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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Taxi app Like Uber? Seven years ago, Uber started its successfully expansive march over the globe, encouraging more and more cities to join in and fueling more and more entrepreneurs with the idea to repeat its feat and create something similar. That’s why from time to time we hear from people: “I want you to create Uber clone for me! How much does it cost to develop a taxi app?”. Nowadays, when smartphone users are able to receive medical assistance and get hot meals delivered after a few screen touches, it seems natural to reckon on taxi service of the same comfortableness. Thus, taxi mobile app development seems to be very promising direction for business to be unfolded in conditions of a big city.

Key features of mobile taxi app Cost to develop a taxi app depends on various things, particularly, country in question, its regions, type of taxi app development company (large or small agency, dedicated developers etc.) and exact list of features that are implemented in it. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. 2. 3. How to Build Dating App like Tinder? - Erminesoft. They say that the world has never been so connected as it is today.

However, globalization does not present everyone with an “anti-loneliness” pill. That’s why people never stop trying various ways to find their specials (or just no-strings relations), and one of them is signing up at a mobile dating app and starting “fishing party”. Since there would always be plenty of people who feel the need in finding more close and intimate connections, ideas to create a dating app would never become off the table. Unflagging popularity of this business concept is explained by people’s nature itself. Basically, everyone wants to have relationships of this or that level of seriousness. As a dating app development company, we have enough knowledge and expertise for creation of a native mobile-first system of online dating for both iOS and Android.

Let’s take Tinder – a front runner in online dating industry. Some facts about online dating industry: There are four basic types of dating apps: 1. 2. 3. How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App? - Erminesoft. How to create an app? What designates an app development cost? Whether you need to make an app for iOS or create an app for Android, in most cases it is most advantageous to entrust the development to experienced mobile application developers. How much does it cost to build an app? Mobile app development price estimation is a complex process affected by many factors. One may be satisfied with only an iphone app development cost coming to the Apple adherents market.

“How much it cost to make an app” – probably the most frequent question that we hear. First of all, the cost variates depending on the finished application’s function types and amounts. . • The platforms for which the application will be developed, their amount. • If there will be a server backend, third-party services integration? It should also be noted that individual applications, as a rule, presume several separate releases. . • The mobile application benefit is estimated based on what users’ problems it solves and how. II. How to Make a Photo Sharing App Like Instagram? - Erminesoft. Craving for the beautiful and a wish to ‘see and to be seen’ makes people use social networks and apps for sharing photos in their everyday lives.

The pacemaker in the movement – Instagram – has 400 million active users all around the globe who share 80 million images and video files every day. 90% of the world’s top brands have Instagram accounts. It means this app transformed from “nice to have” to “must have” one. You may have already thought about replication of its success and building your own iOS or Android application at a reasonable price.

That’s great, but before you go, we want you to know something about it. Key Features of a Photo Sharing App like Instagram • Users can authorize an account by linking with email, Facebook or telephone number • Users can create and edit a profile, where you may add info about yourself • Users are able to send pictures to individuals or groups of people • Users can follow each other and comment and like pictures, posted by their friends. 1. 2. 3. How Much Does an App Like Pandora Radio Cost? - Erminesoft.

Online music radio like Pandora and various online music streaming services are gaining momentum annually. Last year in the US alone, the market of online music radio like Pandora was estimated at more than $2.4 billion, which exceeded the profit from direct music sales and brought more than a third of the total income of the music industry. Of course, the laurels of Pandora radio mobile app, Spotify and other “sharks” in this segment do not give rest to other market participants – everyone wants to grab a piece of this rather big pie. Silicon Valley giants race to launch their own streaming music app services and / or buying promising startups, hoping to oust the successful projects in a growing market.

Lesser players are not sitting idly by; trying to take the place under the sun before the entry threshold did not become too high. So, what does one need to run their own What is there to consider? See also: How To Develop an App Like Periscope? Whom do you have to compete with? How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Snapchat? - Erminesoft. Snapchat is a trendy application, innovative startup attracting immense investments. It is also growing more social, jet-bursting user activity sky-high. Suffice to say that according to Bloomberg, a 400% growth in Snapchat’s daily video views occurred from May 2015 to May 2016. The market is enormous and a snapchat clone just might be a contender. If you ever wondered how to make an app like Snapchat and about the cost to build an app like Snapchat this is the right place.

First of all, let’s see what we are dealing with, what Snapchat is, what niche it occupies and who are its main audience. That would give us some tips how to design our app and make it highly demanded. The Rivals When we start looking for direct competition to Snapchat, only three major rivals emerge. Read also: How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Chat app Like WhatsApp? Clipchat is a snapchat clone.

