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Benefits of Using ASP.NET for Web Application Development. Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application Development is still preferable by various organizations.

Benefits of Using ASP.NET for Web Application Development

It could be any size such as Small, Medium and Large Enterprises, but their preferred technology for development is Microsoft.NET. It offers the variety of benefits that reduces development time and no need to worry about scalability and security. As the Asp.NET Framework and MVC platform are evolved for decades, it has a rock solid foundation and building a new feature can be done in no time. If an enhancement should happen in production, It will be super easy to design, develop and deploy in Microsoft applications. Microsoft has classified its components as View, Controller and Model files. There are major third party components available that simplify your UI Controls.

Production deployment is really smart on Microsoft platform. If your business has the potential opportunity to scale up, Microsoft.NET offers you the support and framework to develop. How to Create a WordPress Blog? Taking your business to online is a dream for many.

How to Create a WordPress Blog?

We can’t measure the happiness when the dream comes to reality. Bringing an offline store to Online is a great thing but the following steps have to be followed to create a fruitful online presence. Why Should Choose ASP.NET Web Application Development?-Infographics. Compelling .NET Applications can be developed for any Enterprises and SME’s.

Why Should Choose ASP.NET Web Application Development?-Infographics

If a business runs major of its components in Windows Server, It is very easy to develop .NET applications in their platform. It could be a migration app from traditional software to latest versions, or new development or revamp an existing business to a modernized one. It’s possible with Microsoft.NET platforms with choosing the correct package and architecture. MVC ASP.NET is one the successful package in the recent past and It helps to build an application in rapid phase. As It’s running in windows server, It offers security, easily scalable and robust applications. Best Mobile Strategy for Large Enterprises.

10 Must-Have Plugins for Your WordPress Website. The power of WordPress relies on its Content Management System and the Plugins.

10 Must-Have Plugins for Your WordPress Website

As It’s an open source CMS, it offers various plugins developed by WordPress or from the community. It’s great to have these plugins, which minimizes the development effort and budget. Here are the 10 Top most plugins that are required for your WordPress Website. WordPress biggest advantage is that how It helps Search Engine Optimization to promote its website. Best Mobile Strategy for large Enterprises. What is Enterprise Mobile Strategy?

Best Mobile Strategy for large Enterprises

The change in technology over the last several years has necessitated the growth of mobile device use the world over. How people are conducting their lives has also changed. Today, just about everyone has a computing device that is always available and connected so that they can communicate with friends or finish tasks easily, effectively and efficiently. DO's and DON'Ts While Enterprise Mobile App Development. We strongly feel that building Enterprise apps require prior expertise and It can’t be done by an Individual unless if there are any governance.

DO's and DON'Ts While Enterprise Mobile App Development

Here are set of Do’s and Don’ts while Enterprise Mobile App Development. Enterprise Apps are built for Specific Target Audience. It’s highly required to analyze who is the target audience; could be a supplier, vendor, customer, client or employees. W2S Solutions overview 2017 by w2s solutions. Online Invoice Generator Software. ASP & Dot net web development company. Startup advice and strategy by w2s solutions. Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App For Free in the Market. Growth takes sweat and Money.

Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App For Free in the Market

As an Entrepreneur, you worked hard to convert your Idea into a vision and built a great product or Mobile App. However just developing an app and get published an App in stores is not sufficient to get the downloads. Marketing is hard and very expensive. You can’t easily overcome the million apps competition in the market to get into the palm of your target audience. What would you do? Here is the Infographic that shows effective ways to promote your App through Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Branding. It shows clearly the options you have to promote your app, reach the target audience and increase downloads.

Stay focus on Marketing and follow the steps to attain the growth as you expect. Effective dashboard for business by w2s solutions. From Idea to Execution - 8 Steps for Startup Journey. Slide 1: From idea to execution: 8 steps that can make a big difference in your startup journey slide 2: Introduction:  Marc Benioff Richard Branson Kevin Systrom Marc Cuban Aaron Levie and Evan Williams — What do these names have in common They might not be familiar at a glance but most likely you have used products and services these successful entrepreneurs have launched. slide 3: From Salesforce Virgin Airways Twitter Box to Instagram these entrepreneurs started small but today their ideas rule the world.

