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Walls N Roof is a technology based aggregator platform for Real Estate. Founded by a bunch of IITians in 2010, Walls N Roof is led by accomplished professionals, ex-bankers and is backed by the competence of more than 150 employees in four cities and three countries. For more details, you can check my website

UNDER CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS IN GHODBUNDER ROAD THANE. Luxury Flats in Thane. Luxury apartment in thane Thane has witnessed unprecedented changes in the recent years on the residential and commercial front.

Luxury Flats in Thane

Being one of the vital and busiest suburbs of the central side, the progress of the city can be credited to the infrastructural development. An alternative option for personnel’s who could not afford to buy a house in Mumbai, Thane today is not only lucrative option for buying property but also tops the chart for home buyers in Mumbai. With rapid development of social infrasturctures and higher ROI (Return on Investment) Thane today is among the top investment destinations in the country. Property Seekers: Why Real Estate Advisors? “Home is where Happiness lies”, procuring your home is a onetime investment.Buying a home includes searching for them in a specified area, at a reasonable price with numerous legalities.

Property Seekers: Why Real Estate Advisors?

Many important points are to be considered while buying or selling an apartment. So if you are about to buy1-BHK, 2-BHK, or 3-BHK flat in Thane/Andheri/Malad or any other area for the first time and you don’t have a the desired knowledge about real estate trends then, seeking advice from a real estate advisory should be your first step towards home procurements. BADLAPUR FASTEST DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT IN THANE. AFFORDABLE HOUSING AT GHODBUNDER ROAD THANE.

Walls N Roof (@WallsNRoof) GREEN AND ECOFRIENDLY TIPS FOR HEALTHY LIVING. BEST PLACE TO BUY PROPERTY IN MUMBAI. Buying a property is one of the life achievements that are at the top in every individual’s wish list.


And Mumbai is a place where every individual dreams of buying a home. Previously known as Bombay, Mumbai is one of the costliest metropolitan city in India. TOP 5 GROWING SUBURBS FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS (MUMBAI AND NAVI MUMBAI) Real Estate is the most sought after investment options. Real Estate guarantees good returns and can be a source of a second income. With developers exploring each corner of the city, investment hotspots are on a rise. Here are 5 destinations for your real estate investments: Kharghar – Growing suburb in Navi Mumbai.

It's not the will to win that matters - everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters #TuesdayThought #MotivationalQuotes. Affordable homes set to get more affordable on likely stamp duty removal #affordablehousing #RealEstate #realtor. FACTORS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING A NEW HOUSE #realestate #Investment #housing #india. Walls N Roof (@WallsNRoof) WHY TO INVEST IN GHODBUNDER ROAD, THANE? Emerging areas like Thane have witnessed a phenomenal growth with the government’s focus on infrastructural development.


This has helped set the city for a tremendous growth not only horizontally but vertically as well.Mumbai today is one of the most costliest places for buying a home or investing in one. The surreal property prices have given birth to various avenues in the city and Thane is one of them.Thane’s realty markets has grown significantly in the last decade. TOP 5 GROWING SUBURBS FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS (MUMBAI AND NAVI MUMBAI) LUXURY FLATS ON GHODBUNDER ROAD, THANE. Thane today not only provides galore options for value for money homes in the affordable segment but also has emerged as a lucrative destination for luxury flats especially on Ghodbunder Road Thane west.


Thane has witnessed exceptional changes in the residential as well as commercial sector. Thane is one of the vital suburbs on the central belt and the progress of the locality can be credited to the robust infrastructural growth. Thane has observed enormous real estate development changes with notable luxury flats. Ghodbunder Road’s infrastructural links to prime parts of the city making it the top real estate destination in investors chart.

Factors you should consider before buying a new house. MARKET VALUE OF PROPERTY IN MUMBAI.