And now the Slingshot. Some History Functionality Snapchat main features: The niche Use of Messaging Vs Content features. Social Media App Development - Erminesoft. Today only the lazy don’t pay proper attention to actual social trends to support one’s business. One of such means is building a social network application that would serve your company right. This is a great mechanism that facilitates interaction with existing clients, broadening client base and exploring and satisfying true needs of your target audience.

Although it may seem that all potential of social networks has already been explored, a great number of social networking apps being created over recent years testifies to the opposite. So, in this article, we want to talk about social media app development and the difficulties that may be encountered within such projects. How to make a social networking app? Social media application development implies a three-level architecture that consists of backend, database and mobile client. Read also: how much does it cost to develop a mobile app Profiles The most part of social network apps are profile-oriented. Connections Feed Forums Events Chat. How to Market Your Mobile App? - Erminesoft. This is only half of the battle – to make your application.

The second half – to find the right path to the minds, hearts, and wallets of customers. We want to offer you proven recipes of how to market an app, how to promote an app and how to advertise an app. First of all, this article will be useful for iOS and android developers (for a startup). But who knows, perhaps mobile app promotion companies will find something interesting either. The mobile app industry has already developed the best ways to app promotion and monetization. We just analyzed and structured this tips that will suit both: industry beginners and large companies.

So you’ve designed an application and place it in a specialized online store (such as App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store – because we are now talking not only about android app marketing). Read also: Best Ways to Monetize an App But before we proceed – let’s take an eye on a few facts and analytics. Business and dating Some analytics 1. 2. 4. 5. How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Chat app Like WhatsApp? - Erminesoft.

New IT-inventions in the end always make users to fundamentally change their behavior: the PC for the first time allowed sitting at a computer at home; Internet provides users with information for business and communication with companions anywhere in the world; mobile Internet, in its turn, allowed to be connected and have access to the data almost always and everywhere. Finally, the plethora of existing mobile chat applications – hybrid, cross platform and native – freed users from having to depend on the mobile operators for messaging. The next step is the addition of multimedia capabilities to chat applications. In 2015 appeared and continues to develop another of futuristic trends – chat-bots – expert systems that can serve as entertainment, first step in the user problems diagnosis or interactive assistants.

What features the modern successive real time chat app contain? Two of the most popular messengers today are LINE and WhatsApp. . • Event management and calendar synchronization; How To Develop An App Like Yelp - Erminesoft. So, the question on the agenda: how to build an app like yelp and how much does an app like yelp cost. In our blog we often love to confess, what is – to develop a particular application. More often than not, this category includes quite popular and powerful applications that could (to some extent, of course) affect the daily life, to make it easier. So like at this time. Why might you want to develop yelp-like applications? Let’s find out! We Are What We Eat And really – eating is a ritual that we love to repeat many times throughout the day. Of course, you can say that there is a wonderful service like Google Maps, where you can see places near you, and its application presented for all current platforms (like iOS, Android or Windows).

Read also: Mobile app development for restaurants Yelp What is Yelp. A project started in San Francisco and in process of time the site began to become popular outside the United States and now has more than 110 countries in the base. Advertising. How to Make a Music Streaming App Like Spotify? - Erminesoft. In this article, we want to talk about digital streaming music player and how to create a music app. Do you love listening to music? Most likely, the answer is yes, because who doesn’t like it, right? In our time, in all its diversity, probably everyone can find something to warm the soul and experience certain emotions again and again. But how did you listen? In this age of total proliferation of high-speed and low-cost Internet, many listen to music online. So, if you want to know about spotify clone development – this article would be useful to you.

Why Spotify? Spotify is a video and music (mostly) broadcasting service both online and stored on your computer. This service is available in over 50 languages, its application is supported not only by Windows and Mac but even Linux platforms. The main features include music search by artist, album, genre or record company. Why we chose this service as a reference? What does it offer? Spotify Alternatives • . • Deezer. Conclusion. How to Make a Messaging App? - Erminesoft. 5-10 years ago, you were able to see smartphones only in that-time geeks’ hands, and now we all strive to be more mobile and “always online” 24/7/365. The big push to that factor was given by all sorts of instant messengers, which later evolved to become mobile applications (due to the widespread use of mobile devices, of course).

In today’s article, we would like to discuss chat app development and instant messaging app development. Within this text, we will try to parse this burning question, and maybe even touch a little the theme “how much does it cost to make a messenger.” One of a kind We divide messengers into several types, depending on the features or options they carry. • Video chats. . • Text chats. Google Allo is a little more interesting because it offers not only the functions available in other chats (like in Telegram – chatbots, encryption, etc.), but also to chat with a personal Assistant, which can help you choose movies, cafes or find the right information. . • All-in-one.