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Walker Mowers Australia

Walker Mowers Australia is a renowned commercial, residential and public mowing equipment that have been providing quality results and ensuring productivity for property owners and contractors. With five riding models, nine engine choices, 16 decks and many accessories, the Walker Mowers model can be configured specifically to your needs and your customers specifications. Walker Mowers Australia is proudly distributed by Specialised Mowing Equipment (SME).

3 Benefits a Mowing Contractor Can Get When Buying the Latest Models. Finally, spring is here!

3 Benefits a Mowing Contractor Can Get When Buying the Latest Models

Of course, this will be the best time for the mowing sector as it gives new opportunities to score new contracts in property mowing and maintenance. Many lawn mowing contractors are scrambling as well, calling up their clients and advertise their services because it’s also a race to grab the best jobs and get ahead of the competition. But, if you don’t have the tools to do the job quickly, then it might be difficult to maximise your profits during this season. That is why having well-tuned and efficient commercial lawn mowing equipment is a must for serious professionals. Upgrading your mowing equipment can be a harder decision to make for most contractors. However, using old equipment can be risky. 3 Advantages of Getting the Latest Commercial Mower Every contractor knows that getting new equipment is an investment. Reliable on The Field But, brand new mowers are less likely to breakdown during a job.

Great Boost for Your Company’s Image Fuel-Efficient References. Mowing Tips 101: Creating Lawn Stripes. If you’ve ever tried to draw a straight line or a perfect circle, you’ll know it’s not that easy.

Mowing Tips 101: Creating Lawn Stripes

And the same is true for mowing the perfect striped lawn. But, achieving this look isn’t just for our biggest sporting ovals – you can give it a go too! Here are some hints and tips for those of us dedicated to creating and maintaining a pristine striped lawn. 1. It’s going to take time and effort unless you have the right equipment. A picturesque lawn requires regular maintenance. 2. Sure, it’s a no brainer but striping won’t look good on a patchy, weedy covered or discoloured lawn. 3. Stripes appear as the light reflects off the grass-blade, so blades that are bent towards you will look dark, and those that bend in the opposite direction will appear lighter.

Bringing Back the Beauty of Your Lawn in 5 Easy Steps this Spring. During the cold season, lawn grass becomes more prone to pest and disease infestation.

Bringing Back the Beauty of Your Lawn in 5 Easy Steps this Spring

That is why spring season is the best time to rejuvenate your grass and ensure that it is robust enough to take on the hotter months. Being able to identify common lawn pests in springtime makes it easier for homeowners to find the right solution and preventative care for their grass. One of the most common lawn pests are white grubs which proliferate in spring, summer, and early fall. They infest on grassroots which cause wilted grass blades and brown turf patches. What’s more, worms, such as the armyworm, cutworm, and sod webworm typically eats the grass blades. Don’t forget as well that the presence of weeds such as bindii and lantana competes with the nutrients from your grass.

All these nerve-racking scenarios can be avoided with good lawn care before it gets worse. Remove the weeds Weeds proliferate throughout the winter. Soil aeration Patch up the lawn Fertilise. 5 End-of-Winter Tips to Keep Your Commercial Lawn Mowing Business Busy. Now that the end of winter is near, many lawn mowing professionals are now gearing up for spring.

5 End-of-Winter Tips to Keep Your Commercial Lawn Mowing Business Busy

Many contractors are just waiting for the season’s end because they know that it is almost impossible to find a job at this time. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use this time to keep you mowing business active. So, what can a respectable lawn mowing company owner can do to keep the company productive during this time of year? Find out more on this article. Preparing for Spring: What Lawn Mowing Contractors Can Do Lawn mowing is a business that peaks during the warm season but comes to a halt during the winter months. Here’s what enterprising business owners can do in preparation for spring. Build Up Your Client List through Incentives Don’t be afraid of calling your existing clients even if it’s the last few weeks of winter. Additionally, you may also give them incentives, like a 10 AUD discount on their next mowing contract, should they refer you to someone else.

References References. Easy Winter Lawn Mowing Guide to Get a Lush Garden in Spring. Lawns that are lush are more than just beautiful – it is healthy and improves the surrounding air quality.

Easy Winter Lawn Mowing Guide to Get a Lush Garden in Spring

But, with the dreaded winter, lawns are not easy to maintain which makes it more prone to damages. If not taken care of during winter, you might be surprised to see brown patches and even bald spots on the lawn by spring. That leads us back to you! You’re frustrated, scared or even both about on how to deal with these post-winter woes on your lawn. Here are top tips to ensure that the lawn stays healthy throughout winter and get ready for springtime. Fertilise Since the grass won’t be able to gain enough nutrients during winter, it is important to fertilise before the cold season.

Soil Aeration Provide extra air at the grassroots through soil aeration. Raise Garden Mower Cutting Height Since grass grows much slower in the cold months, it’s best to mow less often. Avoid watering During winter, keep an eye on the moisture level by feeling the thatch. References.