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2425 Prod. Mr. Hyde. Quad. Boudoirfilms . Jordan Scott. Jordan Scott, famous British director, has directed films “Cracks”, “All the invisible Children”, and the famous advertising campaign “Thunder Perfect Mind” for Prada.

Boudoirfilms . Jordan Scott

Her works are consistently stylish and seductive, but there is always a current of candid honesty as well. Clients: Nike, Armani, Land Rover, Renault, Marks & Spencers, Martini, Hugo Boss, etc. Jordan Scott ,英国著名导演,曾导演过电影《裂缝》,《被遗忘的天使》和Prada著名的广告片《Thunder Perfect Mind》。 SoLab. Astrolab - Production company - commercials, web films, music videos. Sil van der » Videos. El Nino - Production Company - Commercials, Music videos, Web films, Short films.