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Enhance Tables Using One Of 30 Functional jQuery Plugins. Classic ways of using simple html tables are long gone – of course you can still use them, but you will never get such functionality and flexibility with HTML as you can get using special jQuery plugins to do the job.

Enhance Tables Using One Of 30 Functional jQuery Plugins

Never tables have been so dynamic and users now can specify and filter all the sections they want, you just need to find right plugin for specific project and that’s why I collected here 30 various functional jQuery plugins. 1. DataTables DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. jQuery DataTables numeric and currency totals - Resolved Tech - Resolved Tech. How do you change the style of cell in a JQuery.DataTable. A Certain Blog (fBta) — Adding extra columns in jQuery Datatable. Development. As flexible as DataTables is, there may be times when you wish to customise certain aspects to your specific needs.


Currently DataTables provides plug-in support for the following methods: Sorting functions Type detection Pagination types API functions Filtering functions DataTables plug-ins are attached to the $.fn.dataTableExt object in order to ensure that there is no global clutter from DataTables.