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The Pull of Procrastination. I try very hard not to procrastinate.

The Pull of Procrastination

I’ve been this way my whole life. In college, I’d work ahead of the syllabus just so I knew I would get everything done. For my job at the magazine, I work months, maybe a good year, ahead of time to plan and execute some feature stories. Dealing With Procrastination. Envato Studio is an online marketplace for freelance services focused on design and web-development.

Dealing With Procrastination

Services range from designing a logo to WordPress customization, and all service providers have been reviewed and recommended by our expert review team. If you were a user of the FreelanceSwitch Job Board (as either a freelancer or client) we recommend you check out Envato Studio. Also check out the Envato Studio Blog. This is now home to some of the content published on FreelanceSwitch (including the Freelance Freedom Comic) as well as fresh content that may be of interest.

Concert (23 avril 2012) – 1995 et Method Man au Zénith de Paris. 1995 et Method Man au Zénith de Paris Lundi 23 avril, 19h10, sorti du métro Porte de Pantin, je prends la direction du Parc de la Villette, en compagnie de mon supérieur hiérarchique Franckie Small aka le CEO du site Baskets Blanches, pour me rendre au concert de 1995 et Method Man au Zénith de Paris.

Concert (23 avril 2012) – 1995 et Method Man au Zénith de Paris

Oui, je vous confirme que vous avez bien lu : 1995 ET Method Man. Dessine-moi l'éco : tout savoir sur la création monétaire. Uploading a file -- "The requested URI is invalid for this FTP command" PowerShell FTP Dir Listing. This was kind of fun to do :) I made a simple dir listing of the root.

PowerShell FTP Dir Listing

It uses anonymous access to hop on the ftp and just do a dir. from the code you should be able to figure out how to manipulate it from there. Its all .NET webresponse stuff. The one net thing i learned that stumped me for a bit is how to use a .' Ed name. if you look at the MSDN docs for the WebRequestMethods.FTP (which you'll need to get more info out of this) you'll find the .FTP isnt too happy in powershell. apparently you need to use a + there. Recent images by @CassieSuper... - Silly-fast mobile prototyping. LolaViande : C'est l'heure du gouter ht... MissTravel | The #1 Travel Dating Site. Stéphane Guillon appelle à voter... Nicolas Sarkozy. La Vidéo Sexy Du Mercredi : Julia. « Juste Fais Rien. How to write a simple interpreter in JavaScript.

Download source - 2.9 KB Writing interpreters and compilers Writing an interpreter or a compiler is one of the most educational tasks in programming because you can become familiarized with the details of the code interpretation and evaluation process.

How to write a simple interpreter in JavaScript

You can obtain much deeper knowledge of what sorts of things are going on behind the scenes and gain some insights into the decisions behind language design. Queens of Disco Sleaze. Carnage chez Ruquier. Battle clic - Présidentielle 2012. Hip Hop. Hors d'Œuvres - Enough words, let's focus on sounds. Personal Branling. CSS3 Family Tree. We're Lumi. HTML5-Games. UCAYA Agence Interactive, Design & Développement Web, Windows Phone, Multitouch, Silverlight, HTML5. Génération free-lance. XEnvoyer cet article par e-mail Nouveau !

Génération free-lance

Pas le temps de lire cet article ? Classez le dans vos favoris en cliquant sur l’étoile. Vous pourrez le lire ultérieurement (ordinateur, tablette, mobile) en cliquant sur « votre compte » Example of a simple Facebook Canvas App: “Never Forget a Birthday” - Bob Belderbos. Hi there, I just finished another Facebook App to check out your friends’ birthdays and send them easily a wall post or a personal message.

Example of a simple Facebook Canvas App: “Never Forget a Birthday” - Bob Belderbos

This post shows some of the technologies behind it. PHP SDK library First you need to grab a copy of the PHP SDK 3.0 library. This great article by Mahmud Ahsan shows a nice code example how you can implement it. Countdown. J-1 avant notre départ à Los Angeles !


Nous décollons donc demain (lundi) matin. Nous passerons ensuite trois jours à Los Angeles, pour nous remettre à l'endroit (sale décalage horaire), voir des amis sur place et surtout... Nous reposer avant la bataille (Coachella). Nouvel onglet. C’est avec un très grand plaisir que je vous annonce la sortie de ma première application Windows Phone 7 : Tile’s up !

