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Webchunks Tutorial. Author: Daniel Glazman <> 1.

Webchunks Tutorial

About Webchunks Webchunks is an extension to Firefox 3 for all platforms implementing Internet Explorer Webslices and even extending them. With the use of a great extra extension to Firefox, Greasemonkey to name it, it's possible to insert Webchunks/Webslices in all web pages, regardless of the fact the site's author did not add Webchunks/Webslices to the site. Note: this tutorial will use only the word Webchunk for this point. 2. Install Webchunks from Warning, Webchunks does not work with versions of Firefox older than version 3. 2.1. Seriously, you don't want to do that :-) If you really really need it, select the "Add-ons" menu entry in the Tools menu of Firefox 3 to do that. 2.2 Updating Webchunks to a more recent version If you have enabled automatic notification of extension updates, Firefox 3 will notify you directly when a new version is available. 3.

The first icon at the start of the toolbar serves two purposes: Mozilla XPath Documentation. Best Firefox Extensions for Webmasters, Add-ons for Firefox. The Mozilla Firefox web browser can be pimped out with a number of extensions to make many webmaster tasks a lot easier.

Best Firefox Extensions for Webmasters, Add-ons for Firefox

This page contains a list of what I consider to be the best five extensions suited to creating and uploading web pages. I use all of these regularly in my work and all of them are compatible with Firefox 7.0.1. I compiled this list after plowing through literally hundreds of potentials at the official Firefox Add-ons site. Unfortunately, many add-ons are either substandard or outdated which makes finding good ones a frustrating experience to say the least.

Now for those who don't know, 'extension' refers to a kind of tool that can be installed into Firefox which you run from the browser UI. Back in the day, there were originally two kinds of extras you could install into Firefox: Extensions (tools) and Themes (custom Firefox skins). Alright, enough with the preamble. See also: Ruby extension library for embedding Python in Ruby. With this library, Ruby scripts can directly call arbitrary Python modules. Both extension modules and modules written in Python can be used. Ruby and Python have some differences as described compar.html">here. This library enables Ruby users to have the advantages of both languages: Straightforward and easy-to-learn OO functionality of Ruby. If you are attracted by Python modules but not fully satisfied with Python's syntax or type system, try this library!

Documentation Download. Forever For Now - Ubuntu Firefox Themes. Introduction Background In April 2006 I checked out a beta version of the Dapper Drake release of Ubuntu Linux.

Forever For Now - Ubuntu Firefox Themes

I was really impressed by the polish of the desktop and the apparent thought that went into making the distribution. Besides being really amazed about the quality I also found some points for improvement. I set out to file several bugs, most of them being against the default Firefox theme included with Ubuntu, which didn't really match any of the desktop's colors or icons. I didn't have any experience theming Firefox but was eager to learn. The Early Steps. What is Outfoxed. Outfoxed is the implementation side of my master's thesis at the University of Osnabrück, Germany.

What is Outfoxed

The thesis title is Trusted Metadata Distribution Using Social Networks. In a nutshell, I'm exploring ways for you to use your network of trusted friends to determine what's good, bad, and dangerous on the internet. Outfoxed does this by adding functionality to the Firefox web browser. Coding began on Dec 27th, 2004. This document first discusses the current features of Outfoxed: incorporating metadata information into web pages, internet searching, file downloading, and running processes. The essential idea of Outfoxed is that people make decisions based primarily on a few people whom they trust.

For example, Outfoxed lets my Mom know that I think it's okay for her to install the Flash plugin, but that she should not install anything from Claria. A word on Outfoxed lingo: The opinions that people give are referred to as reports. [Click on "Next" below to continue] How to create Firefox extensions. Because extensions make the browser - Mozilla Firefox Extension.