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All My 111 Possessions... At the age of 29, I now own fewer possessions than I’ve ever owned in my entire life.

All My 111 Possessions...

After years of downsizing I have achieved one of my long-sought-after goals of being able to fit everything I own into a backpack that fits comfortably on my back. It has been a long road of transition making continual progress little by little. 5 years ago, I moved to California and rented a 3 bedroom apartment. Je construis une tiny house,Yvan Saint Jours,Bruno Thiery fiche pratique,YpyPyp. Illustré par Didier Georget La tiny house n’est pas une « simple petite maison en bois sur roues ».

Je construis une tiny house,Yvan Saint Jours,Bruno Thiery fiche pratique,YpyPyp

C’est une véritable construction écologique à laquelle un soin tout particulier est apporté à l’isolation et l’étanchéité à l’air (garantissant une excellente durée de vie des matériaux isolants). Bien sûr elle ne rentre pas dans les petites cases de la réglementation thermique en vigueur, mais de par son très petit volume à chauffer, elle est championne d’économie d’énergie/habitant toutes catégories. L’esprit de la tiny, c’est avant tout la simplicité d’habiter dans tout ce qu’il y a de plus épuré, tout en gardant un très bon confort : chauffage, cuisine, eau chaude sanitaire, toilettes… Cette minuscule maison invite à poser un nouveau regard sur un monde de consommation à outrance.

Le moindre objet acheté devra trouver une place, et la moindre place est primordiale… par conséquent, tout achat se fera avec une conscience et une attention très particulière. Bâtir Sain. Maison 3E. La maison autonome, ou comment vivre d’énergies renouvelables, d’amour et d’eau fraîche. Chercheurs en économie alternative, c’est ainsi que se définissent Patrick et Brigitte Baronnet.

La maison autonome, ou comment vivre d’énergies renouvelables, d’amour et d’eau fraîche

Installés en Loire-Atlantique, depuis plus de 30 ans, ce couple et leurs quatre enfants expérimentent un mode de vie autonome et solidaire. Dans lequel les consommations d’énergie sont divisées par quatre. Et les besoins en argent aussi. Rencontre avec des adeptes de la sobriété heureuse. Patrick et Brigitte ont fêté leur « débranchement EDF ». Timeline Photos - Rocket Stove Science. Jamaica Earthship Build: Join Us! March 2016. March 21 – April 1, 2016.

Jamaica Earthship Build: Join Us! March 2016

Jamaica Earthship Build: International Reggae Museum Note: (these fees are not included) All accommodations are organized. $20 per person per day in houses up in the hills near the job site (bedding is not provided). Fly into Montego Bay. Window Orientation and Shading. Guide de fabrication, yourte - flex 470 "light yurt" Amazing Scottish Castles You Can Spend the Night In. Photo Credit: Scotland press image/ via, Have you ever dreamed of spending the night in a real life castle?

Amazing Scottish Castles You Can Spend the Night In

These amazing Scottish castles all offer the chance to do just that. If you plan on visiting Scotland, you might want to consider splurging a little, at least for one night, by staying in one of these magnificent places for an especially unforgettable experience. Inverlochy Castle, pictured above, sits just outside the town of Fort William in the Highlands. Its 17 rooms all offer gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains and lush grounds. Incredible Photos of Off-Grid Living Will Make YOU Want to Ditch Civilization Too. Photographer Antoine Bruy not only traveled and lived with off-grid families for three years, but captured captivating photos of their Walden-esque existence.

Incredible Photos of Off-Grid Living Will Make YOU Want to Ditch Civilization Too

Credit: Antoine Bruy When screeching city noises and demands from the 9-5 job become too much, most people can only dream of what quiet isolation in the rural countryside could be like. But French photographer Antoine Bruy turned that dream into a reality by hitchhiking across Europe from 2010 to 2013. The artist wandered through remote mountain regions without any fixed destination or route in mind, but along the way met several individuals who had willingly abandoned hectic city life in exchange for retreat in the deep wilderness.

These people sacrificed modern comforts for greater autonomy and freedom, and in result became inspiration to the inquisitive photographer. 11+ Clever Buildings Whose Architects Refused To Cut Down Local Trees. Construction Materials. Construction Materials A sustainable home must make use of local (indigenous) materials, those occurring 'naturally' in the local area.

Construction Materials

The Nature of the Materials In keeping with the design and performance requirements of a Earthship Biotecture, the nature of the building matierials for an Earthship must have certain characteristics established. These characteristics must align with, rather than deteriorate, the environment of the planet. The requirements and characteristics below describe the nature of the ideal 'building block' for constructing the ideal building for residential and commercial applications. Comment construire une piscine naturelle et écologique en 10 étapes. Comment conserver des légumes frais pendant des mois.. sans réfrigérateur. Why Our Ancestors Built Round Houses - and Why it Still Makes Sense to Build Round Structures Today.