Nouvel onglet

Tile’s up est la première application “metro” de comptes à rebours qui utilise les tuiles ! Cette application vous permettra d’épingler des compteurs sur votre écran d’accueil afin de suivre en temps réel le nombre de jour restant avant votre événement. Liste des fonctionnalités : - créer/éditer des compteurs - les mettre en favoris dans l’application - les épingler sur l’écran d’accueil D’autres fonctionnalités seront disponibles très prochainement… DODEQA | Travel, eCommerce & Learning Around The World With Thibaud Clément. Why We’re Going With HTML(5) Instead Of Silverlight.

I recently had to research which UI technology would be the best choice for the applications that my client is going to build in the next couple of years.

Why We’re Going With HTML(5) Instead Of Silverlight

This is a .NET shop, so there are 2 major directions you could move into: standards-based web development, or Silverlight. When you have to recommend one over the other, you ideally want to be able to back up your choice with more than just some opinions. So we made a list of candidates and did a POC for each one. Then we came up with a list of criteria, grouped in a bunch of categories. The criteria were all assigned a weight, and we scored each of them for all candidates. Debugging JavaScript with Chrome. March 26, 2012By Paul Ballard The Chrome Developer Tools are a bit quirky, but for script debugging I currently like them the best.

Here is a quick brain dump on some areas of interest (these are all in the stable build 17.0.963.79). The Toolbar Under #1. Good Old Static HTML Sites Aren’t Dead Yet. Should They Be? Static HTML sites look so last century that sometimes you might be wondering if they don’t belong to the past. There is no doubt that dynamic, database-driven sites, offer more and they make static HTML sites look like a poor relative but are static sites to be extinct? Historically, static sites were first and for some years they were the main way to create a site.éveloppeur-Web-KOBOJO-French.pdf. L'érotisme sulfureux d'Helmut Newton au Grand Palais. Bottlenose. Spotlight trends that matter from overwhelming social noise Visualize emerging trends, mitigate threats, and amplify opportunities in real-time Track. Trouver une idée de business. MapItOut! Sky Flavour — a better design & software company.

8000 € avec son blog photo. Oauth - How do you renew an expired Facebook access token. Multi-Device Layout Patterns. How to write low garbage real-time Javascript. Make MVVM Simple With Knockout – Free Video. Scalable Websites on Windows Azure. 9 Ways Your Brand New ASP.NET MVC Project Can Be Better. 6 Ways To Avoid Mass Assignment in ASP.NET MVC. Building and Deploying Node.js Apps to Windows Azure using Cloud9 IDE - Shiju Varghese's Blog. Hire a Freelance Programmer for Your Next Project - The Best Programmers Only | Node.js : le livre du débutant. Bamboo. Mon webmail « Google apps » à petits coûts | Blog Kayboo.

Outsourcing, freelance, télétravail, prestataire. Cargo Bridge: Armor Games Edition. Development Chaos Theory » Blog Archive » REST is not secure. MVC 4. COACHEO - Coaching Professionnel, Formation au Coaching et Marketing des Indépendants | 10 astuces à mettre en place pour booster votre site web. Livre Blanc : Gagnez plus avec Facebook. How to create WCF REST Service and host in Windows Azure « debug mode…… The Elements of a Clean Web Design. Backbone patterns. Hogan.js. Insoutenable légèreté. Weixiyen/messenger.js - GitHub. Unit Testing Backbone.js Apps With QUnit And SinonJS. Freelance-informatique : le portail des missions freelance. A la découverte du SEO. Créer votre boutique en ligne gratuitement - Création site e-commerce | weezbe. Generative Objects - Accueil. Web API. Week-end en France -

FREELANCE PROGRAMMEUR PRESTATAIRE RECHERCHE WEBMASTER CONTRAT FREELANCE. Pourquoi Wikipédia est tout le temps en premier sur Google ? Get Started with WCF RIA Services. HTML5 : Nouveaux éléments de section, article, header, footer, aside, nav. Coaching entreprise, groupe mastermind, coaching entrepreneurs. Les Bases de SOAP 1 : Qu'est-ce que SOAP? Skywalker Software Development - Writing an Orchard Webshop Module from scratch - Part 1. Initializr - Start an HTML5 Boilerplate project in 15 seconds! Skywalker Software Development - Writing an Orchard Webshop Module from scratch - Part 6. Aqua Animation. Conceptboard - Realtime Teamwork & Collaboration Software. Domain Name Search & Instant Availability Check - Gudrun og Gudrun. Fubiz™ Bienvenue - Technology Meeting.

Logo Design by Wilogo | Custom logo for your company. Mon site - Viaduc Editeur CSW. Qu'est que le Cloud computing ? Tentative de définition... | A Domain-Driven, DB4O Silverlight RIA. Restful WCF / EF POCO / UnitOfWork / Repository / MEF : 1 of 2. .net - Most useful NLog configurations.