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All Turf Is Not Created Equally. Most FIFA players prefer playing on grass to artificial turf, according to a FIFA study, and for good reason.

All Turf Is Not Created Equally

Artificial turf cannot mimic the same playing experience as grass, and it poses a greater health risk. The difference between artificial turf and grass is a well known fact in the world of U.S. Soccer. According to The New York Times, the USMNT does not play on artificial turf ever. The 2017 NWSL Season Rages On. The first week of the 2017 NWSL season is now behind us.

The 2017 NWSL Season Rages On

Now in its fifth season, this could really be the year that the NWSL takes off to new heights with its new TV deal with Lifetime. The hype, passion and excitement surrounding this season is through the roof and for good reason. In just the first week, both Sydney Leroux and Amy Rodriguez scored in their NWSL returns since becoming moms. Yet, A-Rod left in the second half with an apparent left knee injury. The Boston Breakers midfielder Rose Lavelle, the No. 1 pick in the NWSL College Draft, joined the NWSL for her first game.

Fresh Faces to the NWSL. The NWSL Season is less than two weeks away, which makes it the perfect time to shine a spotlight on some of the fresh faces who will be playing in the NWSL for the first time.

Fresh Faces to the NWSL

Women’s college soccer is as competitive as it gets. You better believe there’s a high level of talent entering the NWSL through the draft. Let’s take a look at some highly-rated rookies who will have an opportunity to make a name for themselves in 2017. Rose Lavelle Hailing from Wisconsin, the most talked about player coming into the draft was No. 1 overall pick Rose Lavelle. The In's and Out's of Being Recruited. As the whistle sounded to end the game, I scanned the sidelines as I trotted off of the field.

The In's and Out's of Being Recruited

Men and women donning various college polos and clipboards lined the field. College coaches. New Year, New Kits. We are four months into the new year and with the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) beginning this weekend, what better time to brag on the latest kits in professional soccer.

New Year, New Kits

Earlier this year, the Women's National Team debuted their new all red team kit at the #SheBelieves Cup. The Men's National Team was soon to follow, debuting their sleek new look at the March 24 World Cup Qualifiers against Honduras. # National Women's Soccer (NWSL) Now Trending. We couldn't be more excited about the start of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) season this weekend!

# National Women's Soccer (NWSL) Now Trending

The season will be making its Lifetime debut, with eight of the 10 teams playing Saturday and the Boston Breakers and FC Kansas City playing Sunday. Not only is this the first season on national TV, but 2017 also marks the fifth anniversary of the NWSL and the big move to increase the minimum salary of players. The weekend can't come soon enough! Life After College Soccer. There is no me without soccer, that much is for sure.

Life After College Soccer

Nearly all of the close friendships and incredible memories that pepper my past have a deep tie to the sport I love. It’s no wonder then that when the time came to hang up my cleats and gloves (reluctantly I might add), there was no doubt about the next step in my career, college coaching. I’ve been in the college game now in a coaching capacity for about three years, and there are still some days it feels surreal. I wonder how I got so lucky to continue to be a part of the incredible development platform college athletics provides. More so than anything, the transition has granted me an amazing opportunity to reflect, to dissect and to share what it can be like when you get your head above the tumultuous water that is college life and see clearly on the other side. The Top 5 Stadiums in the NWSL. There truly is nothing like having the opportunity to attend a soccer game live.

The Top 5 Stadiums in the NWSL

If you’re a part of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) fanbase, then you know what it’s like to be in the midst of incredible stadiums with some of the best fan experiences possible. Certain stadiums around the NWSL have the capability of providing that euphoric feeling while attending a game. Here's a look at the five best stadiums in the NWSL: Jenuine Foodie by Jen Hoy! Welcome to Jenuine Foodie!

Jenuine Foodie by Jen Hoy!

My name is Jen, and I am beyond excited to embark on this journey with all of you beautiful people. I am a professional athlete, Princeton alum, adventure addict and, you guessed it, nutrition geek. Ask those closest to me, and they are sure to paint a similar picture: I eat lots of fruit and veggies. I love cooking good food for my friends. Farmers markets make me happy, and I make some kick ass banana bread. Why is Swearing in Women's Sports Taboo? Let me start by saying we are re-posting this from the awesome blog Sporting Chic, created by Stephanie McCaffrey (Chicago Red Stars), Sam Mewis (North Carolina Courage) and Kristie Mewis (Washington Spirit).

Why is Swearing in Women's Sports Taboo?

Their often irreverent humor, hipster style and intelligence can be found in everything from their feature stories to their sense of fashion, fun and the absurd. I watched the game live on Saturday between Chicago and Portland (thank you, Lifetime) and witnessed the moment that inspired Stephanie McCaffrey to write this piece after many viewers to reached out to her, either in support or distaste. I won't give away the moment in case you didn't see it but I will say there is a serious double standard going on with regards to our expectations of female athletes. It's got to stop, people. I want Steph McCaffrey and to be who she is when she's playing, not some cleaned up version of herself because she's a woman. Blood, Sweat and Tears. When you have to get your game on, the last thing that you want to deal with is a monthly visit from Mother Nature.

The key is to stay focused, stay informed and prep appropriately. Here is a brief play by play on what happens in the month leading up to your period: Phase 1: The follicular phase At the beginning of the cycle, signals from a region of the front of your brain (the hypothalamus) stimulate hormones that tell your ovaries to make follicles. How Men's and Women's Soccer Stack Up. In the last year, the U.S. Women's National Soccer team (USWNT) made their fight for gender equality official through their "Equal Play, Equal Pay" campaign. Five players filed a complaint against U.S. Soccer for wage discrimination in 2016. On paper, what they are asking for is simple: the same financial compensation, playing conditions and travel arrangements as their counterparts on the men’s team.

Athlete Power Couples - Girls Soccer Network. Between the strenuous training, the long hours of practice and traveling across time zones for tournaments and games, it seems like professional soccer players may have little time for anything off the field, especially something as time consuming as relationships. Fret not. Love is in the air in the world of elite soccer more than ever! 5 Media Campaigns Empowering Female Athletes. The media has a powerful impact on people, especially on girls and women. According to AdMedia, 69 percent of girls agreed that magazine models had a major influence on their opinion of what the perfect body shape looks like. Yet, only 5 percent of women in the United States actually fit the body type popularly portrayed in advertising today. In the world of sports, body image is a major component to a female athletes' self-esteem.

Her self-esteem and how she sees herself will ultimately affect how she plays. Superstars Off the Field - Girls Soccer Network. There are a lot of perks that come with being a national soccer star. There's the traveling and competing in cool places, the launch to celebrity status and the paycheck isn't so bad. With all the upsides to elite athleticism, one of the biggest opportunities is the ability to use your celebrity status to make a difference. We wanted to spotlight players that are current or former USWNT players who are not only stars on the field but who make a difference in the lives of others off the field. The Stars of Bend It Like Beckham - Girls Soccer Network. Shoes With a Purpose.

Fueling Up Before a Game. Weight Training to Improve Your Game. Kealia Ohai - Girls Soccer Network.