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Community Spotlight on Nitish Tiwari. Nitish began sharing his stories with us on open source in May this year.

Community Spotlight on Nitish Tiwari

Then, he wrote another one in June and July. In his first article, he explained how to write secure code using Open Web Application Security Project guidelines. Next, Nitish compared three giants in open source content management—Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress—based on these criteria: installation time and complexity, plugin and theme availability, ease of use, and customization and upgrades. Lastly (for now), Nitish shares his thoughts on Andriod's rise to popularity in the hearts of million through open source.

We're excited to have Nitish as a part of our writer community at, and we hope you enjoy his contributions. The Basics Open up to us. I am a software developer by profession, working in the "Silicon Valley of India," Bangalore. What are your favorite open tools? I use several open source tools, both at work and home. Contact // AETROS. AETROS is represented by Marc J.

Contact // AETROS

Schmidt Meridianstrasse 16 20535 Hamburg, Germany Liability for Content We make every effort to keep the information on our Web site current, but accept no liability whatsoever for the content provided. Liability for Links Our site contains links to third-party Web sites. At the time third-party Web sites were linked to ours, we found NO GROUNDS WHATSOEVER of any likely contravention of the law. Copyrights The content and works provided on these Web pages are governed by the copyright laws of Germany. Data Protection Please be aware that there are inherent security risks in transmitting data, such as e-mails, via the Internet, because it is impossible to safeguard completely against unauthorized access by third parties.

Privacy Statement for the Use of Google Analytics This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Home // AETROS. Home // AETROS. TensorFlow — an Open Source Software Library for Machine Intelligence. What are the main differences between TensorFlow and SciKit Learn? - Quora. Traffic counting based on OpenCV. Cropper.js. Konva - JavaScript 2d canvas framework. Smart Flows I The most accurate location software.

Turn your OpenCV Code into a Web API in under 10 minutes — Part 1. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could expose your OpenCV python code as a web service ?

Turn your OpenCV Code into a Web API in under 10 minutes — Part 1

Got 10 minutes ? Let’s get started! I have created a video that walks you through the process. The information in this post is pretty much the same as provided in the video. React components lifecycle diagram. Apollo Client: GraphQL with React and Redux — Building Apollo. Apollo Client: GraphQL with React and Redux The easiest way to load data into your UI components.

Apollo Client: GraphQL with React and Redux — Building Apollo

React and Redux are a great team, but Redux doesn’t have a built-in solution for server-side data fetching. That’s why we built Apollo Client, the simplest way to bind GraphQL server data to your React components. Apollo Client: GraphQL with React and Redux — Building Apollo. Pricing. Simple and flexible – scale up or down any time.


Pricing in USD. Excludes any applicable tax. Included in all plans. Apple TV 4 Aerial Screensaver - Hawaii + Download. BeetleCopter in the Serengeti. Pinguin colony. Most beautiful drone videos ever filmed 2015 – Our planet is amazing. Videoplayback. Beauty of paragliding. CloudCV. Computer Vision as a Service (CVaaS): example and trends. - NUBOMEDIA. Computer Vision (CV) is a rapidly growing field devoted to analyzing, modifying, and high-level understanding of images.

Computer Vision as a Service (CVaaS): example and trends. - NUBOMEDIA

Its objective is to determine what is happening in front of a camera and use that understanding to control a computer or robotic system, to provide people with new images that are more informative or to index content enabling richer and more efficient searching. Application areas for CV technology include video surveillance, biometrics, automotive, photography, movie production, Web search, medicine, augmented reality, gaming, new user interfaces and many more. However, CV is computationally expensive: it tends to consume prohibitive amount of resources including memory and CPU.

This is probably the main problem avoiding CV mass-scale usage. For this reason, the emergence of cloud technologies may enable CV to be applied in scenarios where it was not possible. Access to on-demand computational power and storage. Object detection. Figure1. Object Detection. Drones Offer Bird’s Eye View For Counting Seabirds. Drones may revolutionize the way researchers monitor wildlife, according to a new Scientific Reports study.

Drones Offer Bird’s Eye View For Counting Seabirds

In both tropical and polar environments, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are more precise than traditional ground counts for determining the size of nesting bird colonies. They can also survey hard-to-reach (and possibly threatened) populations without startling the subjects. In their short history, drones have already been used for environmental research, from monitoring breeding success of canopy-nesting birds to surveying elephants in Burkina Faso. But how accurate are they for estimating population sizes? In the wild, it’s nearly impossible to obtain a true population size – there’s just no way to directly count every animal.

So, a team led by Jarrod Hodgson from the University of Adelaide compared the precision of UAV counts with ground-based counts made concurrently.