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Right Pair of Earrings

7 Stunning Gold Chain With Pendant Designs Perfect for Everyday. Six Extremely Romantic Ways to Propose Her for Marriage. 5 Chic ways to style your Jhumkas stored in jewelry box. Gold Necklace in Giving you that Perfect Look. Complete your Bridal Attire with a Perfect Bridal Anklet Design. Voylla Fashions Pvt Ltd - Online Jewellry Store.

Four Pieces of Jewellery Fit to be Worn to Office. Show your Pretty Side with Trendy Dressing Styles this Diwali. Wear Pretty Anklets and Let your Feet Flaunt & Sparkle in Style.

Voylla Fashions Pvt Ltd - Online Jewellery Store in India

Choose the Right Clasp Type and secure your Necklace in Place. Tips For Buying Jewelry on This Diwali. Flaunt your Ravishing Side on Wedding Day with Bridal Jewellery. 3 simple yet important tips to bridal jewellery shopping! How to Buy the Right Pair of Jhumkis- 4 Things to Keep in Mind. Explore Bracelet Designs and Adorn your Wrists. 3 Ornamental Accessories for Men.

When it comes to wearing ornamental accessories, the female gender has always been an active participant.

3 Ornamental Accessories for Men

Women’s jewelry and accessory collection is always flooded with new designs. Although, this does not mean that there are no options of accessories for men. Men too can accessorize in the most fashionable way using any of these accessories. Gold Chain Gold chain for men is one of the most basic ornamental accessories and has been into use since a very long time. Cufflinks are used with shirts which have button holes but no buttons. Bracelet is another ornamental accessory that is used by men.

The chain styled bracelets is in a snake, anchor or bead or ball designs. The accessories for men are not limited to just fancy watches and belts. Tips you Find Helpful when Choosing Men’s Wedding Ring. 7 Useful Tips for Taking Care of Pendant Sets.

The Antiquity of Earrings: It’s history & Origin

A Guide to Buy the Best Bead Bracelet Online. With so many jewelry stores available online, buying a jewelry piece on the web may sometimes become tedious.

A Guide to Buy the Best Bead Bracelet Online

Many times, jewelry shoppers hit the stores without having a clue on what type of adornment to shop. As a result, they end up picking a wrong piece that too at an expensive rate. Therefore, it is advisable to know the type of jewelry you actually need, prior to browsing online stores. Tips to match your outfit and necklace. (Image Source : The Necklace must Complement well with the Occasion Another thing to keep in mind is the occasion or place the necklace is worn to.

Tips to match your outfit and necklace

There are different style rules for work and party. Why you should buy a Convertible Rakhi for your Brother? The festival of Rakhi is just around the corner!

Why you should buy a Convertible Rakhi for your Brother?

It is a major festival in India that is celebrated by brothers and sisters with lots of love and joy. On this day, sisters tie a beautiful thread, known as rakhi, on the wrists of their brothers. The brothers, in return, buy gifts and make a promise of protecting their sisters in the most difficult of situations. (Image Source : The sacred thread of rakhi holds a very special significance. Celebrate the Scared Bond of Rakhi by Sending Rakhi Online. Rakhis can now be Bought and Sent Online. Different Types of Earrings for Different Face Cuts. The Festival of Rakhi- It’s Meaning and Significance. (Imgage Source: The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of the bond between a brother and sister and holds immense social and cultural significance in India.

The Festival of Rakhi- It’s Meaning and Significance

On this day, the sisters tie a sacred thread, known as rakhi, on the wrists of their brothers. 3 Main Types of Stud Earrings that are Popular across the World. 4 main types of anklets that you can wear. Welcome to kiwiboxWe're happy that you are part of our community.

4 main types of anklets that you can wear

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Adding Necklaces to your Jewellery Collection – Be Careful with your Purchase. Whenever you get time, go through your jewellery collection once.

