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Pd patches — PD Community Site. Document Actions Up one level Patches by our site members are collected here.

Pd patches — PD Community Site

Want to see some examples of what is possible with Pd? Check out these works. HTDj! Serquencer. ________Serquencer 1.0 intro from the Manual:_______ Serquencer is the product of many hours of tests, two winters in Berlin, writing dozens of patches that were left behind, the reading & understanding of hundreds of other patches from the community, my deep admiration and curiosity for music technology, specially hardware sequencers / synths but also music software, specially those with emphasis in "realtime" creation and oriented to performance, most of all puredata itself, because of it's infinite depth, flexibility, openess, portability, philosophy, community and history too...


It is definitely not the first neither the unique "environment" done in Pd (check "rradical" "pdmtl" "netpd" "diy" "hackthedj" "pdlive", etc...) It's just my particular "compilation" of things. With the simplicity, usability, stability and fun in mind. more good news?

You can incorporate anything from the above mentioned in this environment in minutes (if you know a bit about pd...) Welcome to Serquencer! Netpd about. XODULAR — MONOLOG X. DOWNLOAD ( xodular.pd & user's-guide.pdf ) The XODULAR is a virtual modular synthesizer environment in Pure Data-Extended.


(To run it you need an installed copy of Pure Data-Extended.) The XODULAR consists of twenty modules that the user can copy/paste in any combination to create an own modular system. If familiar with Pure Data, users can expand on modules or build their own additions. However, there is no need to be familiar to use the XODULAR. This system came about over the course of a year. Yours Sincerely / Johan DOWNLOAD LINK: Mattia Giovanetti. Peeq: A MIDI sequencer in PD. Pd2Live – A Digital Music Performance System. Pd2live is a digital music performance system, built in Pure Data(extended 0.42.5), designed specifically to function with a multichannel audio output (audio per string) of an augmented electric guitar provided by bespoke audio break-out hardware.

Pd2Live – A Digital Music Performance System

The system was designed in support of my doctoral thesis (available shortly), providing a digital performance environment from which an instrumentalist may interrogate instrumental percepts in relation to the creation of sophisticated timbral and spatial digital audio signal processes. On a fundamental level, the user may design and implement unique real-time signal processes per string of the guitar, permitting the creation of dense polyphonic instrumental musical structures.

The (spectromorphological) design of each string may correspond to real-time instrumental figuration executed by the performer. My extended thanks to the Pure Data community for their guidance during the development of this project. Hopefully, this is only the beginning. Visualtracker - GUI sequencer for pd - Google Project Hosting.

Granita granular synth for Pd - new version on Vimeo. Pd patches - joe newlin. Pure Data (.pd) files Solipse evolved from the patch I used for my installation at the 2013 Soundwalk in Long Beach, CA.

pd patches - joe newlin

The installation emphasized the uniqueness and solitariness of human experience. PdDroidParty - Pure Data patches on Android devices. Start. Mnb pure data patches. <<-- back english deutsch patches for pure data, made with/compatible with pd 0.44. i use (sometimes) the following libs and externals: iem-lib, zexy, ggee, grid, playlist, wiimote and pdp. most should work with pd vanilla now, though you need wiimote and grid for the respective patches. my instruments (03/2014) collection of mostly messy and undocumented patches which i use to make music. maybe it is usefull for someone. work in progress and will be updated occasionally.instrumentlist e-mail imprint.

mnb pure data patches

Obiwannabe puredata music tutorials. Obiwannabe Toys. Patches that work with midi sequencers so you can use Pd for making music.

Obiwannabe Toys

Hillageizer Cosmic arpeggiator Hillageizer. The Ghost of Mozart. Bluszcz/PureDataStepSequencer · GitHub. Programming Electronic Music in Pd. .MOV/.MP4 glitcher. Hi, I have built a pd abstraction that glitches .MOV/.MP4 files.

.MOV/.MP4 glitcher

This is the result of a long process that involved the study and understanding of the way .MOV files work and their atom structure. Having learned a lot while developping my jpeg and mp3 glitchers, I have been willing to transpose this knowledge to the video realm. To make a long story short, my abstraction locates the mdat atom of the file, reads its length and glitches it in a user-controlable way, while leaving the rest of the filestructure untouched, allowing various degrees of glitchiness with very few unreadable files.

Of course, the bigger the files, he longer the processing time. Here's a bunch of stills I took from one processed video: Here's the pd extend abstraction: mp4glitcher.pd It's a graph on parent abstraction, so the idea is to open it like an object in a blank canvas. And here's the standalone version for mac: Your comments are welcome! Pure Data Resources. These are various patches I have come across on the web: From From.

Pure Data Resources

PURE DATA forum~ Pure Data Abstractions.