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Water Harvesting Solutions

Wahaso - Water Harvesting Solutions, Inc. aka "Wahaso" is a design-build firm specializing in custom commercial systems for harvesting rainwater, greywater, condensate and other on-site water sources for non-potable reuse like toilet flushing, irrigation and evaporative cooling systems.

Rain Harvesting, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Grey Water Collection. Which Industrial Rainwater Harvesting Systems Are the Best for Your Needs? – Water Harvesting Solutions. Water rates are rising and with the potential for scarcity during certain seasons, considering an industrial rainwater harvesting system for your business may be beneficial.

Which Industrial Rainwater Harvesting Systems Are the Best for Your Needs? – Water Harvesting Solutions

Water harvesting is also becoming a highly popular concept among environmentally conscious businesses and industries. By collecting rainwater, not only are you helping the environment by saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water each year, but you also reduce dependency on municipally supplied water. There are different industrial rainwater harvesting systems to consider, but they are typically categorized into these groups: Water Harvesting Solutions: How Capturing Air Conditioner Condensate Can Save Your Company Money. Air conditioning is an important feature in any business.

Water Harvesting Solutions: How Capturing Air Conditioner Condensate Can Save Your Company Money

It helps keep the facilities and equipment cool to prevent overheating, while providing comfort to your staff and customers. But did you know that it can serve another purpose beyond cooling and keeping you comfortable? Water Harvesting Solutions: Find A Professional Rainwater Harvesting System Installation Provider for Your Facility. Rainwater harvesting has been practiced for thousands of years.

Water Harvesting Solutions: Find A Professional Rainwater Harvesting System Installation Provider for Your Facility

Early systems were often the only way to ensure a supply of fresh water when the well went dry. Eventually, municipal systems replaced home wells and cisterns, but that does not mean the practice is lost. In fact, municipalities realize now that they need alternate strategies for conserving the public water supply. Subscribe To Water Harvesting Solutions For Updates. Hire Condensate Harvesting Services. Every commercial building with a forced-air cooling system has one thing in common – as air is passed over cold coils from the compressor, moisture in that air will condense and “condensate” will drip to a collection pan below.

Hire Condensate Harvesting Services

In many cases, that condensate is sent to the municipal sewer system, wasting a valuable source for reuse systems. In a typical commercial building cooling 100,000 square feet with 150 tons of cooling capacity the annual condensate collection potential can be hundreds of thousands of gallons. That harvested water can be sent to the evaporative cooling system or used for irrigation or toilet flushing. If we depend solely on rainwater as a reuse source, we may go days or weeks without a rain event at a time of year when it is hot and we need the most supply.

That is the time when condensate is most plentiful, making it an ideal complement to rainwater as a source. How Much Condensate Could You Harvest from Your Building? Get A Gray Water Harvesting System. Get a Rainwater Harvesting For Your Commercial Buildings. Storage of the rainwater is determined by the demand and uses for the water, available rainwater and groundwater volume and frequency, and space to locate the tanks.

Get a Rainwater Harvesting For Your Commercial Buildings

Because storage capacity, type and location are primary drivers of system design and cost, this is one of the first analyses done on any project. Wahaso works with clients early in the process to think through the supply and demand side of the system and determine the most efficient size, type and location of the storage system. On the supply side, we calculate total rainwater available to the system by measuring collection surfaces on rooftops and parking areas and applying average monthly rainfall for the building location. On the demand side, we help determine anticipated monthly demand for toilet flushing, irrigation, cooling tower make-up and other uses. Storage options include above-ground tanks that can be located inside or outside the building and subterranean tanks that can have unlimited storage capacity.

Install Stormwater Harvesting System. There is a difference between “rainwater” and “stormwater.”

Install Stormwater Harvesting System

They both begin with a rain event. “Rainwater ” is the relatively clean water coming from rooftops and other above ground surfaces. But once that rainwater reaches the ground, it becomes “stormwater” that may be contaminated with silt, hydrocarbons from automobiles, road salt in northern climates, nitrates, other fertilizers from landscaped areas and more. Because of this, additional filtration and cleaning steps are required, but stormwater can still be an excellent harvested water resource. The Stormwater Liability Increasingly, communities are requiring developers to manage the run-off from their impermeable rooftops, hardscapes and parking areas to reduce the impact of the run-off on municipal treatment systems.

Get a Water Harvesting System. We understand that each building project has a unique set of variables for non-potable water supply and demand, so Wahaso tailors each system to the specific characteristics of each project.

Get a Water Harvesting System

Our Scoping stage quantifies all potential water conserving methods by evaluating each of a building’s available water sources (including rainwater and greywater produced by showers and sinks and more) and applications for reuse (including toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling tower make-up and others). This allows us to achieve our ultimate goal, which is to minimize the amount of municipal water required for non-potable uses.