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Interactive Open Video with Popcorn.js posted message: Hello all! It's been a while. Would anyone be interested in jump-starting this group with me, or starting another course? Interactive Open Video with Popcorn.js
After Effects Expressions are a great way to create animations and effects smarter and with fewer keyframes. Their strength, however, can also make them seem tricky and complex to use. In this webinar, you'll learn how to build expressions, from simple ones to larger, more complex ones. Working through a number of practical projects, you will see how with just a few of lines of code, you can create some great and unexpected results. Using After Effects' built-in expression menu you'll also learn how to create auto-animating effects with almost no typing and how to re-use them in multiple projects. After Effects With Expressions - After Effects With Expressions -
HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default template for HTML5 awesome.

HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default template for HTML5 awesome.

Save time. Create with confidence. ★ Analytics, icons, and more A lean, mobile-friendly HTML template; optimized Google Analytics snippet; placeholder touch-device icon; and docs covering dozens of extra tips and tricks. ★ Normalize.css and helpers Includes Normalize.css v1 — a modern, HTML5-ready alternative to CSS resets — and further base styles, helpers, media queries, and print styles.
HTML & CSS from the beginning.

HTML5 Video Player | VideoJS

HTML5 Video Player | VideoJS Video.js is a JavaScript and CSS library that makes it easier to work with and build on HTML5 video. This is also known as an HTML5 Video Player. Video.js provides a common controls skin built in HTML/CSS, fixes cross-browser inconsistencies, adds additional features like fullscreen and subtitles, manages the fallback to Flash or other playback technologies when HTML5 video isn't supported, and also provides a consistent JavaScript API for interacting with the video.