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VKREATE - Where Technology is driven by Kreative minds. Empowering our Clients to Grow their Business with our Software Applications & Digital Marketing | Let's Connect! website :

Web Development Company in Jaipur. The website is the first impression of the business on the web.

Web Development Company in Jaipur

Thus, it should be full of relevant information, creativity, and other important aspects that might differ from business to business. An attractive and effective website design that engages users acts as a platform that brings in business and profits. Corona Virus Vs Flu: Stay Home Stay Safe. Coronavirus V/S Flu : Coronavirus is an infectious disease with symptoms similar to the common cold.

Corona Virus Vs Flu: Stay Home Stay Safe

Coronavirus symptoms include fever, dry cough, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, and diarrhea. These symptoms of COVID-19 can be easily distinguished from the flu and beyond. Corona Virus Live Updates : COVID-19 Worldwide Stats. CorelDraw Vs Adobe Illustrator: 2020 Detail Comparisons. What Is Canonical Tag I How to Use Canonical tag. The Canonical tag is a HTML tag or code which is used to remove duplicate content.

What Is Canonical Tag I How to Use Canonical tag

This tells the search engine to ignore duplicate URL and only to consider the URL which is defined in canonical tag. Thus, every page has a separate canonical tag. For Example:- The following two URLs have the same content. So, in this case, apply a canonical tag, to indicate that the URL with index.php is a Canonical URL of the first one. 10 Best Platforms For Blogging In 2020 You Need To Know. India ICXC Conclave 2020. India ICXC Conclave 2020. Vkreate mansarovar Jaipur. Hybrid App Developer We are looking for a candidate who is not only hard working but is also committed towards the work and have interest in learning new things.

Vkreate mansarovar Jaipur

The candidate will get exposure of everything related to app development and should also be a quick learner. Must have completed his/her Graduation. Should have minimum experience of 6 months. Technically sound in react native. He/she will develop hybrid mobile applications. 8 hours working in a day. HOW TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL GOOLGE ADWORD CAMPAIGN – 2019, 2020. There is no doubt that Google Ads is one of the most impressive and inspiring stories of the tech history and is the only reason for plus valuation of Google (now Alphabet).


We hear people and every business man saying about Google Ads, but do you exactly know what it is how does it gets implemented. Who would not want to take the benefits from such sources in the digital era? Other than this getting SEO, ASO – everything is also very important. So if you want to excel in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization then follow the tips mentioned in the blogs. 5 fundamentals to be adapted to make visitors love the website.

You are done with everything- best location, best team etc. etc. but when it comes to website visitors, that is very low and bounce rate is high.

5 fundamentals to be adapted to make visitors love the website

Frustrated with the feeling. Then ask yourself. Does your website encourage the users to stick around?? If the answer is No, which not only means losing a major part of customer base, but also means that your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is getting damaged. Tips Which Might Help You Excel in Digital Marketing as a Career. Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries currently.

Tips Which Might Help You Excel in Digital Marketing as a Career

So if you wish to try your hands in this stream then here are certain tips which might help you excel. So without wasting much time, let’s get started: Did You Know? The Basic guide to DevOps by Vkreate. Meaning Of DevOps DevOps generally means a set of steps that enables the procedures amongst IT Teams and Software Development so that the software can be build, tested and released faster and more reliably than before.

Did You Know? The Basic guide to DevOps by Vkreate

The idea of DevOps was basically to build and maintain a culture of cooperation and collaboration between the teams that earlier used to function in silence. The benefits that DevOps have provided includes increase in trust, easy and fast solution to critical problems, better management of unplanned work and faster and smoother software releases. RK Fit Dance Studio. Birla TMT Saria. Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology. Portfolio. Birla TMT Saria. BISI International. Saksham Sansthan. Gravity Academy. Search Engine Optimization. Online competition is increasing rapidly.

Search Engine Optimization

New websites getting launched, old ones are getting renewed, so it’s time to reframe marketing strategies. Websites must meet the standards set by search engines like Google, and this is where SEO becomes essential. Just as website needs to be optimized, similarly the mobile applications also needs to optimize and this process is called ASO (Application Store Optimization). WHAT IS INTERNET of THINGS ( IoT) You might be reading this blog on mobile, tablet or a desktop.


Right? But one thing is common, that all these devices are connected to the internet. MEANING OF IoT Internet is a wonderful thing, which gives us many sorts of benefits that were just not possible earlier. Earlier through a phone you could only call or text, but now you can watch movies, play games, read a book etc on the phone. TOP 10 INTERNET of THINGS (IOT) TRENDS THAT WILL RULE 2020. Let us first talk about what IoT technology means before looking at the coming trends. The full form of IoT is “Internet of Things”, which refers to system where various digital machines are interrelated and data can be transferred amongst themselves. 10 Tips for App Store Optimization (ASO) App Store Optimization (ASO) is best defines as a method that optimizes the mobile applications to reach the App Store Optimization (ASO) ultimate and final goal of receiving a plenty of downloads and ultimately receiving a high-ranking on top-charted lists of applications in the specific area.

Developing a Mobile Application is an interesting process, similarly ASO is also interesting. It can be compared to SEO, to know more about SEO you can go to our Blog. As SEO is used for optimization of websites, similarly, ASO is used for optimization of mobile applications. There are various trends also which can affect the ASO. Here are certain tips on how you can increase the mobile app ranking: Understand the Customer Needs Be it any business in world, understanding your customer and their needs becomes essential to survive in the market. Maximize the Keywords When it comes to keywords, Google Play and App Store work differently.

BISI International. Nagzira Resort. Shades and Shine. Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology. Portfolio. Birla TMT Saria. Events Management Company. Best Software Company. Web or Graphic Designing Services. 8 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHILE DESIGNING A COMPANY LOGO. A great logo enables a brand or an IT Company to be instantly identified and to stand out.

Your logo becomes a key attraction in this world of modernization, digitalization and cut-throat competition. Mobile Application Development Services. Website Development Services. 7 MEASURES TO ENHANCE MOBILE APPLICATION SECURITY – VKREATE. As the world is becoming more tech-savvy and digital, every personal data of an individual is on his/her phone and in the various apps that are installed in the phone. So it becomes very much important to take care of the security aspect of the Mobile Applications also. There are many problems related to app security but some of the common security issues are broken cryptography, poor authorization, improper handling of sessions etc. Vkreate, mansarovar Jaipur. Few Innovative and Latest Designing Trends of 2019.

Latest Features of Laravel 5.8 you would want to try. Features of Laravel 5.8 For the development of custom software, Laravel is the favorite PHP framework of many professionals. Social Media Optimization (SMO) LARAVEL – THE PHP FRAMEWORK. Meaning of Graphic Designing. Modern Web Designing Elements that you can’t miss. WEB DESIGNING Designing is the course of jotting the ideas, creatively organizing and implementing them, advised by certain principles for a specific purpose. Web designing is a similar process of creation, with the intention of presenting the content on electronic web pages that determine the structure, graphics, images, layout, color, text styles etc which the end-users can access through the internet with the help of a web browser.

MODERN ELEMENTS OF WEB DESIGNING Web designing also uses the same visual elements as any designing concept: Color Scheme This might sound stupid, but color scheme of the website matters a lot in the modern day designing patterns. Latest trends in mobile app development. Learn basic definition from Vkreate. Leading Software Development Company. Unique Selling Proposition - USP. A leading Software Company. Segunda parcial. Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization. WHY SEO??? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become essential for your website to survive in this digital world. VKREATE - Where Technology is driven by Kreative minds.