From Idea to Execution - 8 Steps for Startup Journey

Slide 4: To help you avoid the blunders most entrepreneurs make here is a guide on what you should do and what to expect as you wade through the competitive world of modern business: slide 5: From idea to execution: 8 steps that can make a big difference in you… Must Have Usability Features of Enterprise Mobile App[Infographic] How many apps your Enterprise use per day/week or a month?

Must Have Usability Features of Enterprise Mobile App[Infographic]

An app could be a web solution or a mobile app. It can be emails, calendars, messaging portals, timesheet tracker, HR management tool, Project management, Invoice management and so on. In this Technology era, An enterprise can not grow or run their business without using any of these apps. Guess what? We have created an Infographic that showcases Enterprise Apps that are commonly used. These are all highly required apps and If you think that you need to engage more with customers, vendors, and employees, you will have to try new Enterprise Apps that helps you to engage, innovate and grow. Best approach for a startup. Raise Capital or Bootstrapping. Seven Essentials for an Enterprise Mobile App. Enterprise Mobility is dead.

Seven Essentials for an Enterprise Mobile App

Seriously? No, We just made a statement to let you read this. Whatever the size of a business, Mobile apps are in needy now. Small and Medium enterprises which serves different domains, requires a mobile app now. The purpose of an app could be completely different such as Increasing their performance, efficiency, let the stack holders communicate easily among them. Why to Choose Joomla as Best Content Management System? Business usually faces issues if they want to add or edit any existing marketing material or website. They will have to reach to web designers and developers to modify their content. It was history now as there are many content management systems available in the market.

There are open source CMS and licensed CMS available. Don’t Ignore These Important Considerations When Choosing Web Applications. Build your brand awareness with great ROI through w2s solutions. Build your brand awareness with great roi through w2 s solutions. Partner with w2s solutions. Smart Ways to Speed Up Your ASP.NET MVC Application – W2S Solutions. How to find a perfect android development offshore company. Seven Factors To Consider Before You Start Developing A Mobile App. If you think that Mobile Apps are solely for big brands, you are wrong. More and more SMEs are following the mobile trend, understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile-friendly website.

In fact, these days you’ll notice that many next door businesses you interact with in your everyday life have their own dedicated mobile app — be it the corner Chai point or the beauty spa downtown. These businesses are ahead of the game when it comes to taking their marketing to the next level. Reasons to Choose MongoDB for ASP.NET ‘MVC’ Development. NoSQL DB’s are getting popular in the market and MongoDB gains a lot of traction due to its features. There is no structure in Database Design and MongoDB Design offers no relationship or foreign key violation but offers to store all values as expected as documents. Developers usually explore MongoDB with Open source web technologies such as Django, Python, AngularJS, Node and PHP framework. Additional to this, At W2S Solutions, we offer MongoDB integration with ASP.NET and host the solution in IIS.

Benefits of this framework are shown below. Things to consider before hiring an app developer. Benefits of Using Open Source Software for Your Business. Why is branding important for a business? Most people think of branding in terms of graphic elements and logos, but it goes way beyond that. Whenever you think about your company brand, you should think about the complete customer experience. Mobile App Development Company: Android app development. Role of Android App Development in the Cyber Space There has been exponential growth in the demand for electronic devices and software applications in recent times.

Demand for newer technology and continuous updates are required for businesses globally. With use of smartphones increasing day by day, there is increasingly more demand for mobile apps. How Android O differ from older version. Best practices for an effective Dashboard for business / MIS (Management Info System) Most organizations today are seeking new technologies to enhance operational capacity and reduce costs of operations. Android OS Won the battle over Windows OS in internet usages. First time in the world history Android OS won the battle field over windows OS in internet usages. According to the report published by the Start Counter, the independent we analytics company Android holds the market share with 37.93%, which is greater than the windows (37.91%).

