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Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence (BI) Trends Go Beyond Analytics. From the Consultant’s Corner 8/4/12. Business Intelligence: Shifting from Generating Reports to Creating a Body of Knowledge Five years ago, the industry was buzzing about the concept of "business intelligence.

From the Consultant’s Corner 8/4/12

" Large, sophisticated healthcare organizations were gathering lots of data and running many reports in an attempt to answer key business questions. While this scattershot approach provided insight into certain aspects of the organizations, it did not help paint a comprehensive picture of enterprise-wide performance. The reality is business intelligence isn’t about the amount of data or types of reports your organization generates. Why Business Agility Requires More Than Just Agile BI. White Papers, Guides, and More. Оценка портов, причалов, ГТС, морских и речных судов, бизнес-планирование. Центр Экономики Проектов - Бизнес-планирование, оценка, консалтинг. TextMate — The Missing Editor for Mac OS X. Data Visualization Encyclopedia, Information Technology, Symbols, Posters, Infographic - Information Graphic Design, Infographics Samples.

Business Intelligence Solutions. Enterprise class business intelligence built to suit your business needs Whether you’re looking to analyze big data sources for sales and marketing departments or deploy multi-divisional analytics on top of existing ERP’s, Halo BI’s pre-built templates and data marts let you analyze, visualize and share information quickly and easily.

Business Intelligence Solutions

What’s more, Halo’s flexible architecture allows you to tailor and tweak your deployment to fit your specific needs. Halo for your department Halo comes with pre-built role-based data marts and dashboard templates to give your teams the most relevant information possible.