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Brune Brown two-Tone Leather Woven Duffle Bag

Tan Weaved Design Leather Loafers by Brune. Tan Quarter Brogue toe Tassel leather Slip-ons by Brune. Fashionably Fantastic- SidharthMalhotra – Alberto Torresi Blog. The super dashing and handsome hunk of Bollywood, SidharthMalhotra was spotted wearing the Voganow, Brune hand crafted shoes.

Fashionably Fantastic- SidharthMalhotra – Alberto Torresi Blog

He paired the double tone tassel loafers with an all blackkoti- kurta set. His outfit poured exorbitant class, giving him an edgy look for the occasion. Sidharth has never been out of style. His sartorial choices include texturesand some bold colours with prints. Sidharth has always been on point with his sense of fashion; he often found wearing some formals like the loafer shoes for men and pairing them up with coloured textured suits or tuxedos.

Sidharth Malhotra, is now all set for his upcoming movie, a biographical action cinema Shershaah where he will be seen playing the role of ParamVir Chakra, army captain Vikram Batra. The film was completed in the January 2020 and the scheduled release date was 3rd July 2020, but due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it has now been postponed. Like this: Like Loading... Related. Formal but not so formal. VOGA-NOW: Luxuriously Leather: It has now been decades or centuries passed since leather has been used for making shoes.

VOGA-NOW: Luxuriously Leather:

Through the course of time leather shoes have become a definition of luxury and noticeable trend setter. Leather shoes make a great way into the industry and leave a mark in whichever type of footwear they are used. Men leather boots are among the variety of shoes that paves a way into the wardrobe very easily. Leather boots are one of the most comfy pairs. They are super stylish and can be worn with outfits ranging from casual to semi-formals, from week days to weekend parties, acing all of them quite smoothly.

SHOES: The top pick from shopping list Shoes for men have always been on top of their list when it comes on to shopping. VOGA-NOW: Luxuriously Leather:

Tan Leather Full Quilted V-Strap Slippers by Bareskin

Wine Diamond Stitched Leather Backpack br Brune for Men. Blue Washable - Reusable Full Face Mask by Bareskin. Green Cross Straps Comfy Velvet Slide-in Slippers by Bareskin. Bareskin Grey Washable 3 Ply Face Mask. Black Quad Wheel Leather strolley Travel Bag by Brune. Olive Green Paint Leather Jalsa Jutti by Bareskin. Black Biker Lion Zardosi Boot For Men By Bareskin. Blue Washable Reusable 3 Ply Face mask by Bareskin.

Blue Washable Reusable 3 Ply Face mask by Bareskin

Grey Washable Reusable Face To Nose Mask By Bareskin. Let’s know about Man-Bags! An all season accessory! Leather has been a part of human life starting from the Stone Age to the current age of fashion.

An all season accessory!

It is a popular choice of fabric because of its unbelievable properties due to which it is hand-picked by people. It is the quintessential part of styling that forces people to chase it yet. As it can be worn from top to bottom in varieties ranging from jackets, coats, belts, pants, bags, shoes, boots and the list goes on. Accessories that are derived from leather have the benefits of being styled with any type of clothing like leather belts or wallets. Belt it up! Leather belts are not just used as a part of styling but also help to provide the comfort of wearing any apparel, be it any gender or any age. Leather defines the choice of grandeur at the same time fulfilling the need of the easiness that it possesses. Carry your style pocket! A wallet is that part of fashion that adds to your style quotient. Like this: Like Loading...

Modern Red Sleek Ladies Bag by Brune

Tan Genuine leather Mules by Brune. Brown Suede Leather Long Lace Up ladies Boots by Brune. Zardosi Embroidery Slip-on Shoes by Bareskin. Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe With Leather Sneakers. They say “Shoes speak louder than words” and we couldn’t more.

Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe With Leather Sneakers

Shoes can make or break anyone’s look as they play an important part in building up your personality. This season is all about easy breezy style and nothing says summer more than leather sneakers. We’ve rounded up a few styles that are a go-to for every fashion lover! Leather Sneaker Men’s: An All-Rounder Only a fashion noob could ever forget the versatility offered by a pair of leather sneakers. Easy to Wear – Slide in sneakers Who would like to choose to bow down and tie those dangling laces when you already are an expert of sliding—it does not really matter if that’s your feet in the effortless leather sneakers or her DMs? VOGA-NOW: TRENDY LEATHER STYLES FOR SUMMER ’20 FROM VOGANOW. Men’s fashion essentials!


The best part about owning a leather product is its longevity and timelessness that always feels fresh. If you’ve been looking for the perfect duffel bag all this while that’s the right amount of classy and functional, leather has the answer. Usually men’s leather duffel bags have limited options in terms of colour and style but not anymore. Voganow has a plethora of options in original leather bags wherein each design is different from its counterpart. Customization is one of our major features that we thrive on, right from your favourite colour to your name initials, you can get anything and everything personalized on your voganow leather duffel bag.

Burgundy Leather Casual Sneaker for Men by Bareskin

Black Wingtip Men's Leather Boots by Brune. Tan Genuine Leather Mules By Brune. TIME TO UP YOUR GAME THIS SUMMER. Camouflage Brown Velvet Sneakers by Sneakers. Brown Laptop Messenger bag With Buckle Lock by Brune. Important Accessories Ft new Leather Gloves. Accessories give the perfect finishing touch to a man’s wardrobe, be it a pair of socks, belt, watch, tie or mens leather gloves everything counts and has its own significance.

Important Accessories Ft new Leather Gloves

Among all of this, a pair of gloves is something we often overlook. Accessorizing is important, it gives the final finishing touch to your look so its important to square down some essentials that are just the right amount of classy and minimal without looking over the top. Voganow has got you covered on a plethora of options, all under one roof. Stylish leather belt in any colour you like and statement wallets to keep you looking elegant in every walk of life. Apart from that leather gloves are another essential that you must probably own. Leather might just be considered as a winter essential but with our newest collection of leather gloves, you’re sure to wear it all year round. Like this: Like Loading...

Dark Brown Genuine Leather Shoes for Men by Brune

Golden Zardosi Black Leather Crossbody Bag by Bareskin. UNISEX FUNCTIONAL LEATHER GLOVES BY VOGANOW. Leather has always been a timeless fashion staple irrespective of seasons and occasions.


Gloves always exude royalty, way back from now, kings and queens wore it as a sign of royalty and the trends still continues to reign supreme. But not just for fashion, leather gloves are extremely soft in texture, sturdy and will last you a decade. So when you’re buying a pair of gloves, make sure you take the use, protection and your personal style in account. A hideous pair of gloves can totally ruin your style.

If its fits all the three categories then you’re definitely making a smart purchase no matter how much it costs you. Women Leather Boots - Buy Ladies Boots Online at Best Price. Protect Your Hands with the Most Classic Leather Gloves of the Season. Summer is at its peak and it won’t be long enough when you’ll need your leather staples to compliment every outfit in your wardrobe.

Protect Your Hands with the Most Classic Leather Gloves of the Season

Yes, that’s the thing we love about leather. Irrespective of the seasonal trends, you can go all out with your favourite kind of leather. Be it a leather shoe, hand bag or any other accessory you can always pair it up with any out of the box colour in your closet, thanks to the neutral colours! One of the most popular leather accessories is the leather belt which you can get in any colour and design at Just like any other accessory, a leather belt gives the perfect finishing touch to your formal outfit.

Brown Buckle Leather Belt by Brune

Women Shopping Bag. VOGA-NOW: MEN’S FASHION WORLD UPDATE: THE TRENDY FORMAL SHOES. With the ever evolving fashion world, men’s fashion is bound to experience progression like anything else.


