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New. Jez Graham. TreadGaming - Exercise while Playing Games by Daniel Åkesson. Les cahiers d'UE4 T3: Du Level Design au Packaging - version ebook. Il s'agit de la version PDF de ce livre - Existe en version brochée: ici Version utilisée: Unreal Engine 4.10+ Présentation de la collection: Unreal Engine est probablement l'un des moteurs de jeu les plus aboutis de notre époque. Il est accompagné d'un éditeur à la fois simple et puissant, qui le rend accessible à un public non-développeur: artistes, architectes, ingénieurs, , étudiants. Les projets que l'on peut développer dépassent de loin le secteur du jeu: présentations interactives temps-réel, cinématiques, … là où il y a une histoire à raconter, un produit ou un concept à présenter, un appartement témoin à faire visiter sur Internet, voir un concert «Next Gen» dans un univers virtuel en utilisant un casque de réalité virtuelle !

Unreal Engine possède une documentation abondante, voir impressionnante. Contenu de ce cahier: Ce troisième tome vient conclure la partie qui a pour but de vous initier à Unreal Engine dans le cadre de la création d'un jeu vidéo. Presse Ils ont aimé le livre. Virtual reality Treadmill: Motivity. Short Summary I am Antonio Del Mastro of the Italian Mars Society. We have developed a treadmil for VR application called MOTIVITY A spin off has been created Aldebran Virtual Space Systems: to develop technologies and devices for the virtual exploration of the space and for the application of such technologies to the industrial world. We have used the first prototype of MOTIVITY to simulate the walk on MARS inside our MARS SIMULATION STATION ERAS. Now we want to design a new version of MOTIVITY to be used not only to simulate Mars Exploration, but also as a general purpose VR treadmill for VR application .

What We Need & What You Get We require a funding of $ 5000 , this amount will be diveded as follows: 15% for the mechanical design. 65% for the development of the electronic system devoted to the connection between the MOTIVITY treadmill and the VR visors like Oculus. 20% for the construction of the new model, including the design and production of the packaging. VR Escapad- Walk 360 degrees in Virtual Reality. Alphametal - Meulage et de polissage ensembles. A Virtual Reality Scooter Simulator - VRScout. Two computer science students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Yosub Shin and Berwin Xie, set out to find a solution in navigating a virtual world while at the same time keeping VR sickness at bay.

Inspired by the Birdly VR simulator in which users could fly in a virtual space by intuitively flapping their arms, Shin and Xie created a physically immersive experience with a Razor like scooter, controlled by handle direction and foot movement. Berwin Xie taking his scooter out for a spin In what they are calling the “OculuScooter”, the virtual reality simulator uses a physical scooter handle and the user’s own foot as input devices. The scooter was built out of PVC pipes and a rotation sensor detects the precise angle of the scooter handle. For the foot input, they attached an LED and photo diode on a roller skate. Shin and Xie started their “OculuScooter” in a hackathon and soon expanded it into a VR class project. Images Courtesy of Berwin Xie. Samsung Releases Two New Gear VR Commercials - VRScout.

If you’re hoping to pick up a Samsung Gear VR in time for Christmas, the virtual reality headset is still showing as sold-out at all the major online retailers. With no word on when consumers can expect additional stock replenishments, Samsung is charging ahead anyways and teasing consumers with the release of two new Gear VR commercials. The two 60-second commercial spots released on Samsung’s YouTube are a follow-up to the first 30-second commercial spot titled “It’s Not a Phone; It’s a Galaxy: Gear VR”, that coincided with the retail launch of the Gear VR and aired throughout the weekend on national television. Although I originally wrote that the first Gear VR commercial wasn’t geeky enough because it just showed a montage of users putting on and taking off the Gear VR headset, it was a necessary introduction to millions of viewers on how mobile virtual reality actually works. Curious to what song was played in both commercials, it is “Whistle” by Ladee Lush. One Page Free Templates Websites.

Free. Rencontres amicales. The Labyrinth Walker (SIGGRAPH 2002 ETech) IEEE VR 2011: Shadow Walking.