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Hiring Tendencies In The IT World - Infographic. Finding grand and appropriate talents is a hard task.

Hiring Tendencies In The IT World - Infographic

Especially, in terms of the IT sphere. Glorium Technologies outlined with a beautiful info-graphic of software developers peculiarities considered as participants of the recruitment process. 7 Brightest Ideas for Your Perfect Infographic. Today everyone uses infographics to promote, share research results and represent useful information.

7 Brightest Ideas for Your Perfect Infographic

Infographics became so popular that internet users are searching for them online every day, according to Eric Siu, CEO of Single Grain and a contributor to Entrepreneur magazine, infographic Google searches have increased by 800% during the past few years and the growth continue each day. That is why creating eye-catching infographic, which your readers and visitors will share and distribute on the network, is your primary goal. However, it is not a simple process. 10 Tips For Structuring SEO Based URLs. High-quality product, dedicated customer support, attractive online shop and impressive marketing campaign are some of the components to achieve success.

10 Tips For Structuring SEO Based URLs

To make the online marketing and search engine optimization activities more effective, the URL structure needs to be readable and easy to understand. To help you mold the URL structure according to the best practices, we are sharing some valuable tips below. Add Simple Words Regardless of the technical and unique products, you offer, add simple words that represent the company or brand quickly rather than a layman search for the meaning of a jargon or what it stands for. Beautify the URLs The beauty of URLs lies in the cleanliness of IDs, codes, and special characters. Most of the blogging and eCommerce platforms add a generic code to the URL which needs to be removed either manual or through a useful plugin like SEO URL PrestaShop.

What Is Bruxism & Its Causes? – Infographics. The Youngest And The Oldest Olympic Gold Medalists. Age didn’t stop Olympic athlete Lucien Gauin from competing in 1928.

The Youngest And The Oldest Olympic Gold Medalists

At age 41, he won gold in fencing for France. Some people approaching Gauin’s age or older might not believe they have what it takes. The below infographic created by Athletic Edge Physiotherapy in Toronto displays data from the Olympic website and individual athlete’s Wikipedia pages to show the oldest and youngest ages of summer Olympic gold medalists. Athletic Edge Physiotherapy Toronto helps athletes to stay physically active, ensuring they remain youthful and young at heart.

This creative infographic allows you to easily interact with athlete information, such as their sport, age, country and competing year. 5 Largest Wastewater Treatment Plants All Over The World. Whats App Real-time Mobile Data Statistics Will Amaze You - Infographics. Back in the day when Blackberry was THE name in mobile phones, it came with it's own instant messaging service called 'Blackberry Messenger', or BBM for short.

Whats App Real-time Mobile Data Statistics Will Amaze You - Infographics

It was a great way for the typically corporate Blackberry users to stay in touch with one another, without the need to exchange phone numbers or email addresses. It kicked off a messaging revolution in how it tracked when a message was sent, delivered, and read. It also allowed you to send pictures and videos, as well as have multiple users in the same chat thread. Once smartphones became more prevalent in the world, and after Blackberry resurfaced from the dead, BBM was brought back to the forefront, but with the addition of cross-device use; meaning that Blackberries, Android devices, and Apple devices could use BBM, as well as chat with other devices.

With this, other app developers saw an opportunity to grab a piece of the pie and started working on their own messaging apps. Rio Summer Olympic Games 2016 By Numbers - Infographic. We all are eagerly waiting for Rio Games 2016.

Rio Summer Olympic Games 2016 By Numbers - Infographic

And the time to start for games is just too near. Yes, Rio Games will be started officially on 5th Aug, 2016. The Grand opening ceremony of Rio Summer Olympic Games will be held on evening of Friday 5 August 2016 in the Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Even though the Games will be started on August 5, some sports for summer Olympic 2016 like Women's and Men's football is just started 1st Round on August 3. The Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games games will provide the best and possible environment for peak and best performances. There are big numbers behind big events like Rio games. if you don't know then the cost behind this summer Olympic games is approx. $11 Billion. How Can Parents Sustain Healthy Relations With Their Teens? Monitoring and Managing Workplace.

Social Media Image Size Guide 2016. Nowadays, We all are using all major Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Social Media Image Size Guide 2016

How alloy steel is used in castings process? Here, Castech India tries to show how different types Alloy Steel likes Low and High Alloy steels are used in Casting process via Infographic below: Rather Than Infographic, Castech India here described more information related to Alloy Steels used in Casting Process.

How alloy steel is used in castings process?

Let us discuss in brief below. There are different metals used in casting process to make various types of products. Castech India tries to categories them in two main group as per their resources : Ferrous metal and Non-ferrous metal. Ferrous Metal : Marketing Strategy of Instagram for 2016.