The oldest forms of indigenous shelter were often round in shape.

Why Our Ancestors Built Round Houses - and Why it Still Makes Sense to Build Round Structures Today

(Think the Southwest USA Hogan, Mongolian Yurt, North American Teepee and the Greek Tenemos, among others.) Why did our ancestors choose to build round? Because the ovid shape -- eggs, earth, tree trunks, and stones -- is what they saw reflected in the surrounding natural environment. And, as usual, Mother Nature knows best. There is some nifty natural science that makes round buildings more comfortable, more energy-efficient and safer -- especially if you combine the ancient shape with modern materials!

A cob, straw bale and natural edge wood home in County Sligo, Ireland. On a trouvé la caravane parfaite pour partir en vacances ! Le concept est juste génial ! Dix raisons pour lesquelles les Earthships sont vraiment geniaux. Dix raisons pour lesquelles les Earthships sont vraiment geniaux. « Comment j’ai réussi à ne payer ni eau, ni gaz, ni électricité ! » « Comment j’ai réussi à ne payer ni eau, ni gaz, ni électricité ! » 10404389_720372784702611_4947433524730001758_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 720 × 960 pixels) Build an attached solar greenhouse by David Lee.

I do not have a green thumb.

Build an attached solar greenhouse by David Lee

The only plants I have any luck with are the ones that can be sawn into boards. My wife has two green thumbs, maybe three. She can grow anything. Ces 17 maisons construites dans des arbres sont extraordinaires. Ils réalisent leur rêve : un « éco-dome » loin du bruit du monde. Building a Rocket Stove Sauna: Earth Sky Time Farm. Earth Sky Time is a community-based organic farm in the beautiful, wooded foothills of the Taconic mountains, just outside of Manchester, Vermont, USA.

Building a Rocket Stove Sauna: Earth Sky Time Farm

In addition to year-round sustainable agriculture, they also have a wood-fired bakery (featuring a massive Catalan wood-fired oven!) And make other prepared foods like humus and veggie burgers. During the autumn and winter of 2012-2013, I was involved in the design and build of a wood-fired rocket stove sauna at Earth Sky Time, for the enjoyment of the EST community, family, neighbors, friends, visitors, etc.

It was an exciting and ambitious project, and we strove to make it highly efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainably built, and locally sourced. Below you can see some photos of the building process, from the laying of the foundations to the first sauna we held in the finished building. Construire une maison de Hobbit puis y vivre. Vous en rêvez ? Ce jeune père de famille l'a fait ! Being Somewhere - Low Impact Living. New Booklet Now Available Wild by Design is a mini design toolkit to inspire creative solutions for people to live in harmony with nature This is a house I built for our family in Wales.

It was built by myself and my father in law with help from passers by and visiting friends. 4 months after starting we were moved in and cosy. Whitehorse / DesignBuildBLUFF Studio. Architect: DesignBuildBLUFF Studio Location: Navajo Reservation, Utah Project Year: 2009 Client: Suzie Whitehorse Photography: Design Build BLUFF Studio DesignBuildBLUFF is a non-profit organization that builds environmentally sustainable homes in the Navajo Nation. Their work introduces first-year graduate students in architecture to the culture and history of Utah’s desert southeast, where they design, and ultimately build a home for a Navajo Family. Vivre en autonomie en France : une réalité. Blog - French farmhouse free to the right low-impacter.

<< read other blog articles Posted: Sep 6, 2014, by Dave Darby of LILI LATEST NEWS: We've been swamped with applications - over 200 in the first couple of days. As from 13.30 on Sep 8, the offer is closed. Thanks - no more please. Sorry if you missed it, but the applications are now with the owner, who's going to have to spend the next few days reading through them. Available Yurt Designs. The Super Sustainable Mass Heaters. Rocket Mass Heaters A rocket mass heater is a clean burning, high performance burner usually put together using a majority of recycled and/or natural materials, such as cob. Owners claim an 80-90% reduction in wood usage compared to heating the same space with a metal wood stove. As opposed to the masonry heater which requires some advanced masonry skills, the rocket mass heater can be built by any enthusiast with basic masonry and engineering abilities.

The only problem with this project is difficulty in getting a building permit, because basically not many officials know what a rocket heater is. The exception is Portland, Oregon, which has a building code for rocket mass heaters, thanks to Ernie and Erica Wisner, who share some hints on how to acquire a permit on their site. A Look at the Models of Earthships. A Look at the Models of Earthships Earthship designs are constantly evolving because they are decentralized and many are built each year. This allows for constant evolution. We have many models in our history which all played their part in our on going evolution. We have presented here our favorite models which have very pragmatic reasons for being favorites. Golden Bay House Truck. A restored house truck used as a guest accommodation in Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Photos and shared by Golden Bay Hideaway. Timber Frame & Straw Bale House For Sale. Construire une maison en terre crue.