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Mind Sparke and Lumosity - What's The Difference? I have received a number of emails asking me to review the difference between Mind Sparke and Lumosity – two popular brain training programs.

Mind Sparke and Lumosity - What's The Difference?

They each base their training on scientifically designed systems. Both are featured at brain gyms throughout the country and they are two of the more affordable options on the market. So how do you choose which one is right for you? Mind Sparke focuses heavily on dual n back training which is a protocol that was developed during the now famous Jaeggi study. You’re presented with a screen where you see a block appear and at the same time you hear a letter called out.

The program increases in difficulty as you are asked to recall the block placement and spoken letter of two spaces back, three spaces back and so on. MindSparke is accessed online so you can train from any computer. The program consists of 30 minute sessions performed for 19 straight days, and then you can reduce your training to as little as 1 to 3 times a week. Who Is Mind Sparke For? Commitment Devices Straw Poll. [A version of this article was originally published at Messy Matters by Daniel Reeves.]

Commitment Devices Straw Poll

Many of us have a problem following through on our intentions. And it’s more than just a difficulty in predicting our future desires. It’s not like “Gee, I thought I wanted to get in shape but it turned out there was always something really good on TV!” No, even in hindsight, you regret not doing what you said you wanted to do. It’s not even that you’re merely conflicted about what you want. Our preferences are inconsistent — in fact, logically contradictory — over time. Why do we have this problem? Memory Techniques, Memorization Tips. Memorize Everything. In this system, each digit from 0 to 9 is matched with a group of similar consonant sounds.

Memorize Everything

Vowels do not correspond to any number. This way, each word in English language can be unambiguously translated to numbers, and for any set of numbers there are many possible words that you can use to memorize them. For example, the T sound will correspond to the number 1, and the N sound corresponds to the number 2. Thus, the words tuna, tune, toon, tiny, tan, and Tina all translate into the number 12. The words net and nut both translate into the number 21.

The following chart shows the consonant sounds that are matched to each digit. You might notice that several letters are missing from the table: A, E, I, O, U and Y, along with H and W. How to Remember the Sound Groups At first it may seem difficult to remember the groups of letters for each number. Should I Make My Own List? Purchase Brain Fitness Pro SE, IC, JR. Brain Training Games - Lumosity Review. Lumosity Review- Facts, Company Profile, Product Description, Customer Comments & Personal Review Facts & Company Profile Lumosity ® is a brain fitness software program that offers brain training games as cognitive training applications.

Brain Training Games - Lumosity Review

The program is made by Lumos Labs, Inc. ® who is a San Francisco based company that began in 2005 and promotes lumosity through the website, They made the game after consulting top scientists in several fields including neuroscience, bioinformatics, and cognitive psychology. Three of the main founders of Lumos Labs include Kunal Sarkar, Michael Scanlon, and David Drescher. ***For more information about this company or to purchase its product, click on the following link: Lumosity Product Description The Lumosity Brain Fitness Program is designed to build on recent cognitive research that suggests the brain is malleable. Customer Comments“A great website. “My memory and attention are better after doing the Lumosity training sections.” Pros. Home.