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Www.buzzfeed. Www.e-myth. The purpose of a business is to create a customer.


—Peter Drucker While this statement may be quite true at the most basic level, it also serves to underscore the reality that one of the ongoing purposes of a business should be to keep a customer. No business owner would argue this point, but creating and maintaining quality customer relationships is often one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses. Please Come Back Again One of the dangers that befall many businesses is the tendency to become accustomed to having customers, to slip into a default mode of expectations: that the customers are happy, that they’ll keep coming back, that they’ll tell others about you.

16 Mental Life Hacks that Will Turn You into a Jedi. Sometimes the way you act will have an effect on people in an subconscious.

16 Mental Life Hacks that Will Turn You into a Jedi

You may not even realize that you are causing causing this effect. Hare are 16 mental life hacks that may cause people to feel a certain way or do something. It may help you in the future. Check them out. These are kind of cool. 10 More Brilliant Social Psychology Studies.

The Dumbest LinkedIn Mistake I See Over and Over Again. Image is Everything: The Secrets of Body Language. Share this infographic on your site!

Image is Everything: The Secrets of Body Language

<a href=” src=” alt=”Body Language” width=”500″ border=”0″ /></a><br />Source: <a href=” Image is Everything: The Secrets of Body Language At work, at home, at play, famous, or infamous, your body language tells the world all about you. How We Communicate: 93% of what we communicate is non-verbal Gestures 55% Voice 38% Words 7% A majority of what we communicate is through gestures and how we physically position our bodies. Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are. 38 Words and Phrases to Avoid in Your Proposals. Here is a list of words and phrases that you should not use in your proposals and the reasons why. We see them all the time. Sometimes authors use them out of habit. Infographic: Game of Sales - Insideview. Dimensions of Body Language. Table Of Contents Introduction 1.

Dimensions of Body Language

Understanding Body Language Basics In the Beginning ... 6 Inspiring Sales Quotes - US Data Corporation. Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive. 13 Ways to Instantly Motivate Your Target Market. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

13 Ways to Instantly Motivate Your Target Market

Thanks for visiting! A huge element to successful self-promotion, and marketing in general, lies in motivating the right people, namely your target market (your potential clients, fans etc) to take action. This could be in the form of using your services, commissioning work from you, buying your products, spreading the word about you, and so on. Obviously producing unique and high quality work as a creative will be one of your primary means of motivating people.

Behoeften begrijpen met empathy map. De concurrentie wordt heftiger, ondanks groeitijgers in de wereld.

Behoeften begrijpen met empathy map

De kosten van nieuwe productontwikkeling neemt toe, terwijl de gemiddelde levensduur van producten afneemt. Kortom, in steeds kortere tijd moeten investeringen worden terugverdiend. Een onderneming heeft klanten nodig, bij voorkeur trouwe klanten. De salesmanager moet kennis van klanten bezitten, het moet een uitdaging voor hem zijn om een gezond begrip van klanten te ontwikkelen. Dit geldt niet alleen voor Verkoop, maar ook voor andere disciplines in de onderneming.

Negotiation Tactics. Disciplines > Negotiation > Negotiation Tactics In negotiation, there are many tactics that you may meet or use.

Negotiation Tactics

They can be fair, foul or something in between, depending on the competitive or collaborative style of the people involved and the seriousness of the outcomes. All I've Got: Limit apparent availability. Auction: Set sellers or buyers against one another. Bad Publicity: Indicate bad publicity of not agreeing. Sequential requests, Resistance to change, Defensive body language, Questioning, Fallacies. How to Win Friends & Influence People. 12 Point Checklist for Successful Negotiations. Conversion Chronicles - How To Play With People's Minds To Get Them To Do Things Against Their Will. (well Ok not really!) I'm about to show you some alarmingly powerful psychological techniques that persuade people to do things... Even if they don't know how or why they're being persuaded to do them. But before you get the wrong idea... Most of what you'll see in today's issue comes from a source I've mentioned to you many times before: Dr. Robert Cialdini. Cialdini is neither copywriter nor marketer.

He has a graduate degree from Columbia. "I can admit it fre ely now," says Cialdini in the book's forward, "All my life I've been a patsy. " He wrote the book, he says, because it occurred to him that he, himself, had been persuaded over and over again to do and buy things he didn't want or need. He wanted to figure out how it had happened. A noble cause. Our cause, I believe, is equally noble. Jedi Mind Tricks: 17 Lesser Known Ways to Persuade People. Want to know how to persuade people online and get what you want? The power of influence is usually all that separates the successful from everyone else.

These are some tactics, discovered through psychological research, that you have probably not yet heard about, but have the potential to increase your persuasive abilities. I’m not going to cover reciprocity, scarcity or social proof and all those widely known persuasion principles. You already know all about those (in case you don’t, stop everything and read this book by Cialdini). Related: How Nike’s Making Persuasive Product Pages 1. Hearsay Social Brings An Enterprise Focus.

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I’m sure you guys can deal. Stop Guesstimating Your Sales Forecasts. Salesgids.