This breakthrough shows that the domination of windows in internet usages was changing now. But still the OS in desktop usages are majorly occupied by Windows OS. The biggest surprise is, Since 1980 Microsoft is the leader in the OS market, But the Google product android is only launched in 2008, in 2012 it has just held 2.4% of global internet usage share, Due to the proliferation of Smartphone users in the last five years now its internet usage share crossed the Windows OS. Goolges’s upcoming new Android Version- Android O. The Next android version is getting ready by the Google in the name of Android 0. New York Times stated, March 21 Google conducted a developer preview, it helps developers to develop an upcoming app which supports the new version.

Sachin Tendulkar’s 100MB ios and android app is now available on Goolge Play store and iTunes. The cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar put a new way to close to his fans by introducing a new app 100MB. Mobile App Development Company: How to choose an Android App Development Company for your startup? Choosing a Cloud Platform-Infographics. Things you should consider when choosing a cloud service provider? – App Development Trends. Android App codes are stealing in App market – App Development Trends.

British cybersecurity firm Codified Security has published a report; it shows that 40 percent of android app’s are leaving sensitive backdoor’s exposed. Let’s Develop a Taxi App – App Development Trends. Recent decade’s mobile apps usage and development becomes one of the emerging sectors around the world. Killer Marketing & Distribution Strategies for Your App. If you are a business owner in the contemporary setup, you appreciate how stiff the competition is. The world is now a global village and this translates into stiffer competition.

With the advent of internet marketing, more businesses are now online and to stay ahead of the pack you have to think outside the box. Advantages of hybrid mobile app development – App Development Trends. How to choose the professional app development company? – App Development Trends. Problems facing byApp development Industry – App Development Trends. Google acquires Twitter’s Fabric Kit – W2S Solutions. Things To consider When Developing a Business App – App Development Trends. Things to Consider Before Hiring an App Developer. Android mobile app development company Austin. Speaking. App Development Trends. Mobile Application Development Company. Android App Development. Android App Development. Android App Development. Android App Development. Home - Healthcare And Fitness Apps Development. Market Leader in Wearables: Android or iOS? - Blog.

Tech in Asia - Connecting Asia's startup ecosystem. How an Android App Will Increase Your Company’s Collaboration and Performance?

How Android is used in IOT

The Ultimate List of The Best Mobile APP Development Tools - Infographics. Why W2S is an Enterprise Apps Development Company. How an Android App Will Increase Your Company’s Collaboration and Performance? Why Enterprises Should Build an Android App. 4 Essential Features required in Form Automation Tools. Cross Platform App Development Comapny. iPhone Applications Development – Custom iphone Mobile Application Development. Enterprise Application Development on Strikingly. How to hire a Chief Technology Officer for your business? 5 Tips for Android App Development. Mobile Development news. Mobile Development news. Mobile Development news. Mobile Application. Mobile Application. About Hackers & Hacks. Introduction à la cosmologie. Bruitage. Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out for in 2017. A Blueprint for Disruptive Thinking. Ultimate guide for enterprises interested in building apps. Unplugged Thoughts of Enterprise IT Leaders.

4 Tips for Automating Workflow. Catch w2s solutions at tiecon 2016 to explore the opportunities. How to Transition from Offline Business to Online Business. 6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to WordPress. Effective marketing strategy to grow your service business. Healthcare and Fitness Apps. 5 awesome business enhancements that enterprise mobile apps offer. W2S solutions Moves Office from Velachery to bigger, better facility at OMR. Why TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 Beats Peanut Butter on Pancakes. How to identify and harness the potential of your employees. Why SSL certificate is important for an enterprise Web app? Angular js, jquery, ionic Development.

Best mobile website developers. How to create an animated effect in iOS Code with Start stop and reset buttons. How to choose the best framework for mobile app development. Why responsive website is important for your business. Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions.