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Virtual Platformer by Stereotropics Studios. Experience seamless running, jumping and ducking in this fast-paced Virtual Platformer designed exclusively for the HTC Vive!

Virtual Platformer by Stereotropics Studios

We are so excited to share our revolutionary room-based movement system we decided to release the first level prototype as a free to play early access release! That's right, you can walk, run and physically jump in Virtual Platformer without the use of controllers or teleporting! In Virtual Platformer, you are the joystick! To move forward through the environment, simply step forward to move forward, step back to move back, step left to move left and right to move right; we've also included diagonal directions as well. GitHub - USC-ICT-MxR/RDWT: The Redirected Walking Toolkit. The Redirected Walking Toolkit. Mahdi Azmandian, Timofey Grechkin, Mark Bolas, Evan Suma Project Email Address: Summary.

The Redirected Walking Toolkit

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