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Home Remedies for Sore Throat. A sore throat can be painfully frustrating, causing a great deal of irritation.

Home Remedies for Sore Throat

A problem that affects forty million people a year; this may well be treated at home using natural ingredients available in the kitchen. What is Sore Throat? A sore throat generally refers to moderate or severe pain in the throat due to acute inflammation of the pharynx. This inflammation known as pharyngitis occurs behind the throat often accompanied by irritation, redness and swallowing difficulties. Causes of Sore Throat Various factors contribute towards the occurrence of sore throat that may be either due to bacterial viral infections, allergies or other medical conditions.

Viral Infections Most cases of sore throat relate to rhinovirus, corona virus and par influenza viruses that cause upper respiratory tract infection, flu and colds. Bacterial Infections Certain bacterial infections too play an important role for incidences of sore throat. Irritants and Toxins Symptoms of Sore Throat 1. 2. 3. 4. Read and Digest. Basil (Tulsi) Ginger Tea: Recipe & Health Benefits. Basil (Tulsi) Ginger Tea Tea, a favourite beverage of many of us, adds a spark to the monotonous daily schedules.

Basil (Tulsi) Ginger Tea: Recipe & Health Benefits

Anyone tired or stressed out is sure to get recharged with a cup of tea. Now what if there are additional benefits from this cup of tea? Makes it all the more worthwhile, right? Basil ginger tea does exactly that. Ingredients: Basil Leaves (Tulasi): 5 leaves Ginger: 3-4 slices Tea leaves: 1 tsp Water: 1 cup Milk: 1/4 cup Sugar to taste It is easy to prepare a cup of basil ginger tea.

The frequency of having this lovely tea varies. Basil Ginger Tea for Stress Relief Basil or Tulsi as well as ginger are effective stress relievers. Tulsi Ginger Tea for Cold & Flu Cold and flu are no longer a threat to your body once you make this cup of tea your companion. Anti-oxidant Benefits of Tulsi Ginger Tea Look and feel younger when you switch to drinking basil ginger tea.

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves (Kari Patta or Meetha Neem) Curry leaves are a natural seasoning, used in most parts of India and Asia.

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves (Kari Patta or Meetha Neem)

With their distinctive aroma and essence, they enhance the flavor of spices and condiments in most dishes. No curry is complete without them, especially in Southern India. However, most often, they are discarded from the plate as waste. Nonetheless, this simple and neglected ingredient hosts several therapeutic and nutritional benefits, favourable for optimal health.

Curry leaves botanically known as Murraya Koenigii belongs to the family of Rutaceae. Medicinal parts The traditional system of Ayurveda and Unani medicines make use of various parts of the Murraya Koenigii for treating several disorders. Chemical Constituents Leaves The flavoursome leaves contain fibre, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamin C, nicotinic acid and carotene. Bark. Aloe Vera: Skin, Hair & Health Benefits of Aloe Vera. A very versatile plant, Aloe Vera, belonging to the lily family contains natural therapeutic and beautifying properties.

Aloe Vera: Skin, Hair & Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Referred to as a ‘Miracle Plant’, Due to wide array of benefits and uses of aloe vera, it is widely used in the preparation of various herbal medicines, cosmetics and beauty products. Aloe Vera Benefits for Health and Beauty The existence of Aloe Vera dates back to 4500 BC in the ancient book of natural medicines mentioned in the Rig Veda.

However, the first documents regarding use of Aloe Vera was in 1862, in the Egyptian Papyrus, where the queens to enhance their appearance, used the plant. There is also reference to the plants medicinal advantages in the Egyptian Roman Greek epoch including the Indian and Chinese writings. Aloe Vera – A Treasure Trove of Nutrients Aloe Vera comprises of more than seventy-five effective components, which includes the twenty amino acids and the eight essential amino acids indispensable for the human body. Aloe Vera Uses Manage Diabetes. Guduchi or Giloy Benefits for Health. Giloy has gained immense popularity in recent times, allegedly as an effective antidote for swine flu.

Guduchi or Giloy Benefits for Health

An herbaceous vine, Giloy, Guduchi or ‘Amrita’ as it is popularly known belongs to the botanical family of Mernispermaceae called Tinospora cordifolia. Offering immense medicinal and therapeutic benefits, the herb ever since ancient times has occupied a very prominent place in the treatment of Ayurveda. Medicinal Parts StemLeavesRootFruit A widely accredited part, however in Ayurveda is a water-soluble starchy kind of extract from the dry stem of the plant known as Giloy Ghan Satva that is available commercially. Giloy in Ayurveda According to the principles of Ayurveda, Giloy is a tridosha herb, with powerful properties that neutralises the three doshas in the body namely vata, pitta and kapha, vital for overall wellbeing. Health Benefits of Curry Leaves (Kari Patta or Meetha Neem)