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Walnut Montessori Academy

Walnut Montessori-Preschool Academy offers quality and affordable preschool and daycare services in Walnut, California. We accept infants from six weeks up to Kindergarten. We give individualized attention and guidance to our students in order for them to stay motivated and to reach their goals. Our tuition includes free breakfast, hot lunch, and two snacks for students aged 24 months and above.

Blog : How Is Montessori Different from Traditional Education - Walnut Montessori. How Is Montessori Different from Traditional Education The first five years are vital for every child as the adaptability remains at its maximum height in these years.

Blog : How Is Montessori Different from Traditional Education - Walnut Montessori

This is the most formative period of a child and for this reason, parents remain very anxious when the time comes to choose anything new about the children. Naturally, they become very calculative and analytical when parents come to choose a kindergarten for their kids. Mom and dad analyze all the available data minutely because they think that any wrong decision at this moment may ruin the future of their offspring. Walnutmontessori's profile. Few Essential Summer Health Care Tips for Children - Children love summer and for good reasons.

Few Essential Summer Health Care Tips for Children -

Long days of summer give them chance to spend their time in fun and frolics like swimming, cookout, travel and various outdoor funs. During summer, children remain active, energetic and they sweat a lot and they lose energy as well as appetite. But hot sun puts kids at risk of sunburn, dehydration, and heat-related illness. Child care experts think that parents should keep an eye open on their children so that they do not get sick easily in these summer months. As a child care provider in the City of Industry, CA, who emphasizes the health of the children, also encourage parents to take necessary dietary measures for their children during these hot months to keep them fit, healthy and energetic. Expert’s Tips to Choose A Daycare For Your Child.

The prime concern of modern working parents is finding a good daycare, where they can keep their small children in a safe and secure atmosphere when they are in the workplace.

Expert’s Tips to Choose A Daycare For Your Child

Besides, It is a safe and affordable option that allows kids to socialize and learn in a loving environment. Finding an ideal daycare remains a huge challenge for parents because high-quality daycare is linked to improved developmental outcomes for children whereas low-quality care may hinder the fact. 3 Healthy and Easy to Prepare Soup Recipes for Kids. There is nothing more calm and cozy than enjoying a bowl of warm soup cuddled in your bed.

3 Healthy and Easy to Prepare Soup Recipes for Kids

Besides that, soups form a crucial part of the diet with a lot of health benefits. Blog : 5 Fun and Interactive Reading Games for Kids. Walnut Montessori Academy (walnutmontessoriacademy) Easy to Prepare Kid-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Ideas for Kids - St.

Easy to Prepare Kid-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Ideas for Kids -

Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on 17th March to commemorate the death of the patron saint Of Ireland. Slowly the holiday has turned into a celebration of Irish culture with parades, special foods, music, dancing, drinking, and a whole lot of green. So, like many other festivals, this great Irish festival is also incomplete without good food. If you are looking for some healthy, kid-friendly recipe ideas to celebrate the festival with your family and friend, you have reached the correct place. You can refer to these recipes and prepare some mouth-watering foods, especially for your little ones. Yummy Shamrock Cookies – According to the Montessori teachers, kids love having cookies, and these Shamrock cookies are quite popular amongst them.

Ingredients: All-purpose flour – 1 cup Shortening – 3/4th cup Confectioner’s sugar – 3/4th cup Egg – 1 Peppermint extract – ½ teaspoon Salt – to taste Food grade green color – few drops Method: Ingredients: Ingredients: How Music Benefits Your Child’s Overall Development. Music ignites all faculty of children’s brain and improves their various skills like reading, writing, emotion, etc.

How Music Benefits Your Child’s Overall Development

Try to make your children learn singing or playing any instrument and expose them to music as much as possible from the very childhood to enjoy the maximum benefits of music. Research, based on the Montessori school-going children show that musical exposure in childhood can accelerate overall brain development, especially that faculty that helps language acquisition and reading skill. Music helps in the coordination of the body and the mind. Music activates every subsystem of the brain, including the structures involved in motivation and emotion. By Walnut Montessori-Preschool Academy. Do you have toddlers at home who always look for new activities to get engaged?

by Walnut Montessori-Preschool Academy

Then let your kids explore different Disney themed games and they can involve with these games and characters in meaningful ways. Disney games are both entertaining and educational. Moreover, almost all kids love Disney characters. So, these games can be good ways to keep your children occupied constructively during their holidays. Here, in this article, you can take a look at the top Disney games for children. Popular Disney games for Kids: 1. Why it is ideal for kids: This game has a fantastic variety of creative aspects that target different artistic genres. 2. Hyperlexia in Children – Its causes and symptoms. Do your child love reading?

Hyperlexia in Children – Its causes and symptoms

Does he/she read exceptionally well at an early age without age-appropriate speech and language speech? This could be a sign of an autism-like syndrome, called Hyperlexia, especially when the child has delayed speaking abilities. What is Hyperlexia? According to the special educators of Child care Covina, CA, Hyperlexia is the presence of advanced reading skills in very little children.