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Архитектурная коллаборация KAR. #mattech#design#akerblom#акерблом Линия Акерблома.

Архитектурная коллаборация KAR

Почему на одних стульях ты отдыхаешь, а на других не просидишь спокойно и минуты? В 1948 году шведский врач–гигиенист Бент Акерблом опубликовал работу, в которой утверждал, что человечество сидит неправильно. Он выяснил, что со строго горизонтально расположенного сиденья человек постепенно соскальзывает, а чтобы предотвратить это, напрягает мышцы спины и ног. 5 07 12 PATRIK SCHUMACHER HOW TO CREATE QUALITY SPACE USING NEW ARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGIES LECTUR.


EMERGING OBJECTS. Triangular mesh frame optimization. Hello.

triangular mesh frame optimization

I'm an architecture student with little experience who just graduated from school. But I decided to give a shot at a small scale real life competition. I intend to use triangular mesh frame to support the windows and the whole building. The best example to illustrate this is the Blob in Eindhoven (see attached image), although I don't intend to use a blobby form. But the main question here is the optimization of the structural mesh frame. So, as many others have already did in this forum, I'm wondering ways of optimizing mesh by limiting the shape and size of each face. Voronoi_drilling. This is a technique I've been using to make cnc toolpaths.


It's a very simple concept: Exoskeleton WIP. TRADA pavilion. The pavilion is based on a form-found surface based on a mathematical idealisation of the traditional Gaudi or Frei Otto approach but modified to a more realistic form using our original research.

TRADA pavilion

The shell is discretised into planar three-valence mesh using an innovative algorithm, thereby allowing the free form surface to be constructed with flat panels. These panels are connected with standard hinges and the structure works as fully pinned structure with no bending capacity between the panels. The structure is designed to withstand accidental loads, self-weight and additional dead loads, such as lighting fixtures. Planar_remeshing_gi07. p905-cohen-steiner.pdf. Oliver David. Thesis Special* // Connecting Intelligence. Student: Oliver David Krieg school: the University of Stuttgart where: Stuttgart, Germany Thesis Special* critics: Prof.

Oliver David. Thesis Special* // Connecting Intelligence

Rhino Tutorials’s Videos on Vimeo. Untitled. Лекции Технопарка. 1 семестр. Алгоритмы и структуры данных / Блог компании Mail.Ru Group. Очередной пост в рамках нашего цикла лекций Технопарка.

Лекции Технопарка. 1 семестр. Алгоритмы и структуры данных / Блог компании Mail.Ru Group

В этот раз мы предлагаем вашему вниманию курс, посвящённый алгоритмам и структурам данных. IwamotoScott Architecture: One Kearny Lobby. San Francisco-based IwamotoScott Architecture recently unraveled their new design: a lobby entrance defined by a modular ceiling with a series of tapered cone-shaped ‘coffers’ housing LED lights.

IwamotoScott Architecture: One Kearny Lobby

Architects’ statement: ‘Designed for a new downtown San Francisco development at the convergence of Market, Kearny and Geary Streets, this lobby serves a new twelve storey annex designed by Charles Bloszies office, along with the original neoclassical building with addition by Charles Moore. A series of diamond-shaped translucent wood coffers define the main lobby entrance, acting as a lighted modular ceiling. Projecting the language of coffers’ angled surfaces, a series of faceted surfaces move from the reception desk, to the walls that lead to the elevators at the end of a tapered and inflected hallway.’ Centre Pompidou Metz by Shigeru Ban. Check out the photos of Shigeru Ban‘s Centre Pompidou-Metz in Metz.

Centre Pompidou Metz by Shigeru Ban

The centre’s most interesting feature is the roof which is inspired by a woven bamboo chinese hat. Via archidose images via VisiOkrOniK Tagged as: Architecture, fabric architecture, membrane architecture, shigeru ban, Wood. How and when to Automate using Rhino and Grasshopper. What makes sense to automatize/script and what not I started doing my first attempts implementing parametric modeling techniques into my projects using Rhino and Grasshopper after I got bored and frustrated repeating a certain set of actions over and over.

How and when to Automate using Rhino and Grasshopper

One of the very first scripts I remember writing was a script to generate a simple column grid. The input parameters where the spacing between the x and y-axis and the size of the columns. EMERGING OBJECTS. Wall. Студия архитектурного дизайна J.


MAYER H. Rheotomic surfaces and flowline generation tool. Around 3 years ago I wrote an essay on my blog about what I called rheotomic surfaces - a type of surface I had developed related to fluid flow and electrostatics, and a technique for their generation using complex numbers. Since then I have received a lot of questions from people interested in the details of exactly how these surfaces and their associated curvilinear orthogonal grids were generated. Now I've packaged it up into a Grasshopper object with an easy interface, and am releasing it publicly so anyone can experiment with this tool.

The spiral wooden bench "S Urban" Verónica Martínez designed the “S Urban” bench taking the concept from dynamic shapes found in our natural surroundings. So the bench is parametrically designed, fabricated of wood, and it has a dynamic form taken from the spiral movement of the flowers and plants growth. Courtesy of Verónica Martínez This spiral shape gives a sense of infinity and dynamic movement, and symbolizes the constant movement and regeneration. Ribbon Partition. Harvard Architecture graduate, Conway Pedron, solved a given present condition of ordering nodes. The nodes would modestly be attached using a single fabricated ribbon of wood. This ribbon of surface would offer isolation between particular points of the structure.