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Pottery & ceramics

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Pitinstruct. Fabricating the Ware Ceramic pieces of all sizes are usually made of a stoneware body that contains grog and/or sand.


White stoneware clays work very well, such as Claymaker’s Stout Stoneware, Laguna’s Danish White, or Aardvark’s Hopkin’s White. However, colors will differ when the stoneware contains some iron (Laguna’s Soldate 60 or Amador). Ceramic and Glaze Colorants - Colorants Used in Glazes and Ceramics. HOW-TO'S. Just another site. David Moss Ceramics. David Moss Ceramics. Freeforms Mid Century Ceramics and Glass.

WikiClay. Ceramic Arts Daily. Leach Pottery - What's On. Keramiek opleidingen in Amsterdam.