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Commonly Used Acronyms on Facebook, Twitter and in Text Messages - Net Nanny Glossary. Available for: The following list highlights some of the most commonly used acronyms on chat sites, instant messengers, online forums, Facebook, Twitter and in text messaging.

Commonly Used Acronyms on Facebook, Twitter and in Text Messages - Net Nanny Glossary

As far as I know Away from keyboard Also known as Age, sex, location b/w Between b/c Because b4 Before Be back in a bit Be back later bf Boyfriend Best friends forever Bye for now Back on topic Be right back By the way Can't talk now cya See ya Do it yourself Download End of Message Estimated time of arrival Face to face. BabyCenter. 10 Things Every Father Should Tell His Son. 50 things you should tell your children. Image credit: CreationSwap user Justin Knight Yesterday, I compiled a list of 50 things you should never tell your child.

50 things you should tell your children

Ever. But that’s only half of the story. While there are plenty of things you should not say to your child, there are also plenty of things you should tell them on a habitual basis. I’d be remiss to leave out that part of the story. Most of these are applicable no matter what the age. Some of them may need to be uniquely suited if your children are older than 2, though. 50 things you should tell your children. Autism research centre. (773 unread) - vlsutton - Yahoo! Mail. Discipline for Teenagers - Discipline for Children. Discipline for Teens and Preteens. Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder eBook: Richard Louv.

Healthy Fit Families, Fitness Blog - Raising Real Men » Blog Archive » When the Red Light District is in Your Living Room. When we were young, a boy had to led astray by an unruly friend or find an ungodly uncle’s stash to be tempted by pornography.

Raising Real Men » Blog Archive » When the Red Light District is in Your Living Room

Not so, now. Now, it’s lurking in the sidebars when he checks the football stats and is emailed to him by spammers. Boys don’t even have to go looking for it; it comes delivered straight to them. A guy can hardly avoid being tempted by it…every day! It’s pretty horrifying looking at your little guy and thinking about him sitting in front of the computer screen looking at garbage like that, but the research is showing that boys are being exposed to internet pornography earlier and earlier, and more and more seriously. Here are a few things that you can do to protect your sons as much as possible: Talk about sexuality with your boys early and often, in the course of normal life, and always in the context of God’s law, marriage, and family.

A Fist to Knock Away Temptation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Raising Real Men, pp215-116 It’s a scary time to raise a boy. Hal & Melanie. Mom's ransom rubbage... UPDATE!!

Mom's ransom rubbage...

I have started a new blog HERE. It will have all sorts of ideas about families, friends, organizing, etc. so you don't have to be bombarded with all of my personal family stuff-ENJOY! Gee, here is mom picking up the kids stuff for the gazillionth time... Wait, what's this?

It's called the ransom rubbage box. Oh my, whats this? He draws carefully and what does he get? He's lucky, he got off pretty easy. It sure is fun to watch!