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Michael Simborg


Michael Simborg For over 16 years, I’ve been actively involved in exploring solutions to problems that lay at the crossroads of business, design, technology and consumers (user experience, communications strategy, design thinking, human-centered design and design education). I have worked in product and appliance development, ubiquitous computing solutions, mobile design, large and small-scale internet and website architecture, as well as platforms and solutions in many industries, including healthcare, B2B, retail and e-commerce, ethnographic and primary research, secondary market analysis, high and low-level business strategy and planning, and design/arts education (to post-graduate, PhD levels). My career has continually satisfied an insatiable desire to learn and collaborate with others in many different countries, cultures and situations. Through living by a simple motto "Absorb and Apply", I actively immerse myself and explore knowledge to find solutions. Michael Simborg
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