Every day we come across some random fresh-off-the-shelf style variation in menswear which stands true to the progression we talked about. There are many accessories that comprise men’s wardrobe rather a standard men’s wardrobe. Formal leather shoes have their own importance in a man’s life, their wardrobe is definitely incomplete without one and there’s no dearth of new creations, designers never disappoint you on that. When talking about formal leather shoes, we take pride in what we have to offer in men’s formal shoes category.

From brogue detailed oxfords to crisp penny loafers, these have a great impact on any outfit you pull off. With plenty of options for men’s formal shoes, oxfords for men is one of the most loved and preferred choices currently. 100% Genuine Leather Laptop Sleeves for Men- Leather Card Holder for Men - Buy Original Leather ATM Card Holder at Best Price. Leather Women's Backpacks - Buy Ladies Backpack Online in India. Arjun Kapoor’s Classic Shoe Choice. They say shoes can easily make or break your look.

Arjun Kapoor’s Classic Shoe Choice

A million dollar outfit wouldn’t look complete if not paired with good shoes. Having said that, there are these few footwear trends that you can always count on, monk strap shoes and boots being one of our favourites. All right, let's go into the realm of shoes a little more The new pattern in men's shoes that is Monk Shoe may be familiar to the most. These are not laces, but rather a buckled cover. We spotted the handsome hunk Arjun Kapoor in our classic black monk strap shoes, one of most timeless options in leather shoes for men.

If you’re someone who does not experiment with their style much then buy boots online. Upgrade Your Style With Trending Men’s Fashion Staples. They say fashion never takes a day off and we couldn’t agree more. Whether its winter or the peak of summer season, you cannot take a break from making a statement. With so many options now available in the online and offline market, you’re surely spoilt for choices. Slide Slippers. VOGA-NOW: Uplift Your Travel Style With Leather Duffel Bags. We all need a travel bag that’s easy to carry yet a lot spacious to keep all your essentials in one place. Well, we don’t think there’s anything better than a duffel bag that’s strongly built and yet is the easiest option to carry for a short trip. Duffel bags can be a stylish add-on to your travel look, especially when you’re opting for a leather duffel bag nothing can go wrong.

A well constructed leather duffel can even last a lifetime or much close to that if handled carefully. The best part about a duffel bag is that you can pack easily, there’s no such rule that you have to go by. You roll and slide it in, is all you have to do! Tassel Slip-Ons Shoes Always Win the Game. Every man needs a pair that he can always count on, more so, a versatile option in his shoe-drobe. A pair of tan slip-on shoes is an indispensable option in a modern man’s wardrobe. Not just because it looks uber stylish but the fact that its so effortless to slide in and match with anything from basic to fancy in your wardrobe. Who would want to bow down and tie those dangling laces when you already are an expert of sliding—It does not really matter if that’s your feet in the effortless slip-on shoes or her DMs.

Ditch those laces for these tassels to ease your way up the fashion pyramid. Upgrade Your Style Game with Trending Leather Loafers. Unlike any other accessory, a perfect pair of shoes can add oodles of elegance to your overall look. The selection of the right shoes should never be overlooked. Classic Oxford leather formal shoes are a timeliness choice if you don’t want to play around with your standard style. But to break the everyday monotony, one must experiment with new colours and most importantly styles, which men usually refrain from. Leather loafers may be the choicest and the safest option for men to start with. The Stylish Add-Ons This Travel Season. Now that summers have finally kicked in, travel plans are in the air and it’s definitely time for you to upgrade your wardrobe. Whether you’re travelling by land, air or sea, it’s a necessary evil. Stylishly combating these activities can actually bring in a lot of fun so whatever you do, make sure you do it in style.

Men Sandals/Slippers Leather Sandals for Men. What’s Trending This Season? Men’s Loafers Featuring Varun Dhawan. Loafer shoes are an indispensable choice for every man or rather, it has become one over the years. Out of the many shoe options that men have on their plate, I think loafers surpass all of them. A – they’re stylish and break the monotony of wearing lace-up shoes and B – they’re super versatile. Must-Have Accessories for Men. A man’s arsenal is never complete without the right touch of accessories and essentials which cannot be left out as he steps out to conquer the day. The ART of Acing your Shoe Game. The fashion forward men are open-minded and are always on a look out for clothing items which make them stand apart from the crowd. VOGA-NOW: Stylish Your Summer Office Wardrobe with Classic Leather Accessories. Keeping up with the ongoing trends is an imperative task for every fashion lover.

