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An Overview of the Scene, Please. Nice seeing you again really have nothing raging in my mind right now bearing mention about FFT mods/etc. but that sure is some awesome Vagrant Story mod work indeed.Vagrant Story sharing Ivalice with FFT, and largely the same development team, would hopefully allow some virtue of proper content in my posting regarding Vagrant Story here, in this forum...?

An Overview of the Scene, Please

Valendian, it looks of course like, you are heading the right direction, good start...I will go "out on a limb" and state, without any intention of imposing on this forum, that, though FFT is a great game, and I own them all, I do, and always will, prefer Vagrant Story.Long story short, I'll sure play FFT mods/hacks/etc. and they have been and are, very impressive but, my main interest, quite frankly and by a wide margin, is in Vagrant Story which is clearly lagging in the world of such developments. Semi related address:

Vagrant Story [PSX] SHP Model Format. Hello everyone, this is my first post here so I'm going to jump straight in.

Vagrant Story [PSX] SHP Model Format

I'm a C/C++ programmer and my job is programming 3D graphics engines in pure C for iOS/Android, my hobby is game engine programming. I've taken an interest in the old model formats of the PSX era, specifically Vagrant Story where the animation format is similar to that of Quake 2's MD2. I have written a reader that loads up the .SHP models and I can see the data match up with that described on the DataCrystal page wiki/Vagrant_Story:SHP_files. I am having great difficulty with the vertex information, I believe I am loading it incorrectly in terms of the Tri/Quad/Polygon structures and offsets and my vertices always end up with 1 axis in an extreme direction (Near 0xFFFF), so the models end up looking like rough cubes as each vertex ends up having at least one extreme axis.

Is there any further documentation for this format or any other attempts to decode it I can see? Thank you. Morris/vstools. Untitled. Vagrant Story. The game takes place in the fictional kingdom of Valendia and the ruined city of Leá Monde.

Vagrant Story

The story centers on Ashley Riot, an elite agent known as a Riskbreaker, who must travel to Leá Monde to investigate the link between a cult leader and a senior Valendian Parliament member, Duke Bardorba. In the prologue, Ashley is blamed for murdering the duke, and the game discloses the events that happen one week before the murder. Vagrant Story is unique as a console action/adventure role-playing game in that it features no shops and no player interaction with other characters; instead, the game focuses on weapon creation and modification, as well as elements of puzzle-solving and strategy.[4][5] The game received critical acclaim from gaming magazines and websites. Gameplay[edit] Vagrant Story is a solo action role-playing game, in which the player controls Ashley Riot from a third-person perspective while exploring Leá Monde and the catacombs underneath. Plot[edit] Setting[edit] Vagrant Story - Data Crystal.

Overview Vagrant Story is an action role playing game developed by Square.

Vagrant Story - Data Crystal

It was originally released in 2000 for the Sony Playstation. It was later re-released on the Playstation Network in 2009 for Japan and Europe and 2011 in America. The game was originally planned to feature a two player mode, but due to time constraints this feature was cut along with over half the planned story line. These cuts are evident in game where the story progresses smoothly through out most of the adventure but in the final areas the story progresses at an accelerated pace.

The game is very mod friendly. Though the game uses the ISO9660 file system all CD accesses are done through Logical Block Addressing (LBA). The game contains a number of debug rooms, one of which has inanimate NPC's that have an interactive dialog allowing easy access to rooms through the game world. Hacks Valendian created a minor texture swap mod called BloodSin. Translations SadNES cITy translated this game into Italian. Toolset Lists.