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Purdue Research Park, 5225 Exploration Drive,Indianapolis,IN 46241

Manufacturing of Highly Potent Compounds at VxP Pharma

Cell line Development Services for Both Mammalian and Microbial. Best Pharmaceutical Company For Formulation Development Process. Best Biologics Process Development For Vaccines | VxP Biologics. Mnufaacturing of Highly Potent Compounds at VxP Pharma. Delivering Best Cell Culture Services For Bio-manufacturing. Best Pharmaceuticals Commercial Drug Manufacturing Company. Viral Vectors Vaccine Develop For Gene Delivery Process | Vxp Bi. Best Pharmaceuticals Commercial Drug manufacturing Company in In. E Coli proteins Expression Services For Microbial and Mammalian. Performing Sterile Formulation Development And Ophthalmic Formul. Cell Line Development And Microbial Pharmaceutical R&D Service. Performing Complex Lyophilization For Manufacture Of Lyophilized.

Terminal Sterilization Process At Vxp Biologics

Lyophilization Cycle Optimization at VxP Pharma. Mammalian Cell Culture Services At Vxp Biologics. cGMP Contract Manufacturing Available at Vxp Pharma. E Coli Expression Service. Manufacturing of Capsules At VxP Pharma. Focusing to Deliver Best of Your E Coli Expression Platform Serv. Best in Market for Sterilized Injectable Manufacturing and Packa.

Delivering Best Cell Culture Services for Biomanufacturing at Vx. CTM Manufacturing And Topical Manufacturing At Vxp Pharma. Providing critical and customized approaches to Process Developm. VxP Pharma’s manufacturing services. Viral Vector Development.

We Serve The Best Of All Tox Studies From Our Well Known And Fut

Performing Clinical Manufactures Needed for Mab Production and All Type of Biopharmaceutical Research. VxP Biologics provides a complete range of manufacturing services for your biologics projects.

Performing Clinical Manufactures Needed for Mab Production and All Type of Biopharmaceutical Research

Our staff is committed to providing flexible solutions, accelerated timelines and analytical support services that meet or exceed global regulatory standards and guidelines. We have manufactured multiple enabling studies for submission to the US FDA and other global regulatory authorities. Cell Culture – MammalianCell Culture – MicrobialDrug Product ManufacturingCustomized cGMP ProductionProcess Optimization & Validation At VxP Biologics, we have extensive experience working with the FDA and other global authorities, required to make your biopharmaceutical research and clinical manufacturing projects a success. Our individualized approach to every project allows us to revise and shift directions based on your changing needs. Contact us today for a free consultation about your Biologics program today. Generics Pharma Manufacturing Available At VxP Pharma. Optimization of drug solubility and bioavailability is considered one of the top challenges faced by the pharmaceutical and biotech industries today.

Generics Pharma Manufacturing Available At VxP Pharma

Many drugs in clinical development are facing these challenges at a later phase due to an unstable release profile and low bioavailability. This almost always results in higher costs, longer development timelines, and ultimately delays in regulatory approval. Improvement in bioavailability at the target site is achievable through a number of strategies including: delivering the drugs in a form that is more solublecontrolling the release and degradation of the drug (stability)deploying active targeting mechanisms for delivery of drug cargodeveloping drug dispersions and self-emulsification (SEDDS)liposomal formulationsparticle size reductionchemical complexationaddition of surfactants, novel excipients and other targeting carriers. Performing Clinical Manufactures Needed for Mab Production and all type of Biopharmaceutical Research.

Expertise in sterile powder manufacturing. VxP Pharma offers its pharmaceutical services for the development, manufacture, and clinical packaging of multiple powdered oral dosage form products.

Expertise in sterile powder manufacturing

Our scientists have formulation development, analytical training, and clinical trial material (CTM) manufacturing expertise to help with virtually any dosage form requested. Supported Dosage Forms: Solid Oral Powder Powder in Bottle (PIB)API in Bottle (neat fill)Potent/Cytotoxic powderSpray DryingMulti-Layer TabletsMicro dosing XcelidoseMetler Quantos. Dedicated to Best of all Toxicology Services Which are Proving best Outcomes. At VxP Pharma, a complete range of Pharmacokinetic (PK) and Toxicokinetic (TK) services are available to support multiple animal models, and/or pre-clinical studies.

Dedicated to Best of all Toxicology Services Which are Proving best Outcomes

Our toxicology team can provide PK/TK expertise with both large and small molecule drug candidates targeting a wide range of therapeutic areas. Specialized laboratory services are also available to meet your development needs for specific bioanalytical/TK research or safety studies. With multiple bioanalytical labs and qualified toxicologists, we can support all stages of the drug development process in accordance with current Good Lab Practice (GLP) guidelines.

PK/TK Services. Protein Expression. We have a dedicated group that focuses on protein expression services using both Microbial and Mammalian systems.

Protein Expression

We offer customers access to our proprietary, IP-free, royalty-free E. coli expression platform and mammalian platform for continuous bioprocess improvement. Appropriate alignment of strain/cell line development during bioprocess development ensures efficient execution of your program and not having to re-visit the formulation at a later manufacturing phase. Our E. Coli capabilities include: IP-free proprietary systemProtein expression toolbox and screening workflowGenome modifications to create strains more suitable for cGMP campaignsGenetic repair of unstable research cell banks Our Mammalian capabilities include: Experienced practitioners of our proprietary expression systemCell line construction using efficient workflowManufacturability assessment for discovery support.

Mammalian Cell Culture. Mammalian Cell Culture One of the major services we provide is recombinant protein drug substance production derived from mammalian cell culture.

Mammalian Cell Culture

Our manufacturing team works in close coordination with the tech transfer group to ensure a seamless transition from lab-scale to clinical production. At VxP Biologics, cell culture is scaled-up into our traditional stainless bioreactors or single-use bioreactors to meet your specific requirements and project guidelines. We are experienced with almost all types of culture formats such as traditional plates, flasks, roller bottles, and spinner vessels. Please contact us should you prefer that we find the source of the cells for you. Research & Development Services. VxP Biologics provides extensive mammalian and microbial pharmaceutical R&D service offerings to support the preclinical and clinical development of your biologics and biosimilars.

Research & Development Services

Cell line developmentMicrobial strain developmentCustomized protein expression systemsCell bank productionProcess development/OptimizationTechnology transferModel development & Process characterization Each customer project is customized to match the required scope and clinical phase. Commercial and in-house mammalian and microbial platform processes enable efficient movement through development programs and into commercialization. Our Analytical Department is completely integrated with our R&D services to provide a consistent evaluation of your product throughout the entire development path. Cocrystals. Cocrystals are crystalline structures that contain multiple components.


The importance of cocrystals in pharmaceuticals stems from their stability and usefulness in new drug development. Every year, multiple companies are creating new APIs with cocrystalline forms, and some of these companies are seeking patents in order to establish the forms as intellectual property. Cocrystal Characterization Services: HT Screening Capabilities Solution modesSlurry modesMillingExpertise in Crystal EngineeringExtensive Reagent Library.

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