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Dojo. Exhibit. JavaScript 2 and the Future of the Web. (credit: The W3C Technology Stack) Hixie's webstats: The script element was used on roughly half the pages we checked.

JavaScript 2 and the Future of the Web

The most common attributes: language src type defer charset id fptype for event name langauge class tppabs langugage languaje. Exhibit. JavaScriptTemplates - trimpath - Google Code. { JavaScript Templates (JST) home | API | syntax | modifiers | download | community } For web application developers, the '''JavaScript Templates''' engine from TrimPath is a lightweight APL / GPL open-source component that lets you have template-based programming (like PHP/ASP/JSP) while running in a web browser.

JavaScriptTemplates - trimpath - Google Code

The '''JST''' engine is written entirely in standard JavaScript. Object-Oriented JavaScript. June 07, 2006 JavaScript is not generally considered a robust programming language, especially when compared to languages such as Java or C#: it is interpreted, rather than compiled; it is dynamically, rather than statically, typed; and it is commonly considered a procedural, rather than an object-oriented, language.

Object-Oriented JavaScript

However, the demands on JavaScript as a development platform are growing with the increasing popularity of so-called AJAX applications. The procedural development model commonly used to add basic client-side interactivity to web pages today will not scale to support the level of UI complexity required by these applications.