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When COVID-19 broke out first in China, few people thought it would hit us at home so badly. In late March 2020, our customers in the Government, Defense and Space, and Oil and Gas started asking for support. To support the fight against the Pandemic, Vizocom (DUNS # 079495111, CAGE # 76RW2) changed its priorities and rushed to the rescue by creating a new division that met the emerging demand. During April, we built the new organization and streamlined the supply chain to ensure the timely delivery of quality PPE to our customers worldwide. We are now entirely in control of our supply chain from manufacturers to the Point of Sales.

Disposable Surgical Gown, Level 4 - 10pc (DG-10) — VizoCare. Note: Minimum Order - 5 For special discount on bulk orders, email AAMI Level 4 Surgical Gown Anti-Fluid Protection - (AAMI level 3) Protects the body from any outside splashesAdjustable Comfy Wear - Knit cuffs and adjustable ties on the collar and waist.Hassle-Free Clothing - User-friendly design for convenient wearability with proper ventilation.Light Weight - Made from lightweight and non-woven material.

Disposable Surgical Gown, Level 4 - 10pc (DG-10) — VizoCare

Technical Specs: Item: Disposable Isolation GownProtection Level: AAMI Level 4Fabric: Anti-Static Non-Woven PP Fabric + PE BreathableSize: M: 165cm/ L: 170cm / XL: 175cm / XXL: 180cmStyle: Velcro on Collar, Tie on Waist, Knit Cuff,Closed FrontColor: blueRecommended for: Med/Surg Unit Packaging: Package Size: 50*34*10cm / 19.7 * 13.4 * 3.9inPackaging: 10 Pieces per Bag,100 Pieces per CartonDOWNLOAD PDF For lower quantities, please contact

Disposable Isolation Gown, Level 2 - 10pc (DG-2) — VizoCare. Note: Minimum Order - 5 For special discount on bulk orders, email Disposable Isolation Gown Unisex Blue​

Disposable Isolation Gown, Level 2 - 10pc (DG-2) — VizoCare

Disposable Isolation Gown, Level 1 - 10pc (DG-5) — VizoCare. Note: Minimum Order - 5 For special discount on bulk orders, email Disposable Isolation Gown Protective Suit Blue.

Disposable Isolation Gown, Level 1 - 10pc (DG-5) — VizoCare

Disposable Nitrile Glove - 100pc (MG-1) — VizoCare. Note: Minimum Order - 10 For special discount on bulk orders, email Nitrile Gloves (Disposable Latex & Powder Free) 100pc Designed specifically for workers in food service, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.Durable and puncture resistant to protect you from exposers.Great for those with sensitive skin and latex allergies.Anti-slip textured fingertips provide maximum gripping power for both wet and dry equipment.Heat resilient synthetic rubber makes the glove ideal for heated applications.

Disposable Nitrile Glove - 100pc (MG-1) — VizoCare

For lower quantities, please contact Clear-VU Face Shield (PG-2A) — VizoCare. Note: Minimum Order - 50 For special discount on bulk orders, email Face Shields Made in the USADesigned in collaboration with Stony Brook Medicine’s Infectious Disease Group and College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.Made with space to wear protective N95 masks, goggles, and glasses underneath.Wrap-around design provides sealed protection while providing proper ventilationReusable with proper sanitationLightweight for use in various situations (i.e. woodworking, mowing, gardening, drilling, sanding, etc.)Adjustable band to perfectly fit the size of your head.

Clear-VU Face Shield (PG-2A) — VizoCare

Product Specifications: 2-component assemblyWrap-around design provides sealed protection5" thick foam bumper with spaces for ventilationAdjustable band for extra comfort for different head sizesProtective shield made of a thin polymer filmFDA registered For lower quantities, please contact Disposable Protective Coverall - 40pc (DG-6) — VizoCare. For special discount on bulk orders, email Disposable Non-Medical Protective Coverall Suit Best-Suit Protection - Coverall offers superior protection in multiple applicationsNon-woven Fabric - bonded PE filmAvoid Risk of Infection - Serged seams, attached hood, and front zipper closure protects from possible body fluids, germs, and chemicals.Balanced Care - Provides protection, comfort, and fit.Comparable Coverall Suit - Stops microporous particles after abrasion better than other reusable garments.