Adding Necklaces to your Jewellery Collection – Be Careful with your Purchase

Are there some neck pieces that you rarely wear? If your answer is yes, you certainly would have some reasons for the same too. Either you don’t like those necklaces anymore or they don’t work with your overall wardrobe. If buying a necklace is in your mind, make sure you avoid making the same mistakes twice. 8 Anklet Designs to Adorn your Feet on your Wedding Day. When it comes to adorning a bride, anklets play a significant part.

8 Anklet Designs to Adorn your Feet on your Wedding Day

It is the traditional form of jewellery without which a bride's look is considered incomplete as per the Hindu mythology. This ornament along with many others beautifies the bride on her special day. Commonly known as payal in many parts of India, this jewellery piece is generally in the form of small ghungroos that makes a tinkling sound. This sound is supposed to mark the arrival of the new bride at the grooms' home.

5 Stunning Designs for Choker Necklaces for the Bride-to-be. Look Stylish on your Wedding Night with a Sophisticated Pendant Set. Are you ready with your wedding dress?

Look Stylish on your Wedding Night with a Sophisticated Pendant Set

Then it will be the time to accessorize it with the perfect jewellery. Remember, you have to pick a few classic ornaments and not overdo it. Make sure you follow these four simple steps to look like a royal bride and not like you have raided the queen’s closet. Compliment metals to your dressPrior to buying pendants or other jewellery online, it is better to know what type of metal will go with your wedding dress’ shade. How to Pick a Ring among the various Options available forth you. Thousands of people purchase rings online every year for many occasions.

How to Pick a Ring among the various Options available forth you

Whether it is a wedding or an anniversary, a ring can simply add grace, style and beauty to your life. It is an important fashion accessory for both men and women. In today's world, the market is flooded with different types of rings. Ranging from low-price to the most expensive ones which include diamonds, you can find rings and other stones and designs. 4 Unique Benefits of Wearing Silver Anklets.

An anklet is an ornament worn around the ankles. It is one of the most beautiful jewellery items in India. Anklets are not just worn on weddings, festivals and other special occasions, but are also worn in daily life. Make someone’s Eid more Special with Eid Jewellery Gift. Picking the Right Set of Earring Designs as per your Face-Cut. Wear Anklets and Showcase your Unique Style Statement. Every woman looks good she when pairs her dress with those beautiful adornments. Right from earrings, neck pieces and bangles, there are a number of accessories which can enhance a woman’s overall persona significantly.

Like others, if you hardly miss out on highlighting your ears, neck and wrists then why to stop before accessorizing your ankles. Anklet, also known as “payal”, is a beautiful ornament that is worn around the ankle. Anklets come in different metals, color and styles. Among these, dangler anklets are quite popularly adorned by many girls nowadays. 5 Indian Actresses who wore Beautiful Jewellery at their Wedding. When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding day jewellery, most girls look towards their favourite Bollywood actresses for inspiration. Bollywood movies are full of wedding sequences. Get Adorable Kids Jewellery and Watch Your Little One Smile.

Image Source : Children are the most precious gift given by God. They are adorable, naughty and even irritating sometimes. They look cuter when dressed in beautiful dresses with vibrant prints, stylish cuts and pretty prints. Accessory plays an important role in enhancing their cuteness even more. Modern women like to dress their daughters in the most stylish outfits and let them play amidst flaunting their catchy accessories.

Types of Hoop Earrings that You Can Pick from a Jewellery Store. A Guide to the Significance of Silver Jewellery since Yester Years. If someone has got interest in metals and digs more about those, he can come across some of the names that most of us never heard about. Metals like copper, brass, nickel, silver, gold and platinum are quite common and generally known by all. There are a few of those that are hardly recognizable among the rest, such as palladium, rhodium, titanium, tungsten, etc. (image source: Among all the above mentioned metals, silver is quite common and has always found its place just about everywhere since the ancient days. If we talk about silver jewellery, it is often preferred by a large section of people till date.