Brune X Bareskin Lion yellow Leather Duffle Bag

Leather Oxford Shoes. How to Use Sterling Blue Leather Office Bag. How to Ace your Shoe Game this Summer! With the changing season everyone requires additions in their wardrobes to make them look fashion mavens as they step out for the day. Footwear is one aspect that cannot be ignored and is as important as any other part of a man’s clothing. Therefore, having a few pairs, catering to utmost style and quality, which are value for money is of primary importance in the advancing times. Fortunately for you all, Brune and Bareskin happens to be a one-stop destination which will take all of your worries away, starting with shoe styles to make you look chic this summer. Woven in Summer Tans. Embossed Blue Leather Cross Body leather Bag by Brune. Stepping Up with Flamboyance.

The millennial men have been enthusiastically indulging with fashion lately, they have a desire to look fashionable and upscale. Slip-on for Women, Velvet Slip-on for Women, Buy Bareskin Slip-on, Slip-on Shoes for Women at Best Price - Reinstating Style with Luxury Luggage. Travelling frequently requires a lot of packing, in which case it is primary to have good quality luggage. And, as the influence of fashion is rapidly increasing, the need to look stylish is simultaneously going up; therefore, modish luggage is of supreme importance on-the-go. Black Leather Loafers - A Style Guide. When men think about shoes the first option that pops in their mind is black shoes; and if quality is their priority, black leather shoes is their go-to.

VOGA-NOW: A Gentleman’s Style Regalia. Any menswear ensemble is incomplete without an arsenal of accessories which shout sophisticated and upscale. The intellectual choice speaks more in style- Sushant Singh Rajput. Sushant Singh Rajput's enticing personality and his primarily dedication towards the work has made us stunned with his ebbs & flows. Buy Casual Shoes for Men & Women Online in India. Leather Loafers For Men. VOGA-NOW: Swinging and slaying with style- Virat Kohli.

Pure Leather Shoes. Spruce Up Your Formal Look With The Finest Shoes! Style as comfy as persona- Arjun Kapoor.

Brune Veg Tanned Hand Painted leather Duffle Bag

Bang- Bang style game with Hrithik Roshan. Brune Denim Leather Backpack. Accessorize it more with our leather collection- Voganow. Topping Travel Looks: A Transcendent Lookbook for Gallivanters - Voga-Now Blog. All That You Need To Know About The New Age Shoes! - Voga-Now Blog. Blue High Top Leather Sneakers by Bareskin. SRK- The fashion romance of the industry. Black Genuine Leather Slippers by Brune. VOGA-NOW: Get inspired by Varun Dhawan's Cool style quotient. Ayushmann Khurrana loved Voganow’s Boots & Formal Shoes Collection. Leather jackets –A sneak peek to men’s wardrobe. Bareskin Red Leather Jacket for Men at Voga-Now. Shop Leather Shoes for Men by Brune at Voga-Now. Brune Grey Genuine Men's Leather Duffle Bag. Holiday Season Essentials: Featuring Bags and Shoes – Voga-Now Blog. These Jackets Are Ruling The Fashion World. Alia Bhatt Surely Knows How to Keep it Real. Arjun Kapoor’s Statement Style. Leather never goes out of fashion! Top 5 Men’s Shoes That You Should Be Counting On This New Year Party!

VOGA-NOW: Leather bag is totally a must-have, check out why! Wedding Season Must-Haves for the Grooms! The Perfect Shoes: Men’s Fashion Decoded. Breathtaking Women’s Leather Jackets at Best Prices.

Hand Painted 100% Genuine Leather Formal Sandals for Men