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Techn | nerd-dom. Interactive advertising. News, feeds, reads. Upper Mismanagement. One of the themes that came up while I was profiling White House manufacturing czar Ron Bloom earlier this fall was managerial talent.

Upper Mismanagement

A lot of people talk about reviving the domestic manufacturing sector, which has shed almost one-third of its manpower over the last eight years. But some of the people I spoke to asked a slightly different question: Even if you could reclaim a chunk of those blue-collar jobs, would you have the managers you need to supervise them? It’s not obvious that you would.

Since 1965, the percentage of graduates of highly-ranked business schools who go into consulting and financial services has doubled, from about one-third to about two-thirds. Wandereye. Wandereye's UX Bookmarks on Delicious. Wandereye's IA Bookmarks on Delicious. Wandereye's inspiration Bookmarks on Delicious. Wandereye's design Bookmarks on Delicious. Wandereye's UXD Bookmarks on Delicious. Wandereye's humor Bookmarks on Delicious. Wandereye's toread Bookmarks on Delicious. Yimmys Yayo™ Search 4.0: Social Search Engines & Putting Humans Back In Searc. Previously I’ve covered what I dubbed Search 3.0, how search engines have evolved toward blending vertical or specialized results into “regular” web listings.

Search 4.0: Social Search Engines & Putting Humans Back In Searc

Today, the step beyond that: Search 4.0, how personal, social and human-edited data can be used to refine search results. The Search Evolution So Far. Twitter Directory and Search, Find Twitter Followers.