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Tony Kaye asks this very dramatic question in his last film for Sony through W K Tokyo.Rush out for the answer. Damien Krisl gets bitter sweet in this new film for Roshen.Take a ride in Damien’s very own burst. Tony Kaye kicks it in his last commercial for Under Armour.Watch for yourselves. Mr. Hyde Mr. Hyde
Boudoirfilms . Jordan Scott Jordan Scott, famous British director, has directed films “Cracks”, “All the invisible Children”, and the famous advertising campaign “Thunder Perfect Mind” for Prada. Her works are consistently stylish and seductive, but there is always a current of candid honesty as well. Clients: Nike, Armani, Land Rover, Renault, Marks & Spencers, Martini, Hugo Boss, etc. Jordan Scott ,英国著名导演,曾导演过电影《裂缝》,《被遗忘的天使》和Prada著名的广告片《Thunder Perfect Mind》。 Boudoirfilms . Jordan Scott
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