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Webchunks Tutorial. Author: Daniel Glazman <> 1.

Webchunks Tutorial

About Webchunks Webchunks is an extension to Firefox 3 for all platforms implementing Internet Explorer Webslices and even extending them. With the use of a great extra extension to Firefox, Greasemonkey to name it, it's possible to insert Webchunks/Webslices in all web pages, regardless of the fact the site's author did not add Webchunks/Webslices to the site. Note: this tutorial will use only the word Webchunk for this point. Mozilla XPath Documentation. Best Firefox Extensions for Webmasters, Add-ons for Firefox. Forever For Now - Ubuntu Firefox Themes. Introduction Background In April 2006 I checked out a beta version of the Dapper Drake release of Ubuntu Linux.

Forever For Now - Ubuntu Firefox Themes

I was really impressed by the polish of the desktop and the apparent thought that went into making the distribution. Besides being really amazed about the quality I also found some points for improvement. What is Outfoxed. How to create Firefox extensions. Because extensions make the browser - Mozilla Firefox Extension.