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Guinea pigs

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AniOne kisállat szállító box 1. Fit+fun kutya szállítóbox zöld 23x51x31. 42% kedvezmény - Nyúlketrec Rabbit 100 - 95x57x46 cm. Magyar Tengerimalac-védő Közhasznú Egyesület. Gyakran keresnek meg minket gazdik, akik külföldre költözés miatt új helyet keresnek a szeretett malackáiknak.

Magyar Tengerimalac-védő Közhasznú Egyesület

Sajnos kevesen tudják, hogy állatot külföldre vinni korántsem olyan bonyolult, mint hisszük. Számukra van egy jó hírünk: nem biztos, hogy búcsút kell venni kedvenceiktől, bizonyos esetekben alig komplikáltabb magunkkal vinni őket, mint egy országon belüli költözésnél! Egyik önkéntesünk nemrég "kelt át a nagy hegyeken", és imádott malackái már boldogan falatozzák az alpesi szénát. Most megosztja Veletek tapasztalatait. 1. Ketrec nyuszinak, tengerimalacnak - XVIII. kerület, Budapest. Tengerimalac, törpenyúl, kisállat ketrecet és kisállat hordozó, haszná - X. kerület, Budapest. Ferplast Rabbit 100 nyúlketrec 95x57x46cm - ketrec nyulaknak és tengerimalacoknak - 30% kedvezmény. Ferplast Cavie 80 Greensun ketrec 77x48x42cm - ketrec nyulaknak és tengerimalacoknak - 30% kedvezmény. Ferplast Casita 80 nyúlketrec tartozékokkal acélkék. Ferplast Rabbit 100 EL nyúlketrec - Nyúlketrec - Ketrecek - Kisállatfelszerelés -

Easy Ramps - How To - Guinea Pig Cage Photos. What Happens When Two Male Guinea Pigs Don't Get On? Putting two male guinea pigs together is never an easy thing to do We had one male guinea pig called ‘Rocket’ and we’ve been looking to acquire another boar to give him some company.

What Happens When Two Male Guinea Pigs Don't Get On?

So we found ‘Uno’ a two year old tortoise shell who was raised by an experienced breeder to put with him. The way we have done this is to put ‘Uno’s’ cage next to Rocket’s and to help them get to know each other. The previous owner of Uno is an experienced breeder so we know that there is no problems with him, so I didn’t have any qualms with putting them together. They seem to be ok together so I decided to bite the bullet and introduce them together on neutral ground. At first they seemed to get on great and were quite happy sussing each other out. So what do I need to do when my guinea pigs don’t get along? Two Male Guinea Pigs Chattering Their Teeth Firstly, just to say that this chattering of teeth is quite normal. What about biting? At this point I lost my nerve and separated them. I won’t give up.

Guinea Pig Ramps, Stairs, and Ladders. If your pets' cage is split over several levels, they will need some way of getting up and down between them.

Guinea Pig Ramps, Stairs, and Ladders

Ramps are the best thing for the job, although there are alternatives if you don't have much space. Cali Cavy Collective: a blog about all things guinea pig: How to Build a C&C Guinea Pig Bunk Bed. The newest additions to our C&C cage setup are guinea pig bunk beds.

Cali Cavy Collective: a blog about all things guinea pig: How to Build a C&C Guinea Pig Bunk Bed

The pigs have quickly taken to their new furnishings with enthusiasm. Peaches enjoys using the top bunk as a retreat from her piggy sisters. Revy has become fond of snoozing in the lofty perch. Truffle can often be seen hopping upstairs for a nap while Belka springs up to sniff around for snacks. Meanwhile, Poof and Abby-Roo appreciate the privacy of the lower bunk. We were inspired to make our own bunk beds after seeing these piggies. How to Make a Guinea Pig Cage - Cubes and Coroplast (C&C) Using Fleece For Bedding in Your Guinea Pig Cage. Benefits of Fleece There are many benefits that come from using fleece rather than bedding.

Using Fleece For Bedding in Your Guinea Pig Cage

Here is a list of some: Hello?! It saves money! Instead of buying bag after bag of wood shavings, buy a couple separate yards of fleece, and they can be washed and reused as much as desired.Fleece is more eco-friendly. How to Prepare the Fleece One common misconception people make about fleece is that it can just be simply bought and placed in the cage without preparation beforehand. Once you have purchased your fleece, the first thing you need to do is wash and dry it at least 3 times with a mild detergent. Now that you have washed and dried your fleece 3 times you are ready to begin layering. There are a lot of options for layers below the fleece. When you layer your materials in the bottom of your cage, use one layer of fleece, and at least 2 layers of towels, puppy pads, etc.

Nutrition READ ME- Cavy Nutrition Charts & Poisonous Plants List. I am currently working on a chart revision as I have free time but as with all good things, it will take time to do.

Nutrition READ ME- Cavy Nutrition Charts & Poisonous Plants List

Hopefully these charts will help members to better figure out what foods are safe and how often something can be fed. Hopefully it will cut down on the amount of questions asked if something can be fed, etc. If it's not on the list or in the pdf, don't feed it. The pdf contains some additional info on safe forages that can be fed in addition to the veggie-fruit charts. Do NOT take these copyrighted images or the copyrighted pdf document and post them anywhere else on the web. __________________________________________________ ____________ The keys to a good diet for your guinea pigs are to use a wide range of vegetables and a bit of fruit.

The pdf document can be opened here:Diet and Nutrition ChartsYou may save a copy for personal use.There will be an accompanying thread for discussion found here: A Medical and Care Guide for Your Guinea Pig.