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Videos to stimulate creative writing

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Titanium video. Giving Children Super Powers! I had a fantastic day in Year 4 doing some impressive writing and then bringing it to life in the form of amazing digital stories!

Giving Children Super Powers!

Our writing today was based on the music video - Titanium by David Guetta - This was a video I added to the Music Video Shed on the Literacy Shed a while back. It is a great video to help children answer simple inference and deduction questions. You can find all my ideas for using this video here. The Dropbox Trick to create great Speaking and Listening opportunities. Dropbox has become possibly the most valuable app since using iPads in the classroom.

The Dropbox Trick to create great Speaking and Listening opportunities

Linking them all up to one account and enabling automatic uploads has meant it has been a life saver as far as saving children's work to one location on my laptop without using any wire. As a teaching tool it is great to take a picture of a child's work, upload it to Dropbox and have it appear on my laptop within seconds so I can display it on the IWB. As a teacher is a great way to store files and means wherever I am on whatever device I can access my files. But there is another nifty trick Dropbox offers which provides great potential to using videos in the class to help children with speaking and listening and aiding the writing process. The trick is that Dropbox allows you to download videos straight to your camera roll, meaning they can then be imported into iMovie for endless amount of different tasks. Using videos to stimulate writing.