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Forum Ubuntu-fr.org / Acer Aspire Revo Forum Ubuntu-fr.org / Acer Aspire Revo Salut, Ayant installé Ubuntu 9.04 ce matin sur le Revo dans le but d'en faire un lecteur multimédia de salon, je me permet de vous donner quelques impressions à chaud: - Il a fallu mettre à jour le bios pour que la séquence de boot depuis une carte SD ne plante pas - donc bonne chance pour ceux qui ne veulent pas démarrer Vista ;-) - Ensuite, installation sans problème en multiboot au coté de Vista, on peut par exemple utiliser la partition de restauration Acer (Elle fait 15 Go).
Please note that I won't respond to any post's for help unless this basic information is included! Code: rpm -qa *\nvidia\* *\kernel\*|sort;uname -r;lsmod |grep -e nvidia -e nouveau;cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf F15 Howto for the rpmfusion nvidia drivers Click here for supported Nvidia cards list This is a Three-Step Process. F12, F11 et F10 guides driver Nvidia F12, F11 et F10 guides driver Nvidia
wifi wifi page trop longue, créer une page pour les logiciels Wi-Fi si elle n'existe pas, puis recycler les parties des problèmes Wi-Fi avec la page Ndiswrapper : pas besoin de doublons ! Le Wi-Fi est la technologie sans fil utilisée pour se connecter à un réseau informatique (internet - intranet - local). L'avantage de ce type de connexion est de s'affranchir du câble souvent contraignant. Le Wi-Fi permet donc un meilleur confort. Prise en charge matérielle de votre carte réseau Wi-Fi
madwifi-project.org - Trac madwifi-project.org - Trac The project was run by a team of volunteer developers working on Linux kernel drivers for Wireless LAN devices with Atheros chipsets. We provided three drivers: MadWifi, ath5k and ath9k. MadWifi once was one of the most advanced WLAN drivers for Linux. Nevertheless, it was never included into the Linux kernel for various reasons.
Linux wireless LAN support http://linux-wless.passys.nl Wireless Adapter Chipset Directory compiled by HJ Heins Last updated on 08 June 2013 Now available: Wireless on Linux with full iee802.11a and ieee802.11n support on a PCI-express 1x card. Go to: Passys wireless. Speeds up to 450Mb/s supported. This is an attempt to create a, more or less complete listing of wireless devices with information about the chipset they are based on and whether or not they are supported in Linux. Linux wireless LAN support http://linux-wless.passys.nl
WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported If you are buying a new computer, it is best to select one with a wireless component that is designed for free software like Linux. A card designed for free software gives you improved support. Free software compatible devices also work out of the box. The Free Software Foundation recommends a few chipsets including: Ralink 2500/RT2400 (802.11G), Realtek RTL8180 (802.11G), and the Atheros AR9170 chipset (802.11N). ThinkPenguin.com currently offers a 802.11N USB card with the AR9170 chipset that guarantees free software compatibility. Also available are MiniPCI wifi cards for laptop computers and USB Bluetooth adapters to connect Bluetooth wireless devices. WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported
WifiDocs/Driver/Atheros WifiDocs/Driver/Atheros Also works on Karmic - see below If the method described in this section doesn't work for you, try the alternate method using ''madwifi'' and ''ath_pci'' described below. Look for the ath5k module, located in the package linux-backports-modules-intrepid. Install the package using either Synaptic or apt-get, and make sure it is activated on System/Administration/Hardware Drivers. Note: For 9.10 substitute linux-backports-modules-karmic,