Disposable Protective Coverall - 40pc (DG-6) — VizoCare

Waterproof and dustproof.Coverall Style - Front Zipper Closure at the waist and ankles, provides head-to-toe protection. Product Specifications: Type: Disposable Protective ClothingFabric: weight 70gsm /M2, 270gsm /PCColor: whiteSize: S/65" M/67" L/69" XL/71" XXL/73"Weight 9.5 oz/pc For special discount on bulk orders, email

Can there be a confirmed reinfection in Covid patients? — VizoCare. "Reinfection in Covid patients'', one of the most discussed and undoubtedly the most common topics nowadays.

Can there be a confirmed reinfection in Covid patients? — VizoCare

The year 2020 has witnessed some breathtaking and tragic developments taking place. It’s indeed a year of crisis, misery and pain all around. People have suffered leaps and bounds and yes families have been destroyed in all parts of the world. It is a year that defined itself with unprecedented circumstances. Coronavirus has been that very reason for these undetermined yet undeniable circumstances. COVID VACCINE PLANNING & PRECAUTIONS DURING THIS TIME — VizoCare. It is a current update that we do have an FDA and CDC approved COVID-19 prevention vaccine in the United States (COVID-19).


Since the outbreak started the federal government is working through Operation Warp Speedexternal icon to make one or more COVID-19 vaccinations available as soon as possible. While the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) has no role to play in the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, but the CDC has partnered closely with health departments and their collaborators to develop vaccine services that have access to everyone in the USA.

The CDC focuses on adaptive COVID-19 vaccination services for collaborators at all levels, including healthcare agencies, who will embrace a range of vaccinations and conditions. The Operation Warp Speedexternal icon aims to deliver vaccines that are safe and reliable, with the first available by the end of 2020. How Do You Clean Face Shields? A Walkthrough on How to Maintain Your F — VizoCare. As the pandemic reaches another peak and new variant cases on the rise, the nation is still tackling shortages on PPE.

How Do You Clean Face Shields? A Walkthrough on How to Maintain Your F — VizoCare

Each and every one of us is finding ways to optimize and stretch our supplies to last until at least the next available PPE is on sale. That is also a cause for some people to find way to prolong their face mask and face shield usage. What is a Face Shield? According to Wiki, A face shield is an item of personal protective equipment (PPE), that aims to protect the wearer's entire face (or part of it) from hazards such as flying objects and road debris, chemical splashes (in laboratories or in industry), or potentially infectious materials (in medical and laboratory environments). Face shields have been present around multiple industries and disciplines. Purpose of a Face Shield Face shields are valuable in protecting the wearer from inhalation of aerosol droplets that may be carrying the virus.

Are Surgical Face Masks Made for One-Time Use Only? — VizoCare. Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the principles of life!

Are Surgical Face Masks Made for One-Time Use Only? — VizoCare

The way we as human beings live and work have all changed. Our routine has been hit hard by the pandemic in the recent past. The world has faced a crisis that has impacted the principles of life. We have heavily focused on hygiene and health in the recent past and are still doing the same. Sanitation and self-sterilization have become the new norm of life. The way we carry on our day to day activities has also been restricted in a way. We have been socially distanced, self-isolated, improving our hygiene habits constantly (especially hand hygiene methods), and so on. There are cloth-based masks, surgical face masks, cone type masks, N95, and other respirators. The Truth About N95 Masks — VizoCare. There has been a lot of conflicting information floating around the media circuit since the COVID-19 pandemic rose to its initial peak back in March 2020.

