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Just Books. 10 Superb Icon Sets For Web Designers. If you are looking for some icons, you are in the right place amigo.

10 Superb Icon Sets For Web Designers

In this article I have collected 10 awesome and new icon sets that are completely free, so you can use them on your top notch project that maybe someday will bring you millions of dollars. If that will happen, don’t forget this article, okay? Anyway…enough joking around, take a look at these superb icons. Token. Light Switch Stickers to Make You Feel Guilty. Kicking people in their guilt sectors may work, but it seems underhanded to me.

Light Switch Stickers to Make You Feel Guilty

I would never buy these stickers because I am not about to go out of my way to make myself feel guilty. Now, if you had a sticker that showed dollar signs flowing out of the switches, thus intimating I'm wasting money by leaving the lights on, then maybe. Transparent Specimens: Making Flesh Invisible.