMAILS WITH THE ENKRYPTONITE APP. It’s hard to imagine the importance of keeping your personal data and communications secure until it gets stolen or viewed by someone not intended.


Moreover, while browsing the internet, you look for the “lock” icon on the status bar of your internet browser, which means your information will be safe when it’s transmitted. However, when it comes to securing your personal information on mobile devices, you don’t care too much. Well, protecting all of your communications like text messages, IMs, chats, emails as well as the sharing of images, files and videos on a Smartphone has become equally important these days. Thus, to prevent theft and misuse of your personal communications, there’s a new a cross-platform encryption patented keyboard app – Enkryptonite. The Enkryptonite app will transform your daily life into a secured one and will protect you wherever and whenever you communicate. Encryptonite App - FAQs - Text Message Encryption & Encoding. Using your mobile device securely.

Encryptonite App - FAQs - Text Message Encryption & Encoding

Always password protect your mobile device. One of the first things most individuals do when receiving a new device is to enable the built-in mobile passcode/PIN protection. When a PIN is not set, the phone is open to anyone reading information from emails and text messages, and even allows them to log into saved sites. If you value your privacy as much as we assume you do as an EnKryptonite user, we recommend that you make sure one of these features is enabled. Below are instructions on the types of security and how to set the preferences for the most popular mobile operating systems. Android 2.2 and higher Android devices offer four different types of options for securing your device. 1. 2. 3. Message Encryption Keyboard App. With the ever increasing frequency of personal data security breaches, it is imperative to protect your personal information.

Message Encryption Keyboard App

The need to use a cross platform encryption method is crucial. The main objective in developing EnKryptonite was to provide a means for the millions of mobile device users to apply military grade encryption during their daily communicate. When using the EnKryptonite application you can securely send emails, tweets, IM's, make posts, Facebook, use chat apps from all your mobile devices. No more fear of eavesdropping by NSA, jealous partners, over protective employers, who surf the internet & social media to search for negative information prior to offering employment. Hospitals, medical institutions or their legal Administrator, can no longer fear violating HIPAA compliance regulations. The ingenious use of a dedicated keyboard by EnKryptonite, is ground breaking in providing our clients with an ultra-secure messaging platform. How Enkryptonite, Encryption Keyboard App Works. The exclusive EnKryptonite Keyboard makes encrypted messaging unique.

How Enkryptonite, Encryption Keyboard App Works

The fact that you can live your life and choose to encrypt a message on any email, chat service, social media platform or website by simply clicking a padlock on your keyboard makes EnKryptonite the most viable, secure, user-friendly method for digital communication. EnKryptonite only maintains a database of user accounts and their registered devices, by verification and securely storing a user's registered device's UDID serial number. EnKryptonite mediates communications between its users and their associated devices, but does not store any private or secret keys, making it hack free. Unlike existing encryption service providers, messages do not pass through the company's servers. The Senders simply paste the encrypted messages directly into the third party application or social media site which they are using -just like any other communication. EnKryptonite.