The proper use and protection that certain masks do and don’t provide are one of the largest debates, day to day, among Americans. Can there be a confirmed reinfection in Covid patients? — VizoCare. Do the Numbers Say that COVID-19 Spikes in the US? — VizoCare. It is that bizarre year where we have witnessed the most tragic and unprecedented circumstance created by the coronavirus outbreak. Such disastrous was the virus's effect that even the superpowers such as the United States had to bow down on their knees. This certainly is due to the unexpected COVID-19 spikes in the US. The pandemic has adversely impacted the United States in all manners and phases, including financially, socially, and psychologically.

Going into the depth of the negativity of the virus's dreadfulness, we see that the present cases are nearly about 10.3 million, out of which 240k deaths have already taken place. Ever since the outbreak, the nation has seen the magnitude of the virus rising dramatically. Promising COVID-19 Vaccine Research Spreads Hope In lieu of Caution — VizoCare. There have been an increasing number of reports indicating that there are some very hopeful and effective vaccines for the Covid-19 virus in the works. While wonderful news, and most likely some of the most positive news the public has heard since the first initial shutdowns back in March, we cannot assume normalcy is right around the corner just yet. According to most experts, the research and trials around vaccine effectiveness still require time and care before they can begin rolling out doses to the public.

Even then, you will have to meet certain specifications to be one of the first to receive a vaccine, such as an essential worker in the health and emergency fields. Experts say we are around four to six months away from issuing a vaccine to a first wave of the public. Anthony S. COVID VACCINE PLANNING & PRECAUTIONS DURING THIS TIME — VizoCare. Are Disposable Face Masks Made for One-time Use Only? — VizoCare. Wearing face coverings became essential along with washing hands or sanitizing them regularly as a pandemic sets in the new normal - throughout the year. With the stubborn rise and spread of the coronavirus, the use of these disposable face masks becomes inevitable, so they become quite a feasible option.

The disposable face masks have certainly been the protective barrier to save us against splashes, sprays, large droplets, and basically, the splatter excreted from the wearer's mouth and nose. If we take an example, there are many types of face masks made in the USA that are lightweight, breathable, and more comfortable to wear, and wearing disposable face masks may bring in a few queries. N95 Masks Are Not Your Only Option — VizoCare. Why KN95 masks might be the better choice for you With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to remain present in almost everyone’s day to day lives, understanding the proper function and use of protective gear is incredibly important. There is a lot of misinformation floating around and it can be hard to figure out what works best and what is worth the money. There are also may differing opinions on the ideal mask for your optimal virus protection based on the conflicting information floating around.

N95 masks, although more popular in the U.S. media, are not your only option when it comes to protecting yourself against the COVID-19 virus. How to Make the Right Use of Hand Sanitizers? — VizoCare. The Introduction We always emphasize basic hygiene. We take specific measures to follow the necessary hygiene process, which may seem obvious but essential. Maintaining good personal hygiene levels ensure that you are protected against anything and everything that could make you ill. Washing hands with soap and water, taking a bath, brushing teeth, are some of our daily habits which if done right help preserve our overall health.

Are Surgical Face Masks Made for One-Time Use Only? — VizoCare. How much alcohol should hand sanitizers have — VizoCare. 2020 witnessed new norms for personal hygiene We as human beings always adapt to the changes, whether big or small. Our way of living and working keeps on changing as the situations demand. The year 2020 was yet another example of it. Who would have thought we would be seeking sanitization in every bit of life. Which Glove is Best for You? — VizoCare. Now more than ever, there is a growing interest in the use of items such as gloves, masks, and sanitizers, as the country continues to battle the Coronavirus pandemic. The purchase of gloves has expanded outside of the medical field, now being utilized by the public. However, there are a few different materials that make up protective gloves as well as a lot of information regarding which is the best option for which use.

Different industries utilize different kind of gloves made out of different materials. Listed below are the three main type of gloves used, along with descriptions of their usage and the main differences. Is the Covid-19 vaccine an answer to all the safety concerns post lock — VizoCare. Many questions and answers will surge as doubts in people's minds regarding the safety concerns against vaccine protection. The three most prominent questions that are sure to loom are the following.