(Image Source: Right from the coins, layers of silver is also used on sweets to make them more tempting. Bestow Love and Gratitude on your Dad this Father’s Day. Choker Design - The Best Style to Design Necklaces for Women. Voylla Fashions Pvt Ltd - Online Jewellry Store. Voylla Fashions Private Limited, also referred to as just Voylla, is an Indian e-commerce platform headquartered in Jaipur, India.

Voylla began as a designer apparel selling portal, and later diversified into a full-fledged e-shop that provides jewelry and accessories from designers under categories such as fashion jewelry, silver jewelry and precious metal accessories, to its customers across India. In 2015, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut signed up as a brand ambassador for the brand. Overview[edit] Voylla was founded in 2011 by an ex-Amazonian, Vishwas Shringi, after he quit his job to start his own business.[2] Initially, it was an online portal for designer apparels but over time, the company added fashion jewelry which was received better than apparels.

Following this, Voylla officially positioned itself as an online retail destination for fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry market in India is highly fragmented and the size of the opportunity is estimated at USD 2.4 billion. Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Men’s Jewelry. Essential Wedding Jewelry Pieces to Enhance Glam and Style of the Bride. 3 Simple Rules for Men’s Online Jewellery Shopping. In ancient times, wearing jewellery was considered effeminate in many societies. Some men did use to wear jewellery due to their religious inclinations. However, jewellery items were mainly popular among women. Even in modern times, most men don’t go beyond a watch, wedding ring and cufflinks when it comes to wearing jewellery. Men’s Bracelets - The Most Popular Type of Men’s Jewelry. Things You Can Consider before Procuring Bangles Online.

Common Mistakes Brides make When Buying their Bridal Collection. Why Silver Bracelets are a Popular Accessory for Men? Over the past few decades, men’s attitude towards jewelry has changed a lot. These days, wedding rings, cufflinks and timepieces are not the only ornaments worn by men. Buying Mangalsutra – Pick the Piece that Goes with Maximum Dresses. Welcome to kiwiboxWe're happy that you are part of our community. Please take a few minutes discover how kiwibox works.You want to explore kiwibox on your own?

No problem. Buy Latest Designs and Styles of Jewelry Online At Affordable Prices. How to Care for your Silver Jewellery and Keep it in Good Condition? You don’t have to feel limited while choosing silver jewellery. Explore More Choices from Different Stores & Cities while Buying Jewelry Online. Buy Authentic Cheap Jewelry Online With Voylla. Factors worth Consideration While Choosing Beautiful Fashion Jewelery. Looking for Silver Anklets – A Guide to Pick the Best Piece. Happy Mothers’ Day: Let the Feeling of Unconditional Love Remain Forever. 5 Types of Necklaces Every Woman Must Own! A Checklist to Buy a Gold Chain for Men Online. Tips to Choose the Perfect Gold Mangalsutra for You.

Benefits You Can Get Hold of by Buying Silver Jewellery. Wear Jewelry According To Your Zodiac Sign. 3 Main Types of Jewelry Items for Women. A Guide to Buy the Best Bead Bracelet Online. Buy Anklets and Pair it with both your Western and Traditional Outfits. Buy Authentic Designer Jewellery Online With Voylla. Placing a Jewelry Order - Consider Important Factors for a Smart Purchase. Types of Unique Gemstone That are used in Designing Fashion Jewelry. Buying jewelry online - A Guide for Picking the Right Jewelry Store. Make Your Kids Look Adorable With Beautiful Jewelry Pieces. Buy The Perfect Ring For Your Woman And Make Her Feel Special. Buy Elegant Jewelry Pieces for Men. Buy Jewelry this Women's Day and Pamper Yourself Your Way.

Enhance your Appearance with Beautiful Pendant Chains. Kids Bracelets Online - Buy Designer & Fashionable Bracelets for Kids Online. Buy Fashion Earrings Online.