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Wajabaty is a one stop foodie solution in form of web, mobile app and Food Directory to help you enjoy and share the story of each meal. Wajabaty is not just a restaurant aggregator, but helps you search food in your mind with just a tap with our innovative hash tag search and Advanced Search.

Ordering Best Food in Kuwait is Just a Click Away! Taste of Delicious Kuwait Food Now at Your Fingertips. Best food app KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait - April 18, 2017 - PRLog -- You are in Kuwait, and you are a foodie.

Taste of Delicious Kuwait Food Now at Your Fingertips

If this is the right combination that defines you right now then, Wajabaty is probably the best thing that can happen to you. Wajabaty happens to be the one-stop web portal for food lovers in Kuwait for a considerable amount of time, and it already has made its mark in this online Kuwait food portal niche. So, what's that special factor that Wajabaty holds for its users? Technically, it integrates food with the people of Kuwait. Let's talk about a good restaurant in Kuwait and what is can offer to foodies in a straight way.

Further, limited information, static pages don't have that edge to solve this problem. Thankfully, online food portals like Wajabaty are here to solve the riddle. The information you will receive just after clicking are: Just awesome, Right? Consider these benefits: 3 Best Vegetarian Foods in Kuwait You Should Always Love to Eat. Kuwait is a beautiful country from the middle-east with incredible scenic beauty.

3 Best Vegetarian Foods in Kuwait You Should Always Love to Eat

There is a lot to discover and explore. Food in Kuwait is delicious too. However, vegetarians always wonder if they will be able to source vegetarian food there. This is because Kuwait is primarily a non-vegetarian country and owing to its geographical location, climatic conditions don’t favour the growth of vegetation. Most of it is imported from other countries, leaving the country with a population that largely consumes non-vegetarian food. There is no need to get disheartened since despite these issues, there are a lot of restaurants that serve ‘pure’ vegetarian food. Udipi Restaurant, Sharq. How Wajabaty Helping You Find the New Restaurants in Kuwait? Kuwait offers its visitors a wide array of delicacies to try and relish.

How Wajabaty Helping You Find the New Restaurants in Kuwait?

All restaurants in Kuwait have something interesting and delicious to offer. However, there is certain mind blowing food items that are not to be missed when in this beautiful country. Here is a list of five such scrumptious dishes you need to try. Warak Enab This Arabic dish is quite unique and teases your taste buds. Machboos The national dish of Kuwait, Machboos, is a delicacy served by all restaurants, including the new restaurants in Kuwait. The meat could be chicken, lamb or fish. Shawarma Everyone already loves shawarma but no experience can be matched to the one when you get to savour authentic shawarma in Kuwait. Accompaniments include fries, falafel, hummus and salads. Luqaimat.

Order Food Online in Kuwait - Suits Every Need of Foodies. One of the heavenly pleasures in life today is getting to taste the various flavors of food items from all over the world.

Order Food Online in Kuwait - Suits Every Need of Foodies

It is a kind of blessing for the modern people that food fun can be had easily with the help of technology advancement because it has made the process of filling up the appetite process extremely easier. In the already mundane and lack luster lives today, the food and cuisine at least must not remain confined within the conventional boundaries and hence, the chance to taste the variety of food dishes is developing gradually with the help of food apps that allow online ordering of food.

The essence of food apps in the modern lives Amongst the various regional food hotspots of the world, Kuwait is one of the famous names due to the splendid spices alloying with the ingredients to give a delicious taste and flavor as well. Book Your Favorite Restaurant with Wajabaty's Table Reservation App in Kuwait. Enjoy The Best Traditional Kuwait Food Dishes on Wajabaty.

The Best Kuwait Food Dishes are Perfect for Every Occasion. Make Your Day Special by Ordering Food Online in Kuwait. Dining Out Made Easy with Best Foodie App in Kuwait. Are You Traveling in Kuwait? Try this Yummiest Kuwait Food. Strict Standards: Non-static method con::openCon() should not be called statically in /home/imfp7777/public_html/track_rurl.php on line 12 Warning: mysql_connect(): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) in /home/imfp7777/public_html/class/common.php on line 717 Warning: mysql_select_db() expects parameter 2 to be resource, boolean given in /home/imfp7777/public_html/class/common.php on line 718.

Are You Traveling in Kuwait? Try this Yummiest Kuwait Food

Finding a Best Cafe in Kuwait is Now at Your Finger Tips. A romantic date with a partner is well deserved by everyone.

Finding a Best Cafe in Kuwait is Now at Your Finger Tips

To arrange such a memorable day, you need to plan things with precision. The most important thing is finding a good restaurant, which would obvious not play the role of spoiler. So, when it comes to a romantic date with candle light dinner, you should choose a posh as well as reputed restaurant in Kuwait. Discover and Experience the Best Kuwait Restaurants Offers on Wajabaty. Wajabaty Launches Its All in One Foodies App in HORECA Exhibition 2017.

Wajabaty: All in one foodies app KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait - Jan. 23, 2017 - PRLog -- Entering into its 6th edition successfully, HORECA is a major platform for exhibitors to gain exposure of the trending food industry.

Wajabaty Launches Its All in One Foodies App in HORECA Exhibition 2017

This year, HORECA Kuwait 2017 was held from 16th January to 18th January 2017, at the Kuwait International Fairground in Kuwait City, Kuwait. The main aim of conducting this biggest hospitality exhibition was to increase the business relationship and to provide hoteliers and food service professionals with advanced solutions to build a business. This year, the exhibition witnessed the participation of over 80 companies specialized in hospitality, catering and hotel equipment. A one-stop foodie solution: Using this as a golden opportunity, Wajabaty, a one-stop foodie solution providing service through mobile apps, web and food directory got itself launched.